GOD’S SCIENCE, 10 vols.; Table of Contents – and Intro



Science-Based Religious Study Offers the Foretold Second and “Full”er “Appearance,”

The Second Coming, the “Day,” of God

10 Volumes:

Vol. 1 GOD DESTROYS OUR SPIRITUAL HEAVEN – AND RETURNS TO PHYSICAL EARTH (Rev. 21; Isa. 34.4, 51-6, 65-6; 2 Peter 3.7-12; Hos. 9.7; Etc.)

Vol. 2  “ALL HAVE SINNED”:  All Churches, All Holy Men, All “Inspired” Doctrines;

Vol. 3 GOD RESIDED IN THE EARTH – IN THE BIBLICAL SCIENCE OF GOD; The Old Testament, and Paul, Support Science Over “Faith” (Dan. 1.4-1f KJE; etc.)

Vol. 4  THE SCIENCE OF JESUS; Jesus Stresses Faith … in Science, Physical “Fruits”;

Vol. 5  THE DESTRUCTION OF HEAVEN – by Scientific Religious Study, the Right Arm of God (Isa. 52.10-53.11); Religious Science as the Second Appearance of Christ, the “Full”er Resurrection of God on Earth;

Vol. 6  THE HARM DONE – By Preachers’ Over-Spirituality, Priest/Magicians’ “Faith” In Miracles, Spirits, Sermons:  “False Spirits,” “False Promises,” “Empty” “Wind”;

Vol. 7  BACK TO EARTH:  The Second Coming, the Resurrection of God, to Physical Things;



Vol. 10 OVER-SPIRITUALITY; the Physically Fatal Sin, in Holy Men and Angels (James 2.14-26; Isa. 29.8).

Copyright April-Dec. 17, 2011, by Dr. “W. J. L. Goodman,” Ph.D.

Edited by Dr. Griffin Gaddie Ph.D.



INTRODUCTORY BLURB:    Many people worry that Christianity is not true:  where are all the huge physical miracles that were promised, for instance?   The Bible often promised us “whatever” we “ask” for; even “all” the works that Jesus did, and “greater things than these” (John 14.12 ff).  So why aren’t people today physically walking on water; making physical “mountains” move?  Some say that a more spiritual Christianity is the answer.  But there are problems with “spirituality” too (James 2.14-26; also “false spirits”).

So what is the answer to apparent problems in our religion, in Christianity?  Finally the Bible itself authorized a dramatic, even heaven-shattering solution to this:  the Bible began to simply admit that there have always been bad – and as it says “false”-  things, even in our highest Christian holy men, churches, and their doctrines, their promises.  And it says, one “day” or another, we are supposed to see a second and better “appearance,” a Second Coming, of Christ.  That will straighten things out. 

So the Bible simply admits that there are often false things in our religion, even our Christianity.  And it says that these things will be fixed one “day” or another; particularly (but not exclusively) in the Second Coming, and/or Judgement “Day,” the “Day” of the Lord.  But as it turns out, the second coming of God, of Christ, is not as reassuring to oldtime religion, as many churches claim; in the Second Coming/Appearance of God, God arrives on earth again – in order to reveal longstanding, continuous errors, in “all” our holiest men and angels.  And then?  Having simply noted that most of our religious leaders, angels, were simply wrong in the things they promised?  God begins to … destroy our Heaven itself.  And “all” in it  (Isa. 34.4 ff., 51.6; 24.21; 14.11-19; 2 Peter 2.1-9, 3.7-12; Rev. 21.1-22).

Shockingly, the Bible says that essentially “all” our holiest men and angels and churches have sinned and erred; they and their most “inspired” “doctrines.”  And therefore?  For that reason, one “day” or another, God is goin to destroy Heaven itself, and “all” in it.  But shocking as this  is, we will show that that when we see apparent sins or errors in  holy men and Christian churches, therefore,  that is exactly what the Bible foretold.  And finally, seeing God expose sins in  holy men and their doctrines, seeing God expose sins even in the very angels and apostles, is finally, all to the good:  God exposes and dissolves our traditional Christian heaven … in order to finally clear the way for a better, fuller, Second Coming, of God and Christ.  A better and second view of God – in the emerging Science of God.

Our major thesis: 1)  the core of the old apocalyptic prophesy of the “End Times,” of a “Day of the Lord” and a “Second Coming,” was the moment that God exposes massive, longstanding sins and errors in essentially “all” our holiest men and angels.  And 2) when, because of those errors, God finally destroys heaven itself.   But all that is to the good.  Since the holders of the old “false” ideas of Christ, are demolished. And 3) all in order to give us a second and better understanding; to give us a second and better idea of God.  While furthermore?  4) This series of End Times prophesies is fulfilled, in spirit or in metaphor; when you  simply re-read your Bible.  And begin to see Christ in a new way; Jesus and God supporting not “faith” in our preachers and churches;  but God finally supporting a more critical “science” of God.

The seven or so main points, in our books here?  1) Our preachers and churches are superficially humble; but they stress their own authority; they demand we go to church and listen to them; and have “faith” in the vision of Christ they present to us in their sermons and doctrines.  But here we find that the Bible itself actually warned that there have always been massive sins, errors, in our very holiest men, angels, churches, and their most “inspired” doctrines.  2) Therefore?  Finally the Bible itself did not stress “faith”; 3) instead, the Bible told us to base even our religion, Christianity, not on faith, but on Science; a Science of God.  While 4) Science in turn, notes apparent falsity in the old promises of physical miracles (“Do all work miracles?” as Paul asked).  And 5) science notes a fatal problem even in priestly “spirituality”; a neglect of physical reality that is literally, physically, fatal.  As James began to note in James 2.14-26.  So 6) when we read our Bibles more closely, we discover that the Bible itself notes many extremely serious problems even with out own holiest men and apostles, and creeds allegedly from the Bible itself.  Indeed, we note so many problems that finally it seems as it our classic Heaven itself is under attack, and being found false.  Yet if it is?  Then oddly, this fits the Bible, itself:  which told us that one “day” or another, we are supposed to discover massive sins, in “all” our holiest men; and on that day, our Heaven itself is supposed to be “dissolved” (Isa. 34.4, 51.6; 2 Peter 3.7-11; Rev. 21; etc.).  In 7) order to foreground the second Coming, the second and better “appearance” (“parousia”) of Christ:  to show us Jesus supporting not “faith,” but science.

For centuries, millions of believers and churches have followed our priests and ministers, and their view of God, with total “faith.”  And yet, we will be showing in  our books here, that this  is not actually what the Bible itself wanted us to do.  Actually, 1)  the Bible itself warned us about massive sins and errors in essentially all our holiest men and angels and churches:  “all have sinned,” even the highest saints and apostles on earth, and in Heaven itself.  So that 2) for that reason finally – amazingly, shockingly – our classic Christian heaven itself, and “all” in it, is supposed to be destroyed by God, one day. In order for churchgoers to see something beyond the usual religion of blind faith in preachers and prophets.

Amazingly therefore, we will show that the Bible itself actually does not really support classic, traditional Christianity; its “faith” in “miracles” or “spirit”uality; its churches and priests and ministers.   Instead, the Bible itself often criticized all that; and it began to predict its eventual distruction.

While  in fact furthermore, that foretold destruction, even of our classic Heaven itself, begins to happen, in part even here and now.  As we re-read our Bibles … and see a very different message in them, a rather different Christ in them, than what we learned in church.  As we see Christ in a partially “new,” second way.  Seeing Christ supporting not faith in the authority of preachers, faith in miracles or spirituality.  Instead, as we re-read our Bibles here, we see the“second” appearance to Christ:  Christ supporting not “faith,” but … Science. 

The Bible said all along, that one “day” or another, you yourself would see a heaven-shattering  Second Coming or “second appearance” of God; And we will show that the partially “new” but actually quite biblical appearance of Christ – Christ supporting Science, over faith –  that we will begin to see here, in effect fulfills the promised “Second Coming.”  Seeing Christ supporting science, gives us the foretold “second” “appearance” (“parousia”) of Christ.

Those are the seven major points that will be elaborated in our ten books, here.

In effect, we are saying, the emerging Science of God, science-based religious study, gives us at last, the foretold second appearance to Christ; beyond Christ advocating blind “faith,” we now see Christ outlining a real Science of Religion.  And that Science largely fulfills promises of a second appearance/”parousia” of Christ.   This second appearance of Christ is very important; by re-uniting Christianity, with Science, it begins to fulfill prophesy:  of God, returning to this material earth.  The Science of God begins to fulfill that, by conceptually joining heaven and earth, “spirit” and “flesh,” “word” and “world.”  Then too?  Science and technology to date, have been fantastically “fruit”ful, in a material way.  And it seems reasonable to suppose that only the development of religion, into a science, only a Science of God, will be “full” enough, physical enough, true enough to the “full”er message of the Bible, to produce the long-promised physical “kingdom” of Good on earth.  While indeed, only by a previous rough ad hoc average of “religion” and “practicality,” science, has our population experienced as much prosperity as it has to date.  So that?  To complete its picture of truth and God, to really build a material “kingdom,” religion must … add at least classic, well-established (if not speculative) science, into itself.  While we began to see the fruits of that, in our religious/scientific age.  Though the interface between religion and science was not well worked out.



One “day” or another, you yourself are supposed to see a “Second Appearance,” a Second Coming, of Christ.  But the second appearance/”parousia” of Christ, is not as entirely reassuring as many churches claim.  God does not arrive on earth again, in order not to simply congratulate our preachers or churchgoers, on a job well done.  Instead in fact, God arrives in the Second Coming …  1) to reveal longstanding, continuous errors, in “all” our holiest men, preachers, and angels (Isa. 34.4; Rom. 3.23; Mal. 3.1-3).  Even in “all” our holiest saints and apostles and popes, in Heaven itself.

Amazingly, shatteringly, in his Second Appearance, God apocalyptically uncovers longstanding sins … in essentially all the things we thought were holy.  And 2) then things get even worse:  having revealed massive sins in all our holy men, Christians, and even the angels … God finally begins to destroy … our Heaven itself (Isa. 34.4 ff., 51.6; 24.21; 14.11-19; 2 Peter 2.1-9, 3.7-12; Rev. 21.1-22).

At first, all this seems impossible.  But that’s what the Bible – as read more closely here – finally says.  First, you see God revealing sins in essentially even our holiest men and angels, even the sons of “Levi,” the priests:

“Behold, I send my messenger to prepare the way for me, and the Lord whom you seek will suddenly come to his temple; the messenger of the covenant in whom you delight, behold he is coming, says the LORD of hosts.  But who can endure the day of his coming, and who an stand when he appears?  For he is like a refiner’s fire…” (Mal. 3.1-2 RSV).

“All have sinned” (Romans).

“No one is good but God”

“All the host of heaven shall rot away, and the skies roll up like a scroll.  All their host shall fall, as leaves fall from the vine, like leaves falling from the fig tree.  For my sword has drunk its fill in the heavens; behold, it descends for judgement'” (Isa. 34.4-5).

“On that day, says the LORD, I will … remove from the land the prophets and the unclean spirit.  And if any one again appears as a prophet … pierce him through” (Zech. 13.1-3).

“‘Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, against the man who stands next to me,’ says the LORD” (Zech. 13.7).

The Bible contains countless warnings in fact, that every aspect of religion – even the apostles, prophets, angels in heaven itself – are often wrong and bad.  And for that reaason, the Bible itself finally has God asserting that one day or another, he is going to punish even the holiest men on earth, and those in heaven itself.  While finally?  God is supposed to destroy Heaven itself:

“That day the LORD will punish the host of heaven” (Isa. 24.21).

“The heavens will vanish like smoke” (Isa. 5.16).

“Draw near, O nations, to hear….  All the host of heaven shall rot away, and the skies roll up like a scroll.  All their host shall fall, as leaves fall from the vine, like leaves falling from the fig tree” (Isa. 34.4).

“All have sinned” (Rom. 3.23).

“The prophet is a fool, the man of the spirit is mad” (Hos . 9.7).

“Let no one contend, and let none accuse, for with you is my contention, O priest” (Hos. 4.4).

“On that day the LORD will punish the host of heaven (Isa. 24.21).

“No one is good but God” (Mark 10.18; Mat. 19.17).

As it turns out therefore?  Our classic, tradition Christian ideal, our heaven itself, is not permanent or “eternal” as some have thought from parts of the Bible.  Actually in point of fact, one heaven-shattering “day” or another, a day when “judgement” comes, 1) God is supposed to uncover or unveil to us, huge, awful, longstanding sins and errors, in essentially “all” our very holiest men and angels; especially, priests.  In “all” of them; even the earliest saints and angels.  And then, because of those sins in our holiest men?  God is supposed to destroy Heaven itself; and “all” in it (Isa. 34.4).

How is this relevant to our own time today?   If today we feel we see problems, errors, in many elements of Christianity?  If it seems to us today, that our holiest men often make mistakes?  If it seems like, for example, their promises of miracles, “all” and “whatever” we “ask” (misquoting John 14.12-14?), do not come true, do “not come to pass” (Deut. 18.21-22) in real life?  Then actually, amazingly, what we now see, matches what the Bible foretold:  the Bible itself told us that one “day” or another, we are supposed to see .. precisely that.  One day or another, the Bible said, God is supposed to show us massive sins and errors; in essentially “all” our holiest men and angels.  While perhaps, after all, say, traditional promises of big physical “miracles” were among the foretold false things to be found, in holy men.

WHAT  ERRORS, SINS, DO WE SEE IN OUR PREACHERS AND CHURCHES?  One “day” or another, God is supposed to show you, expose, longstanding sins and errors, in all our holiest men and angels.  And here and now in fact, in our time, we are beginning to see that prophesy fulfilled.  As we look around us, and note the lack of miracles, for example, it seems that our holy men’s promises of miracles, were not reliable.  And then too?  As we re-read our Bibles, we find our Bibles say some things quite different, from what our preachers told us in church.

In the past, whenever we thought we saw sins and errors, in preachers, churches, holy things, our ministers assured us that the Bible itself, God himself, simply commanded us to ignore all that, and continue to simply have “faith” in our holy men; indeed, we have always been told that the very essence of Religion, and Christianity, was “faith.”  But here and now, as we re-read our Bibles here, we see the Bible actually, finally tells us that indeed, there have been mistakes, sins, in Christianity; in our holiest men and angels.  Even in their most supernatural, Holy-Spirit “inspired” doctrines (1 John 4.1 ff; 1 Corin. 10.5; Hos. 9.7; Lam. 4.20; Mat. 16.23; 2 Corin. 11.14).  So that, accordingly?  Ultimately, amazingly, the Bible itself finally warns us, that our religion, Christianity, was never supposed to be “faith-based” at all.

Our first two main points therefore, will be that 1) the Bible warned over and over, about sins in essentially “all” our holiest men and angels, and their most inspired doctrines.  And 2) therefore, amazingly, the Bible warned us that Christianity was not supposed to be based on faith.  For example:  since “all” our holiest men have sinned, the Bible warned us not to follow our holy men, or their ideas about God, with such very strong “faith,” after all.  To be sure, we will closely examine many parts of the Bible, that seem at first to have stressed “faith” strongly; especially, in the writings of Paul.  However, 3) since all of our holiest men and angels often sinned, ultimately the Bible and even Paul finally told us not to have such blind, total “faith” in our religious leaders, or the things they say about the Lord, about God.  While as it turns out, ultimately the Bible told us not to base ourselves on faith; but to base even our religion on ….critical Science.

Since God himself warned that all our holiest men and angels often sin and err?  Therefore, Christianity was never supposed to be based on “faith”; faith in them, or their vision of God and Christ.  Instead?  We are always supposed to be prepared to take a critical look at what our holy men claim; always be prepared to examine them with a kind of critical Science; a Science of God.  Indeed in fact, finally?  The Bible itself told us that Christianity itself is not supposed to be based on “faith” in physical “miracles,” or “spirituality”; instead, the Bible said that Christianity is supposed to be based on Science.  A Science of God.

And 4) if discovering this, seems to shatter, “dissolve,” our traditional Heaven itself?  Then this fulfills prophesy:  one “day” after all, our Heaven itself is supposed to be dissolved. 5) In order for God to show us a “second” and better appearance, a Second Coming of God to earth, after all.

While the Science of God in fact, shows us a Second appearance/”parousia” to God.  One that, better than existing churches, shows signs of being able to create in fact, the promised ideal kingdom of God on earth.

ALLEGED SPECIAL SAVING GIFTS AND GRACES – from Angels and “Anointing”s, and “Baptisms,” and “Blood,” to “Worship” and “Zeal” – ALSO FAIL.        Can it be true?  As foretold, much of the God we now see, is hard to “face” or “bear.”  First:  can even “all” our holiest men, priests and ministers, angels and churches, even from the first days of Christianity – have often sinned and erred?  Could they have issued false promises, false interpretations of the Bible?  At first, that seems impossible.  Yet?  Actually, the Bible itself warned over and over, that “all have sinned” and erred (Rom. 3.23); even our holiest men and churches; “no one is good but God” himself (Mark 10.18). Many preachers will cite parts of the Bible, that seem to suggest that we can totally wash away our sins, by this special grace or that one; and yet, we other parts of the Bible suggest that none of the allegedly special gifts that are said to erase our sins, is itself really entirely effective; almost nothing whatsover in religion, from A to Z – from “angels” and “anointing” and “baptism,” thru “worship” and “zeal” – is absolutely infallibly useful.  Ultimately, “no one is good but God” himself, finally; and probably no one therefore, can really “stand” proudly before God himself in the final day (Mal. 3.2; Jer. 49.19).  Many churches like to claim that this or that special grace or gift, will uniquely save their own churchmembers from sin; that this or that special gift, permanently washes away their sin.  Yet?  Here we show that the Bible itself says that even after receiving one special gift after another, still our sins are merely “covered” (Rom. 4.7), but not eliminated.  To be sure, “No one born of God commits a sin” it may be; no one commits a sin by being re-born of God; or so long as one remains in God.  Yet eventually, the Bible said, even “saved,” “baptized,” “anointed” persons, etc., all inevitably often fall and sin.  Indeed, God often warned that even our very “angels” often sinned (2 Peter 2.4, etc.; see Bibliography).  So that ultimately?  “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves” (1 John 1.8).  While in any case?  Even if there are a very, very few “elect” persons who are good, still, no one can be sure who they are; not even they themselves; only God knows.  In any case, though, the Bible firmly says that “all” those host in Heaven itself often sinned; and will be destroyed.

THE FORETOLD DESTRUCTION OF HEAVEN    While indeed, in simple language, it would seem that it is very Proud and Vain, for anyone on earth, even priests and prophets, to declare themselves “perfect” or even “holy” and “sacred.”  How can any mere human being, be so proud, before God himself?  Particularly when … finally, the Bible itself warned over and over, explicitly, about sins in “all” our holiest men, angels, priests and prophets … in Heaven itself (Isa. 34.4; etc.)  And in their most “inspired” and “infallible” sayings, writings, about God.  So that finally?  The Bible itself affirmed moreover, that one “day” or another, we are supposed to see this:  one day, even the highest religious leader and prophet, “every” one of them, is to confess their sins, and admit that he is not really a good prophets at all; but only a sort of ordinary tenant-farmer, obeying his landlord, at best  (Zech. 13.14 -14.1-19).  Indeed in fact?  One day God is supposed to show us sins in ourselves, and in every element of religion, from angels to our zeal; and furthermore?  In that moment, our very Heaven itself, is supposed to be dissolved in front of our eyes.  Because of the sins of our holiest men, after all:

“The Heavens will vanish like smoke” (Isa. 51.6).

“The heavens … that now exist, have been stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgement” (2 Peter 3.7).

“The heavens will pass away” (2 Peter 3.10).

“Draw near, O nations, to hear, and hearken, O peoples!  Let the earth listen, and all that fills it; the world, and all that comes from it….  All the host of heaven shall rot away, and the skies roll up like a scroll.  All their host shall fall, as leaves fall from the vine, like leaves falling from the fig tree.  For my sword has drunk its fill in the heavens; behold, it descends for judgement” (Isa. 34.1-5).

“On that day the LORD will punish the host of heaven” (Isa. 24.21).

“And now, O priests, this command is for you” (Mal. 2.1; Hos. 4.4-6; Lam 4.13; Job 12.19; Jer. 5.31-6.13-23.11-33).

“Let no one contend … for with you is my contention, O priest” (Hos. 4.4).

The exposure of sins in essentially “all” our holiest men, even preachers, then the Destruction of Heaven itself, may seem hard to believe, face, or “bear” (John 16.12).  But finally, Christians can learn to face it; since the Bible itself foretold this moment.  And since facing it is a good thing.  In effect, our classic, “present” (2 Peter 3) Judeo-Christian Heaven itself is supposed to be dissolved … in order for God to show us something better.  In order for God to show a “second” and better “appearance” to Christ; a better understanding of God  (Rev. 21; Isa. 34.4 ff, 51.6, 65-6; 2 Peter 3.7-12).  This appearance of God was yet to come, some time after the first coming of Christ.  Peter was still “waiting” for even his own “present” Christian heaven to dissolve:

“The heavens will be kindled and dissolved….  But according to his promise we wait for new heavens and a new earth” (2 Peter 3.12-13).

“The LORD will appear a second time” (Heb. 9.28; Isa. 11.11).

Can this be happening even now?  If we see sins in our holy men today, indeed, that can be seen as really prelude to – or even part of – the foretold, massive, Apocalyptic un-“covering” or exposure of longstanding sins in our holiest men, even in the very first apostles.  While indeed, all this is prelude and part of the foretold destruction … of our Judeo-Christian Heaven itself.  And the revelation of a “second” and better “appearance” to Christ – a Second Coming.  In finally?  Our Science of God.

THE TWO VOICES      The demonstration of massive sins and errors in essentially “all” our holiest men, has been due and pending, from the time of Jesus and Peter.  Indeed, the Apostle John warned there were already “false Christs” around, even in the very first days of Christianity itself.  While amazingly?  Finally, the Apostle Peter sinned so often and so severely – turning against Jesus or “rebuking” Jesus – that finally?  Jesus himself turned around and called St. Peter, “Satan.”  But priests have quoted to us, only one part, one reading of the Bible; the part that seemed to support … priests and churches, after all.  Like this part.  Which has long been taken by the Roman Catholic Church, as the Bible’s definitive endorsement of the Church, and St. Peter, who founded it:

“Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jona!… I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it.  I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven….'” (Mat. 16.17-19 RSV).

Priests love to quote this fragment  or part of the Bible.  But?  Remember that God himself warned that our preachers often sinned.  And here?  We now note the first of their sins:  one of the great immortalities and sins of priests, has been that they quote only, at first, misleading fragments or parts of the Bible.  While they leave out the larger, “full”er picture of God.  Where God after all, there is a second voice in the text.  Where God warns us adamantly, about priests and popes, like St. Peter himself, the founder of the Church itself:

“Jesus began to show his disciples…. And Peter took him and began to rebuke him…. He turned and said to Peter, ‘Get behind me Satan!  You are a hindrance to me; for you are not on the side of God, but of men'” (Mat. 16.21-23).

The Bible warned over and over, about huge sins in our priests and holy men; and here and now, we begin to note exactly what they are:  first, our preachers only quoted or emphasized misleading parts of the Bible to us, in church.  In particular, they emphasized the parts that seem to flatter the authority of … priests and holy men.  While they dishonestly ignored or “twist”ed and “whitewashed” the more critical, second voice in the Bible.

THE SCIENCE OF GOD   So if all our holiest men – even the spiritual ones – often sinned, then how can we find God, and truth?  Ultimately, the Bible had made it clear that we are supposed to put our trust, in a Science of God.  We are supposed to begin real, scientific testing of our holy men; to see where they were good or form God – and where they made mistakes (Mal. 3.10; Dan. 1.4-15 KJE; 1 Kings 18.21-39; Deut. 18.21-22; Isa. 41.21-24; etc.).  Many preachers claim that when the Bible told us not to “put me to the test, said the Lord,” God meant that we should not apply Scientific “testing” to our religion.  But better Bibles translated this ultimately, as merely telling us not to “test” – or better said, “tempt” – God’s patience with immoralities; while elsewhere, God commands us over and over, to “put me to the test says the LORD” (Mal. 3.10); test him and everything in religion. With explicitly, “science” (Dan. 1.4-15 KJE).

Should Christianity ever have been based on “faith”?  To be sure, there are parts of the Bible that seem to support our holy men, and having strong faith in them.  But one of the great sins of our preachers, as it turns out, is quoting mere misleading “parts” of the Bible.  What we will be showing here, is what overall, the other parts of the Bible more “full”y, ultimately tell us a different story.  That our holy men have always sinned and erred; so that in fact, because of huge sins in “all” our holy men, and “every” prophet?  One day God is going to destroy Heaven itself.  While finally therefore, our religion, Christianity, is to be based not on strong faith in holy men and angels, or their vision of God; but on a more critical, cautious science of God.

These therefore, will be our five major points:  1) the Bible itself said that there have always been massive sins in our holiest men and angels; even “all” those in heaven itself.  Even in their most Holy Spirit-inspired doctrines and sermons and sayings about God.  2) Therefore?  The Bible ultimately told us that our religion, Christianity, was not supposed to be based on any very strong “faith.”  Instead?  The Bible told us that we should always apply a critical “science” to “everything” in religion.  To find out what is really, actually true in religion, what is the true Christ, and what is false.  The Apostle Paul especially, at first seemed to stress “faith”; but then finally he told us, to “test everything” (1 Thess. 5.21).  While God had earlier told us, “put me to the test says the LORD”  (Mal. 3.10).  Eventually becomes clear that this “test”ing of religion, is to be scientific, moreover (Dan. 1.4-15 KJE; 1 Kings 18.21-39; etc.).  Finally, amazingly, our religion, Christianity, was never supposed to be faith-based at all.  The Bible itself actually told us that are not to have so much “faith” in holy men – but are supposed to continually examine them with science.  Looking to see if they are true, or false; -as determined by “observ”ing with our physical “eyes,” whether following them produces real, actual material, physical “fruits,” “works,” “signs,” “deeds,” and “proofs.”  As the Bible said.  Not just “spiritual” things, but real physical empirical deeds, wonder.

MIRACLES  The Bible did not stress faith, but science.  And when we apply Science to priests – especially their promises of giant, spectacular “miracles”?  Now and then, we see some smaller “Miracles”:  some sick person gets unexpectedly well; but that might be explained as the result of earlier misdiagnoses; or the natural healing power of the body.  But we aren’t see the giant, spectacular physical miracles that were we promised:   the power to literally walk on physical water; the power to move real, actual, literal “mountains,” with just faith and a prayer.  So when we at last learn to apply Science to religion, to preachers?   Right away we notice yet another failing or deception in our priests:  the giant miracles they promised are not appearing reliably.

SPIRITS AND SPIRITUALITY?    Clearly, our religious leaders have been deceived, and fundamentally dishonest – just as the Bible itself forewarned.  So how finally, can we find the truth?  How can we find God?  In the past, after noting problems getting physical miracles, our preachers suggested, dualistically, that physical wonders are unimportant, after all; that it is more important to get mental or “spiritual” rewards; like hope and faith.

But is even spirituality itself, reliable?  Insofar as we might trust them, the Apostles like John finally told us, in their better moments, not to trust or have too much faith in our holy men, or even in the “spirit”s, and spirituality.  John admitted that even “spirits” said to be from God, can be “false.”  And John for example therefore finally told us to “test the spirits.”  To see if they really were true and good (1 John 2.18-4.1).  While in point of fact, we find that the Apostle James began to notice some physically fatal sins, even in spirituality itself.   Specifically?  The Apostle St. James and countless others in the Bible, began to note that a religion that gave us only kind words or sermons and prayers, but not physical food, say?  Lead us to try to live on mere hot air, or the “east” “wind,” mere “illusions” and “delusions” and “empty” things.  They gave us words, sermons, ideas or spirits – but not the material things we need to live.  So that our spiritual preachers left us literally, physically, starving (James 2.14-26).

So that surprisingly, the very “spirituality” that is the heart of Christianity today, is also bad.

ALL THIS – AS FULFILLMENT OF PROPHESY TOO    This is incredibly hard for some to face.  But  indeed, there is a way to face this, by seeing it all as consistent with the Bible itself:  in effect we have come to the End that the Bible itself foretold.  Specifically, as we at least see beyond “faith,” we are coming to the crucial moment in the End Time, that our preachers have not, until now, been able to “face” or “bear”:  we have come to the foretold Destruction of Heaven.  We have come to the foretold moment when suddenly, God apocalyptically unveils, or uncovers, or opens to our sight … a series of longstanding sins and errors, in our holiest men:  in their very “faith” in “miracles” and even in “spirituality.”  The moment when God shows us sins, even in the angels in Heaven itself.  And in their holiest doctrines.

Here, we do not deny the Bible – but fulfill it.  The Bible itself warned that there would always be sins in holy men, and that one day in particular, we would see them.  While here?  We have begun to see them.  First a) our holy men assured us that they themselves were reliable; but we now find that isn’t what the Bible itself said more fully.  Then?  Our b) religious leaders told us, since they were reliable, the essence of our religion therefore should be all-but-total loyalty to them, or their ideas about God; that the essence of religion should be “faith.”  But now we find that this second assertion of all our holy men was false too:  first of all, just logically, if the Bible said that holy men were not reliable, then we should not have too much “faith” in them, or their vision, their image of God either:  in “Christ” as they presented him to us.  Then too?  Next c) in fact we found that indeed, the Bible finally did not stress “faith,” as much as it ordered us to perceive and apply, a more critical Science, to all of religion, all of Christianity.  While next?  We find that d) right away, we notice that science clearly proves that priests’ promises of giant physical “miracles”  – the power to walk on water, and make real, actual “mountains” move, with just faith and a prayer – are mostly false.  To e) try to deal with this failure, preachers next, generated dozens, hundreds of apologetics, excuses, sermons.  But we find that none of them are true to the Bible and to honest reasoning.  Especially?  Our preachers tried to suggest that if religion is not delivering physical things, therefore, we are not supposed to value only “spiritual” things.  But that also contradicts the Bible; which tells us that we are supposed to regard physical material “signs,” “Fruits,” “proofs,” as important.  Finally therefore?  There f) is only one answer that fits all this evidence.  Though it also involves finding one more, final mistake or lie in what our preachers and churches told us:  our preachers always told us that even if they themselves could not fully deliver all the wonders, miracles that they often promised, us, here on earth – not “all” and “whatever” we “ask”; the power to move literal “mountains” and so forth – still, there would be future rewards for us; in an “eternal Heaven.”  But here and now?  We find that this final assertion by preachers, was also false; was just yet another sin or error, a deceit, in our holy men and churches.  Since the Bible itself finally told us that “all have sinned,” even the host of Heaven itself.  So that finally?  Heaven itself is supposed to be destroyed.

This may be hard to face.  But finally, there is a way to face this; by seeing it not as contrary to the Bible itself, but as confirming it fully.  Indeed – quite exactly as the Bible warned, over and over – the whole world has long been deceived by deceived, deceitful priests; and their false idea of God and their False idea of Christ (Rev. 13; 1 John 2-4; Mat. 24.11, Mark 13.22).  And devastating as this is?  After all, we and our preachers, should be prepared to confess sins, even as great as this, in ourselves and our religious tradition.  Since after all, a) the Bible itself called for that, in dozens of ways.  And b) in order to see after all, a second and fuller and better and truer appearance to Christ.

While indeed?  Many of us are coming to see and follow at least the first hints of – and perhaps part of the very substance of – the second and better appearance of Christ.  As we re-read our Bibles … and suddenly see Christ.  Christ advocating not blind faith; but a Science of God.





MORE?    All this is hard to face.  But all this resolves a number of huge problems in traditional religion.  For centuries, there have been hints of sin, error, in our religion.  Especially promises of giant physical miracles; problems with those were evident, from practical experience and science.  These were devastating.  Too devastating for many to face.  And so, rather than face them, our priests decided to give up on the whole physical world, and posit an ideal reward in some other dimension; in our “spirit,” and/or in spiritual “Heaven.”  Yet finally?  We will demonstrate sins, errors, in all the various sermonic attempts to “prove” that miracles are indeed happening of the size and scale promised; or to explain the lack of physical miracles.  Finally in fact, there is only one major motif in the Bible that really seems to explain, fit, what we now see.  And that presents a solution.


Admitting, confessing a series of devastating errors in the heart of all that we were told was holy, is now in fact, possible.  Since amazingly … none of this after all, contradicts the Bible itself; indeed, it can be read as the fulfillment of biblical prophesy.  Could all our holiest men and angels, have be partially bad?  Even in their allegedly holiest doctrines and sayings and sermons?  At first, this seems impossible to believe, or “face” or “bear” (John 16.12)?  But thanks to our present findings, believers, even preachers, should be able to at last face the many signs of sin even in their holiest traditions.  On being told that after all, discovering all this does notultimately, destroy or contradict the Bible itself; but rather, seeing sins in holy men, fulfills the Bible.

All this, after all was foretold, authorized, by the Bible itself.  The Bible itself predicted, foretold, precisely, all of this:  that 1) one day, we are supposed to see a second “appearance” to God.  While 2) seeing God supporting not faith, but 3) the Science of God, indeed gives us a second appearance to Christ.  And furthermore?  4) Our second appearance here, does exactly what the End Times, including a day of “judgement,” is supposed to do:  exactly as prophesied, we here see God uncovering, unveiling longstanding sins, in “all” our holy men; sins in every aspect of traditional religion and Christianity:  its “faith” in “miracles” and “spirit”uality.  And furthermore?  5) If this unveiling seems to finally empty, “dissolve,” our Heaven itself?  Then after all, precisely that very ending, is exactly what was foretold, prophesied, authorized, commanded, by the Bible itself; by God, himself.  Indeed, one “day” God is supposed to expose longstanding sins in our holiest men; and to destroy our Heaven itself.  In order for God to show us something better.

To some extent, all this is regarded as simply, growing up.  The Bible itself said that even John the Baptist, and Jesus, “grew” in understanding; so that their understanding needed improvement, or growth, it might seem.  While we ourselves, are supposed to “mature,” as Paul said.  In the past, we were told by preachers that “matur”ing, just meant maturing in your “faith”; meant just having more and more faith, or becoming more and more “spiritual.”  But here finally, we find that more commonly and properly, as people grow and “mature,” they – and you yourself  -should begin to notice what appear to be sins in your preachers, and holy men.  So that what we find here, is that if you seem to notice things that seem “false,” even in earliest, allegedly holy doctrines?  If one day, you seem to notice problems in their promises of “miracles,” say?  Or sins, even in priests’ “spirituality”?  Then in fact, far from telling you to simply ignore such things, far from telling you to continue to faithfully follow our holy men, actually, the Bible itself authorizes you to notice these things.  And simply declare much of what our holiest men said, to be simply, false.   One day especially in fact, the Bible itself told us that God is supposed to show you precisely … what we are seeing here and now:  that essentially “all” our past holy men and angels were often false.  So that they and their Heaven itself, are supposed to collapse, or “dissolve.”  In order for us to see something better.

In effect, the day that a believer begins to notice sins in his or her preacher, their church, even traditional Christianity, is authorized and approved and foretold, by the Bible itself; on that day, you are seeing a preview – and possibly you are experiencing the very substance – of the foretold … Destruction of Heaven.  Yet painful and Apocalyptic as that seems?  You can get through it.  On discovering that after all, this does not destroy the Bible itself; but fulfills its prophesies.

As you begin to notice what appear to be errors in our holy men?  You are seeing the foretold moment, when God unveils sins, in our holiest men; you are seeing God in fact, dissolve our Heaven itself.  But after all?  This finally is a survivable moment; when we discover that all this, is not in destruction of but fulfillment of, the Bible itself.  Indeed, even as our “child”hood heaven of “faith” in “miracles” and “spirit” is dissolved, we are also hearing after all, the revelation of a Second and better Appearance/”Parousia” to Christ.  We see problems in our old vision of a “Christ” of “miracles”; as a false Christ.  But now we are seeing Christ rightly:  when you see Christ no long advocating blind “faith” in our holy men; but Christ and God telling us instead, to follow a more critical and exact, Science of God.  And this new appearance, as foretold, will surely be enormously fruitful:  indeed, only the re-merger of religion with science, at last joins all the wisdom of religion, with all the knowledge of Science.  And it seems reasonable to anticipate that this and only this, gives us the promised “full” perspective on, coming of God and God, at last.  Indeed, when Religion at last becomes a science, it assists God in, as foretold, leaving heaven, and returning to material earth.  It in effect begins to re-merge “spirit” with “flesh”; “word” with “world.”

The Science of God therefore – and science-based religious study, at its best – is finally far better than any “church,” in guiding us to the kingdom of God, on earth.  First, it sees the Bible more fully and completely.  Indeed:  the Bible warned there are always sins in our church leaders, and churches.  Even the very “angel”s of the even the first, foundational Christian churches, often sinned and erred, the Bible itself told us:

“To the angel of the Church….  I have not found your works perfect” (Rev. 3.1-2-3).

Our holy men and churches were often warned about.  And now we can begin to see some of the sins of holy men and churches, more specifically:  first, among other things, they have committed the sin of 1) Pride, and Vanity.  When they proudly declared themselves to be very “holy,” or “sacred,” or to be even the merely reliable voicepieces of God.  The fact is, our preachers became vain, because 2) they ignored the parts of the Bible that warned about sins in holy men; that “All have sinned,” as Paul confirmed; “no one is good but God,” as Jesus said.  Then too?  3) Since they rejected the second voice in the Bible, that warned of sins in holy things?  They came to stress “faith” far too much.  While the 4) missed and rejected the more critical science that God really wanted us to have.  While out of that, they 5) ended up therefore, wrongly stressing unverifiable “miracles”; and 6) purely mental or spiritual results:  “spirituality.”   While finally – as will be seen – these giant doctrinal errors by essentially all our preachers and churches, were not inconsequential:  millions, billions of human beings suffered, and prematurely died, from following false religious leadership. As we will see.

But now it is possible to expose and correct, many sins of holy men.  First we show here, the hundreds of places, where the Bible itself warned us over and over, about religious leaders; even those who claim to follow “Christ,” calling “Lord, Lord.”  Who are often found to have been “hypocrites,” or following a “False Christ,” a wrong idea of Christ after all.  Especially, the whole stress on “faith” in Christianity, was wrong:  if God warned that there have always been huge sins and errors in our traditional Christian leaders – and churches, then logically of course, we should not have put such stress on faith and “belief.”  Indeed, the Bible itself finally begins to suggest that we should not have had any more faith, than a very tiny amount; than a “grain of mustard seed.”  And we should have let that faith or confidence grow … only if and when we saw our tentative beliefs fully confirmed by real empirical science.

Until today, Christianity has been based on “faith.”  But our second presentation of Christ, shows him to be warning us not just about too little, but also about too much faith; indeed finally Jesus himself told us that since there are many “false prophets” and “false Christs” out there (Jesus said, in Mat. 24.24, Mark 13.22; affirmed by 1 John 2), we are not to “believe” or have faith, even in the traditional presentation of Jesus Christ; unless and until we see real empirical physical proofs.  Amazingly in fact, Jesus finally told us not to believe even in he himself; unless or until we ourselves see him – and his believers – produce not so much “fruits of the spirit,” but real, physical, empirical “fruits,” “works,” “signs,” “wonders,” “prosperity,” “deeds,” and “proofs.” Far from believing everything our holy men told us about God, instead, we were actually supposed to “test everything” … and conclude, if necessary, that our holiest men were often simply, “false” and mistaken.  Unless and until they can produce not just “spiritual,” but real, physical, material, empirically-verifiable “proofs” that their words are from God (Isa. 41.21; Mat. 8.4; Mark 1.44; Luke 5.14).

And, if none of our traditional preachers can do this?  If they continue to implicitly stand behind traditional “Christianity”  – but cannot work the traditionally-promised huge physical miracles, they do not explicitly denounce?  Or?  If they are only “spiritual,” and cannot produce even normal physical prosperity?  Then after all, far from telling us to continue follow them with total faith, actually the Bible itself authorized us – indeed commanded us – to call such people simply, “deceived” and “false.”  Far from following them with the “faith” they demand, instead the Bible told us to “rebuke” them, and even punish them; and certainly, move on past them.

Far from continuing to have strong “faith” in holy men and their vision of God, each of us is supposed to move on to the Science of God.

As found in part, imperfectly, in existing science-based religious study.  But also as found outlined in our books here. Showing the science of God, as supported by especially, precisely, the Bible itself.

The Science, the fuller appearance of Christ, that we are called to, by God, himself.  Which many hopefully will come to “see” – even as they read these very pages.

MORE ON THE PROBLEM IN RELIGION TODAY  – AND ITS SOLUTION, IN THE SCIENCE OF GOD     Why are more and more people leaving religion, leaving Christianity?  In part, more and more people are leaving religion first, because they feel there are problems with – its promises of huge, physical “miracles” especially.  But as it turns out?  Beyond problems with getting all the “miracles” that preachers often promised – “all” and “whatever” we “ask”; the power to move real physical “mountains” and so forth?  As it turns out, there are also problems, as even the Bible itself said, with even the “higher,” ascetic Christianity, that concentrates just on mental or spiritual things (James 2.14-26).  Problems even with spiritual things, like even “faith” and “belief” especially (Prov. 14.15; John 10.37; 1 John 4.1).  So that finally, there is only one solution to all the problems of Christianity:  the discovery and adoption of a more “mature” Christianity.  One beyond promises of miracles – and beyond the problems of spirituality too.  The only solution to all these problems, is finally the popular rediscovery and adoption, of the long-lost, Science of God.  The only thing that can save Christianity and religion in our own increasingly scientific and practical time, is our rediscovery, here, that the Bible itself finally advocated valuing and honoring real Science.  And in fact, the Bible told us all long ago, to base our Christianity, not on “faith”; especially not “faith” in “miracles,” or even “spirituality.”  But to base our religion instead, on Science.  Or more specifically, on what we will call our Science of God.  (After Dan. 1.4-15 KJE; 1 Kings 18.21-39; Deut. 18.20 ff; Mal. 3.10; 1 Thess. 5.21; Mat. 7. 15-20; John 10.37).

As it turns out?  The Old Testament advocated “science” by full description, and even by name, in say the Book of Daniel (1.4-15 KJE).  While in the New Testament, Jesus continued that tradition.  Jesus warning us that there are always “false prophets” and even a false idea of Christ in religion; so that we are not to have too much “faith”; but we are supposed to very carefully, scientifically examine each and every would-be priest or minister or holy men.  Deciding whether they are really from God, or not; according not to their mere words, or sermons; but according to whether we find that following them, produces real, timely, physical, material “fruits,” “works,” “signs,” “deeds,” “prosperity,” and “proofs.”  Not just or primarily the “fruits of the spirit”; but even more than that, real, actual, material, physical “fruit,” and physical goods.  And if there are things in religion, that seem incompatible with Science?  Then, far from ordering us to follow them with total “faith,” instead, God actually told us to simply begin to suspect that those things were simply either false.  Or needed to be read, understood, differently.  In a way compatible with science, and what we see “come to pass” in real life around us (Deut. 18.21-22).

Finally, amazingly?  The Bible itself, incredibly, actually gives Science a certain amount of authority, even above priests and ministers, prophets and churches, popes and apostles.  And so, if preachers promise “miracles,” and yet science cannot verify them?  Then after all, amazingly – the Bible itself allows us to simply begin to suspect that after all, preachers mis-read their Bibles; that what appeared at first, to be supernatural miracles, were actually something else.   (Metaphors for spiritual things; or metaphors for wonderful but natural and technological events).

Amazingly, the Bible itself often gave more authority to Science, than to apostles and popes, as we will be seeing here.  And if that if a revolution in religion, in Christianity?  Then after all, we will be showing here that a revolution in our religion, was authorized, even commanded, by the Bible itself.  Amazingly, the Bible itself outlined what will be our five main points, in our books here:  that 1) there have always been huge sins and errors in all our holiest men, and their readings of the Bible.  And the Bible told us that 2) therefore, our religion should not be based too strongly on simple “faith” in holy men, or their vision, their sermons about, God.  Instead, 3) we are supposed to base our religion, on a kind of critical science; critically examining all things in religion, with science, to see if they are true or not; as shown by whether they are materially (not spiritually) “fruit”ful or not.

And furthermore, 4) If one “day” or another, our science should suddenly find many many sins and errors, in essentially “all” our holiest men and angels?  And if there seem to be sins, even in the very angels and apostles in heaven itself?  Then after all, the Bible itself said, one “day” or another, we are supposed to see precisely and exactly, that (Rom. 3.23; Mal. 3.2; Isa. 34.4 ff; Rev. 13; etc.).  Of course, “no one is good but God” himself (Mark 10.18); so that when judgement comes, even the highest saints and angels and churches, are to be found wanting, as they were from the very beginning days of Christianity itself (Rev. 2.1-4, 3.1-2, 3.14-15).  So that finally?  Amazingly, one day, we are supposed to see our Heaven itself, collapse (Rev. 21; Isa. 34.4, 51.6; 2 Peter 3).

One heaven-shattering “day” or another, God is supposed to reveal, “unveil” to you, sins in all our holiest men and angels.  While indeed, Science and experience, in partially fulfillment of that day, tell us there are problems with our “faith” in “miracles” especially.  But?  Believers can at last find the Biblical authorization to simply face and accept all this; on learning that all this was foretold in the Bible itself.  And then too?  Believers can at last face negative findings on traditional religion, on learning that at last simply admitting, honestly “confess”ing and “witness”ing sins in holy men, brings an enormous positive result:  all 5) this is in order for us to see, after all, a second and better idea, a Second Coming, of God to earth.  And as it turns out, the Science of God is a second and better appearance of Christ; helping us to see how God, religion, return to this physical earth.  Thanks to the Science of God, we now see God in both religion – but also see God returning to this physical material earth.  We see how they finally, link up; how they come back together again; how “spirit” returns to “flesh”; “word” to “world.”

THE SINS OF ALL OUR HOLIEST MEN AND ANGELS      This means that much of what has passed for religion, Christianity, has been wrong; that perhaps even some of our holiest men and angels and churches, made some mistakes.

Is this possible?  As it turns out, the Bible noted sins in essentially “all” holy men and angels; indeed for example, the Bible itself even noted sins over and over, in even the first Twelve Disciples.  Even the very first followers of Christ, God warned, often made very, very serious mistakes and errors.  Not just Judas, but also St. Peter/ “Cephas,” and Paul, the Bible said, made massive doctrinal errors and mistakes.  And?  They made these huge mistakes … even after having received the indwelling or “inspiration” of the Holy Spirit, in say John 20.22 (Gal. 1.18-2.13, John 1.42; Philippians 3.12; 1 Corin. 13.8 ff.).

As it turns out, God himself warned that essentially “all” our holiest men and angels – including the first apostles, that wrote our New Testament – often made huge mistakes, and committed huge sins.  Sinning moreover, not just in their personal lives; they made mistakes, even when they narrated for us their most Holy-Spirit “inspired” doctrines.  Our holiest men often made errors, the Bible warned, when they were formulating, by their actions and words, the chief doctrines and sayings and liturgies, of the churches.

Even the Apostle credited by many, as being the main apostle behind all Christian Churches, as being the first Pope – the Apostle, St. Peter – for example, was shown in the Bible, to have often sinned and erred; even erring in major doctrinal matters.  Jesus himself in fact, once found that St. Peter – who is credited by many, as having founded the Christian churches – was making some major doctrinal errors; mis-defining Christianity, by his words and actions.  Specifically?  Consider for example, the fuller details, of the moment when Jesus allegedly expressed full and total confidence in St. Peter, calling St. Peter the unshakable “rock” on which Christ’s church would be built.  Here, our Catholic priests love to quote just one “part,” one voice in the text.  Priests love to quote just the misleading part of this episode; the part that seems to assure us that our priests or their Church, will always be absolutely firm and holy and true:

“‘Who do you say that I am?’  Simon Peter replied, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of he living God.’  And Jesus answered him, ‘Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jona!….  You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it.  I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be found in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.’  Then he strictly charged the disciples to tell no one that he was the Christ” (Mat. 16.15-20).

The problem here, is that we will be showing that the Bible ultimately, contains two major voices:  1) a first one, where God seemed to firmly endorse priests and prophets, and tells us to follow them faithfully.  But then?  We are about to find that 2) the Bible also contained a “second” voice from God, a second theology.  One that … amazingly, warned over and over that our holiest men – like St. Peter, say – often sinned and erred; even in major doctrinal matters.  Amazingly, our Bibles were never quite as unequivocally in support or priests, ministers, churches, as our priests claim.  As an example?  Let’s look at what the Bible said next, right after appearing to tell us that St. Peter say, was a “rock,” on which an unshakable church would be found.  Right after appeared to say all that, look what happened next.  And then what Jesus finally said in the second part of the story:

“From that time Jesus began to show his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed….  Peter took him and began to rebuke him, saying, ‘God forbid, Lord!  This shall never happen to you.’  But he [Jesus] turned and said to Peter, ‘Get behind me, Satan!  You are a hindrance to me; for you are not on the side of God, but of men'” (Mat. 16.21-23 Revised Standard Version or RSV).

Priests have loved to quote just the misrepresentative first voice in the text; where Jesus seemed for a moment to be firmly “bless”ing/approving of Peter, as our first Pope; while Jesus seems to be assuring us that Peter was a “rock,” who would preside over an unsinkable, eternally powerful Church.  And yet however?  Here we will be noting firmly, as it turns out, nearly all our preachers and priests have always misrepresented the fuller, larger, real message of the Bible.  Our preachers proudly told us just about the misleading first parts of the Bible; just the more positive voice in it.  But preachers and churches have never adequately told you about the “second” major voice in the Bible.  In this case; our preachers and holy men stressed in church, the part of the story where Jesus seemed to express full confidence in holy men, like Peter, and the churches they would found.  But the problem is that our churches never told us enough, about what happened next.  They never adequately examined, the rest of the story.  Priests almost never stressed the critical moments:  the next moment for instance, when Jesus himself said to Peter that he, Jesus, had to go to Jerusalem to be crucified.  The moment when … St. Peter turned on Jesus – and “rebuked” Jesus.  When Peter told Jesus that Jesus was wrong (Mat. 16).

Preachers always stressed the “first” part of the story; but they never adequately stressed the moment, the second voice in the text:  the moment when the Bible showed the holiest men like St. Peter, sinning … and even turning against Jesus.  Turning against him even on major doctrinal issues.  Preachers never quite adequately noted that above, 1) St. Peter turned against Jesus, and “rebuked” him, or said that Jesus was wrong.  Furthermore, 2) Peter was issuing a false prophesy:  he was predicting that the crucifixion would “never happen.”  Then too?  Peter was 3) disagreeing with Jesus, on major doctrinal matters:  he was denying the necessity of the crucifixion.  Jesus had just told Peter that Jesus would have to go to Jerusalem and be crucified:  and Peter “rebuked” Jesus, and said Jesus was wrong:  “This shall never happen,” said Peter.

Seeing this, should be disturbing enough:  seeing the Apostle credited for founding our Christian churches, credited as the first Pope, actually turning against Jesus.  And worse, seeing Peter going wrong … on a major doctrinal matter:  Peter denying the necessity and centrality of the crucifixion itself.  But furthermore, this was not the end of the major, doctrinal sins of Peter:  4) by his behavior, Peter committed yet another major doctrinal mistake, denying the authority of Jesus.

Then finally?  Then it just gets even worse.  Far from enthusiastically and unequivocally endorsing the authority of holy men like Peter, 5) Jesus himself next finally went so far as to effectively retract any apparent endorsement of Peter, our first pope, that Jesus might have appeared to make earlier; and of any and nearly all would-be Christian holy men.  And he did this in the strongest possible terms:  Jesus finally, simply called St. Peter himself, “Satan”:

He turned and said to Peter, ‘Get behind me, Satan!  You are a hindrance to me” (Mat. 16.23).

Here, Jesus calls St. Peter himself, “Satan.”

So what should we say, here and now?  Shockingly, amazingly, as we will now be showing here, exhaustively, that our preachers never really accurately represented the Bible to us in church.  Our preachers over and over, quoted the parts of the Bible that, taken by themselves, seem to support preachers, and churches.  And yet however?  As we will be seeing here, the Bible contains two major, contrasting voices or themes in it.  In 1) one major series to be sure, the Bible seems to express great confidence in holy men, like Peter; calling them a seemingly reliable “rock.”  But then?  The entire 2) Bible also contains a massive, extended, consistent, second major theme or voice in it; one that our preachers never adequately told us about in church.  The Bible contains hundreds, thousands of references to huge, major personal and doctrinal sins and errors, even in our very holiest men, like Peter.  The Bible even finally referring to sins, even in the highest apostles and angels in Heaven itself (Isa. 34.4, etc.).

Is it possible?  Could all our priests and ministers and churches, have deceived us?  Could they have misrepresented the larger, fuller, true message of the Bible?  And could today, be the day we notice this?  Could the “Day” come to different people, at different times?  As the “day” they at last notice these things?  (A view referred to as say, “personal eschatology”).

For obvious reasons – in part, out of an all-too-human Pride and vanity – our current priests and ministers and churches, chose to never adequately tell you about, or learn to face, this side of the Bible and of God.  But now finally, perhaps our priesthood – and mankind overall – is “mature” enough to face this side of things, this side of the Bible and of God, at last:  facing the parts of the Bible that warned that even the very highest Apostles often sinned and made major “mistakes” (James 3.1-2-17); even in their “knowledge” and “prophesy.”  (As Peter did, above; and as in say 1 Corin. 13.2-9).  And furthermore?  As it turns out – and contrary to what we were told in every church – they made these mistakes, even in their most allegedly “inspired” moments; even when they were in the personal presence of the Lord and his spirit.  Peter made major doctrinal errors … even when he was literally standing next to, being assisted by, Jesus himself.

Indeed, our holiest religious leaders made extremely serious doctrinal errors, we will find, even after formally, explicitly being given the Holy Spirit by Jesus himself, in John 20.22.  (When “He breathed on them, and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit'”).  Even after this – even after Jesus himself, live and in person, had personally “breathed” the “spirit” into his disciples – still, even after all of that, the disciples still made major mistakes.  When Paul for example, later visited “Cephas” or St. Peter, Paul found that Peter was … acting “hypocritically” or “insincerely” (Gal. 2.13 etc., RSV), on yet another major doctrinal matter.  Specifically, Peter was at times admitting “gentiles” or non-Jews to table fellowship/communion – but then, other times, Peter refused to share food and drink with the non-Jews.  The non-Jews that were later to form the backbone of Christianity.  Thus once again, Peter by his actions, was mis-defining yet another major doctrine:  Peter was not allowing non-Jews to enter into table fellowship and communion.  Thus one of the foremost founders of our churches – Peter – was making yet another major misstep; as St. Paul himself began to note.  And Peter was erring … even after having received the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (in John 20.22).  So that finally Paul was to make it clear that even the “rocks” of our faith, even the “supernatural” “spirit” (RSV; etc.) of Christ and God, would not be enough to protect our holiest men from making huge mistakes (1 Corin. 10.5).  Mistakes even in their formulations of major prophesies, doctrines, and rules of the church (1 Corin. 13.2-9).  While as it turns out, the Bible warned that such sins and errors would persist in essentially “all” our holiest men and angels; right though to the very end of time (Rom. 3.23; Rev. 13; Isa. 34.4; etc.).  “No one is good but God” himself (Mark 10.18).  Whereas?  All our preachers and churches, constantly make major mistakes.  Even in their most allegedly holy, “inspired” moments.

In fact?  The Bible warned not just once or twice, but literally hundreds of times, about massive and destructive, even physically fatal sins and errors, in every aspect of Jewish and Christian religion, from A to Z; from “Angels” and “anointing”s and “baptism,” to our “worship” (Rev. 13) and our “zeal.”  The Bible constantly noted massive sins in the apostles; sins and errors in their “knowledge,” their “prophesy,” and their doctrines (1 Corin. 1.3, etc.).  So that finally, what must our conclusion be, on the final message of the Bible?  Finally in fact, we must come to this conclusion:  that the Bible logically could not have meant us to have very much “faith” in our holy men, or in their vision, their sermons and homilies about “God” and “Christ.”

For centuries we have been assured that the essence of being a Christian, is following our holy men, or their sermons about God, with total “faith.”  Yet?  As it turns out, the entire Old Testament mentions “faith” by name, only six or seven times.  While even there, “faith” refers to God’s faithfulness; his faithfulness to us.  While Jesus himself only mentions faith by name a few dozen times.  Finally, it was actually only the Apostle Paul that stressed “faith”; Paul mentioning it by name, say, about 174 times.  So that finally, the main spokesman for “faith” in the Bible was only, mainly the apostle, Paul.  While Paul confessed himself that he was not yet “perfect” (Php. 3.12); that his “knowledge” and “prophesy” were imperfect (1 Corin. 13); even as he was in the act of writing his half of the New Testament.

As we look at our Bibles a little more closely therefore, we will be seeing here, over and over, a major theme or voice in it, that our priests and ministers did not adequately stress, in church.  In particular, preachers never adequately represented to us in church, the hundreds, thousands of parts of the Bible … that warned about every aspect of religion; including especially priests and churches.  While the Bible warned further, that one “day” furthermore, we would come to see that, ourselves.  And in fact, it seems that “day” is coming even now for many of us today. Precisely as foretold, we are here and now, beginning to note major errors, in our priests and ministers and churches, of today.  First 1) they only read to us, or stressed, mere misleading “parts” of the Bible:  the parts that seemed to assure us that our holy men were absolutely holy, sacred, or reliable (see “part” in 1 Corin. 13.13; 2 Corin. too).  But there our preachers sinned, when they did not adequately tell us about, the other, second parts the Bible:  the second voice from God himself … warning about sins, errors, in all our holiest men and angels; and in their most central, “inspired” doctrines too.   Eager to protect their own proud authority, essentially all our preachers – priests and ministers, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and otherwise – have always misrepresented the Bible; and have misrepresented Christ.  Indeed 2) in fact?  In effect, by misquoting Christ, preachers have followed, and taught, a False Christ.  Just as the Bible warned would happen.  All our preachers taught a Christ that seemed to stress all-but-blind, total “faith”; faith in holy men, and their vision.  Whereas?  The Bible itself actually delivered a very, very different message – and finally, a very different Christ – from what we always heard in church.  Finally, Christ … noted many sins in his holiest apostolic followers.  So that finally in fact, Jesus even called the first pope and founder of our biggest Christian churches, “Satan.”

Seeing this for many, will be an apocalyptic shock.  Could it be?  Is it possible?  Could essentially all our holiest men, our preachers, have been 1) false?  Could they have been 2) deceiving themselves, or 3) deceiving us, and even the rest of the world?  Specifically, 4) could all our preachers have following, often, a false idea of Christ?  Presenting a Christ that seemed to stress great faith, and confidence in his followers and holy men?  At first, it seems impossible that, as they say, God would allow such a thing:  it seems impossible that God would allow for nearly all our holiest men and angels, to be been deceived, or deceptive.  And yet however?  As it turns out here, the Bible itself often warned that this, specifically, would be the case:  God would allow 1) many “false prophets” and “false” priests; the Bible allowed that essentially “all” our holiest men would be “deceitful”; and would 2) fool themselves, and then 3) fool the whole world (Rev. 13). Specifically moreover, 4) they would deceive themselves and others, by following and preaching, a ” False Christ.”  Indeed, the New Testament warned that such things were already beginning, not in the far-distant future; but 5) a false tradition of Christ, was already beginning, even with the first days of the foundation of what was to become regarded as Christianity itself:  John the Disciples announced that already, in his own time, many “false Christs” had already come, even in the first days when Christianity as we know it today, was being formed  (1 John 2.18-20, 4.1-3).

Could most of our preachers and church leaders, have deceived themselves, and/or everyone else, even for many centuries?  At first, it seems hard to believe or face all this:  is all this possible?  Could even the whole world – even essentially all of historical Christianity itself – have been largely deceived, by an often false idea of Christ?  Christ say, as “miracle” worker; or as stressing “faith” and “spirit”?  As it turns out, shockingly, if we look though throughout the entire text of the Bible more closely, we find that in fact, the Bible itself warned us about precisely this, over and over.

The Bible often warned, over and over, that there were always bad and “false” things, as it said, in even our holiest apostles.  Indeed, the Bible itself … began to expose sins even in our holiest men.  The Bible itself began to note one sin after another, in essentially “all” holy men; and furthermore, the Bible began to note that there was no special gift or grace either, from “anointing” and “angels,” and “baptism,” to “worship” and “zeal,” that would protect us always, from sin and error (q.v., Bibliography).  Indeed, the Bible constantly noted sins in every element of Judaism – and even in Christianity.  Even those who think they are following “Christ,” and who are calling to him, crying “Lord, Lord,” will be found that have been deceived in too many things; and to have been bad therefore.  The Bible warning:

To the angel of the church…..  I have not found your work perfect” (Rev. 3.1-2, 2.1-4, 2.13-14, 2.18-20).

“All have sinned” (Rom. 3.23).

“Prophesy against the prophets of Israel” (Ezk. 13.2).

“No one is good but God” (Mark 10.18; Mat. 19.17).

“If God did not spare the angels when they sinned” (2 Peter. 2.4; from Job 4.18, or Isa. 34.4, or Jude 1.6)

“The prophet is a fool, the man of the spirit is mad” (Hos. 9.7).

“Do not trust in these deceitful words:  ‘This is the temple of the LORD'” (Jer. 7.4).

Even the apostles admitted they – “we” as they said, in part of themselves – were not “perfect”; that they made “mistakes”; that their own “knowledge was imperfect, and incomplete:

“If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves” (1 John 1.8; cf. 3.9).

“For we all make many mistakes” (James, saying of himself too, in James 3.2).

“For our knowledge is imperfect and our prophesy is imperfect….  Now I know in part; then I shall understand fully….  So faith, hope, love abide, these three:  but the greatest of these is love” (and not faith; Paul including himself, in 1 Corin. 13.8-9-12; 12.15-23; 2 Corin. 1.13-14).

St. Paul at times tried to tell us that he was 1) a “fool”; though in another voice he said, a good kind of fool.  Yet?  Still other times Paul confessed that he himself was 2) a “Pharisee”; a 3) Roman; that 4) he was im-“perfect.”  So that Paul finally began to confess sins and errors, even in himself.  And as will be seen here, the Bible warned constantly about longstanding sins and errors, even in essentially “all” our holiest men and angels and apostles.

While finally?  St. Peter was often credited as the first pope, and founder of all later Christian churches in effect.  But?  The founder of our church … often sinned and erred, so badly?  That finally, Jesus himself told him to “get behind” him; as Jesus called Peter, Satan.  While Paul noted major doctrinal sins and errors in Peter, even after Peter had received the “inspiration” of the Holy Spirit.  It seems that God gave us the Holy Spirit the help guide us; be he did not guarantee that it would always succeed in saving all of us.

PROBLEMS WITH “MIRACLES”    The problem in Christianity, is that the Bible constantly warned about sins in our holiest men; but our preachers ignored those warnings, or assert those warnings are for everybody else, other than they, themselves.  Our preachers – priests and ministers – have a superficial and misleading humility.  But deeper down, they are very, very proud:  they constantly assure us that they and their “tradition,” their churches, are “holy” and “sacred” and so forth.  But here at last, we are showing that isn’t what the Bible itself said:  the Bible constantly warned about huge sins in “all” our holiest men and angels; even in their most “inspired” and “infallible” doctrines.  And then the Bible therefore, told us to be aware of the fallibility of our holy men; and to look for sins in them.

So where might all our preachers have sinned and erred?  What kind of sins does it seem that our holy men in the past, have committed?  Preachers today insist that a) they might sin in minor matters, day to day.  Or 2) sin in failing to conform to major doctrines.  But then they insist, that however, 3) thanks to the “inspiration” of the Holy Spirit, our holy men could not have sinned at all, at least when they were formulating major church “doctrines” and so forth.  And yet however?  The a) Bible itself said that even the first Pope, St. Peter, in fact sinned.  Moreover, b) Peter sinned … even after receiving the “inspiration” of the Holy Spirit (in John 20.22; Peter sinning again in Gal. 2.11-15.  Worse, c) Peter sinned when he would have been regarded as defining, by his words and actions, major doctrines; Peter in effect “rebuked” Jesus, and therefore denied the authority of Jesus; while d) Peter also denied the necessity of the crucifixion.  So that e) Jesus himself finally called Peter “Satan.”  So that in fact, it is clear that our holiest men not only sinned in their day-to-day behavior, or in violating doctrine; they also have sinned, even in the very formulation of their allegedly most inspired doctrines and sayings and sermons.

Where else might our holiest men made major errors?  Especially, everyone should carefully consider their promises especially, of giant, supernatural “miracles.”  In the past, the simplest way that religion often presented itself to us, is this simple formula:  be good, believe, pray … and you will get big physical miracles.  About half the Bible seems devoted, at first, to picturing believers asking for wonders, miracles – and our holy men delivering them; conjuring physical things out of thin air, rather like stage magicians making rabbits appear magically, in empty hats.  And in fact, countless everyday preachers have firmly insisted that the way God works:  be good, pray, then God gives us the physical things we need, by way of “miracles.”  By way of some kind of “supernatural” process.  About half the appeal of historical Christianity in fact, was based on firm promises of giant miracles:  touch the bones of the saint, and be miraculously healed of every illness: pray, and dinner will appear on your plate, in a poof of smoke perhaps.  Pray, and you will be able to make real, actual, physical “mountains” fly through the air, just by faith and a prayer; just believe, say the right prayer formula, and you will get “all” and “whatever” we “ask.”  As indeed, parts of the Bible itself were quoted as saying (John 14.11-14; Mat. 17.20; etc.)  And yet however?  The Bible told us that there are many “false” things in even holy men; and rather than trusting them entirely, we are supposed to examine what “comes to pass” in real life (Deut. 18.21-22); we are supposed to look to see if our holy men really produce the material wonders they promised, in real, daily life.  While if we do that?  We don’t see holy men producing many of the larger miracles promises:  we now and then see somehow who is sick become unexpectedly well; but after all, that might not even be a miracle, since the body’s natural healing processes often kick in unexpectedly.  While we don’t see anyone at all, literally walking on water; or making real, actual physical “mountains” fly through the air with just faith and a prayer; or making bread appear out of thin air.  Though we were often promised these things; “all” the wonders that Jesus was pictured as doing it was said; and “greater things than these”; “whatever” we “ask” (preachers here incorrectly quoting John 14, etc.).

And as it turns out, many people look around them … and though now and then a sick person claims to have been unexpectedly healed, still, we don’t really see the larger, more spectacular miracles being performed:  we don’t see people literally walking on water, say; or moving real, actual, physical “mountains” with just a word.  That sense of material reality, we will be showing in our book on Miracles, was not very good.  Until very recently, about 9/10 of all Christians and even many preachers – priests and ministers – have thought that the way God works, is that we pray … and then we get supernatural “miracles.”  But as it turns out, practical experience eventually teaches many of us, that this simple formula doesn’t seem to always work in real life; no matter how “faith”fully people try to believe it.  So the Bible warned that there would be sins and false things in our holiest men:  and the first candidate for one of those sins, would be their promises of “miracles.”  Furthermore, this turns out to be a very, physically destructive false promise, moreover:  when people are promised that praying for miracles, absolutely works, often they will wait for food, wonders, to appear out of thin air; while they are even told to not bother with their own practical “work,” in farming and so forth, the work of their own “arms.”   But?  When billions of people were taught to rely on empty promises, the empty “wind” of “empty promises” of miracles?  When they were told that their own “work” was unimportant? Often as it turns out, when they relied on “miracles,” and neglected practical “knowledge” and “work,” they starved to death.  Or did not “flourish.”  When the promised miracles did not appear; and they had not worked well enough to feed or house themselves either.  So that?  Promises of miracles, have been extremely destructive, in unexpected ways.  Preachers often asked “what harm” was done by these promises; but as it turns out, the harm caused by promises of “miracles,” has been immense.  Basically, belief in “miracles” was really the forewarned belief in magic, sorcerers, conjuring.  And it was incredibly destructive, in that it taught the whole world false, dysfunctional, magical thinking; it taught the whole world a way of thinking, that was false, and that failed to feed and protect us; but instead guided billions into “delusions,” “illusions,” and premature death.

Belief in “miracles” made people feel better over the short run; but over the longer run, it just guided them to premature death.  Indeed, a) practical experience teaching many of us that if you want your breakfast bread or toast, practical “work” is generally more effective:  it is better that farmers work to plant grain, and bakers make it into bread; this is more reliable than waiting for bread to appear magically on your plate, out of thin air, by miracle.

While indeed finally, b) even elements of the Bible itself, began to suggest problems with the pray-and-get, say, “supernatural” miracles side of Christianity:  many translations the Bible only mentioned the word “supernatural” just on one occasion.  And there, it noted the inadequacy of supernatural things (1 Corin. 10.3-4 RSV).  While finally, amazingly, even St. Paul began to ask, “do all work miracles?” (1 Corin. 12.29).  And c) then indeed, we will finally be showing here, that the Bible itself finally told us that we are supposed to honor science; while Science suggests that miracles don’t happen much.  So that?  d) Though about half of Christianity was devoted to promising miracles as the very pillar of the faith, amazing, eventually, many elements of the Bible itself, began to back off that a bit; suggesting that such promises were not exactly entirely untrue; but that however, those promises should not be taken literally; promises of “miracles” should be read as being rather, say, metaphorical.  But not, as commonly thought, as metaphors for “spiritual” things.

SPIRITUALITY    The Bible itself at times seemed to promise miracles; but other times, it noted problems with them.  In point of fact, the Bible now and then noticed problems with holy men who do not deliver all the huge physical miracles that they promised (Isa. 41.21-24).  In fact, the Apostle, St. Paul, went to far as to finally question them:  “do all work miracles,” asked Paul himself (1 Corin. 12.29).  Some holy kings even asked priests to perform actual physical wonders; and now and then they were said to succeed; but other times, our holy men failed to produce the wonders they promised; and the holy men were therefore declared to be “false,” to be even, “an abomination” (Isa. 41.).

In the Bible, holy men are pictured delivering physical wonders galore.  And yet now and then,  even our holiest men began to note that promises of physical miracles, were apparently not entirely reliable.  And so our holy men embarked on a long series of attempted explanations for this apparent failure in the heart of our religion.  Dozens, hundreds of apologetics arguments have historically been tried.  But in our books on Miracles and Spirituality, we find that ultimately, none of the dozens of attempted explanations, actually works, or is true, even to the fuller Bible itself.  Even the massively popular idea that the old apparent promises of physical miracles, can be read as “metaphors” or symbols, for say, spiritual things.

Whenever there appeared to be problems with miracles, our preachers most typically assured us that the Bible itself told us to ignore those failures; and just have more faith.”  And indeed, many have tried to deal with any shortfall in miracles, by telling us that perhaps, the old apparent promises of physical wonders, miracles, might be read as, interpreted as, metaphors, or figures of speech, or symbols; for say, spiritual things.  After all, parts of the New Testament suggested, that if following Jesus does not give us supernatural miracles, it at least gives us mental or “spiritual” things.”  Like faith, and peace of mind.  Just believing that good things will happen later, gives us the good, spiritual feeling of believing; having “confidence” in the future for example.  Just believing and hoping, at least gives us a good feeling in our spirit; like “hope.”  And so?  Even if Jesus does not give us bread out of thin air today, he is giving at least dreams, hopes of such things.  Or perhaps?  He also taught us a kind of consoling morality, or philosophy; sustaining ideas, thoughts, and spirit.  Which might be said to be “bread indeed.”

And so?  Eventually, much of Christianity shifted its emphasis from promising physical miracles; and it became more “spiritual.”  To be sure, 1) though some of our churches don’t like to admit this, for centuries, for millennia, the core of Christianity, consisted first, in continuous promises of giant, supernatural, physical “miracles”; if we just trusted and believed our preachers, they promised us, we would have the ability to literally walk on water; and move real, actual, physical “mountains”; and make bread appear out of thin air; to get “all” the miracles that Jesus did and more; to get “whatever” we “ask,” (as priests interpreted say, John 14 etc. to us).   But as it had turned out, some Christians may have had trouble literally walking on physical water.  Or 2) for whatever reasons, some people decided that material things were unimportant anyway; that what was important was our mind, soul, or “spirit.” And it was said that even if Christianity did not deliver physical material “riches” and so forth to us, still, it could help calm and control our minds, our spirits.  Even if somehow, incongruously, the physical miracles that the preachers had so firmly promised us, did not show up regularly and reliably?  Then still we were assured that still, “spirituality was good enough; just the mental or spiritual sensation of “hope” of material things, say, was enough; we can live on spirits, hopes, alone.  And related to this?  One of 3) the most common sermons of all, was the sermon that assured us that the essence of Christianity was the spiritual feeling of “faith.”  It was implied that even if physical, material help often did not arrive in our lives, then still, just continuing to believe – or have faith in – traditional religious promises, even without evidence, even without material fruits or results, was good enough in itself.  Even if material miracles did not arrive, still, just having the “hope” that they will one day arrive, the reassuring feeling of “faith,” confidence in the future, was enough to at least, make us feel better.  In our mind or “spirit.”  And indeed, even if the food we were promised never arrived at all, and we died of starvation?  Then it was said to the survivors, that we were getting spiritual bread, in a spiritual Heaven.  (While then too?  It was added that the essence of “faith,” was believing, even when it was hard.  So that we should continue to believe, even when material miracles were not forthcoming).

And so, here we had the two or three main pillars, the most popular subjects, of historical Christianity.  As it was taught to billions of people, in nearly every church, for two thousand years (c. 30 AD- 2030, no doubt).  Here are three of the mainstays of Christianity, as it was taught by millions of priests, to billions of people:  1) love and obey God, and you will get giant, miraculous, physical powers, miracles.  Or, if somehow that promised thing did not happen?  Then  2) our preachers shifted their stress to another benefit:  even if physical wonders did not arrive, still at least, religion could deliver good mental or spiritual feelings; like hope or and faith in, future rewards; “spiritual” things.  Especially of course, we were told that the spiritual feeling of 3) faith was the new key to it all.  If a) we just had “faith,” then physical miracles would arrive.  Or in any case?  Just b) having faith, hope, confidence, was a positive feeling in itself; a spiritual benefit.

And so these were the among the main pillars of traditional Christianity:  1) promises of physical miracles; or 2) promises of spiritual benefits; like especially 3) faith.   These three promises, prophesies were mentioned, advocated, in a million, a billion sermons.  In millions of churches.  For two thousand years.  To billions of believers.  And?  Essentially by about 1948 or so, and the triumph of British/American Christianity, the whole “world” had come to believe, or be obedient to, one or more of these firm, core promises:  miracles; spirituality; faith.  (Stemming in turn it was said, from love of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, etc.).

Miracles, spirituality, faith; these were the prophesies, the promises on which Christianity as we have known it for millennia, was built.  And yet howeverOver the centuries, there have been some problems with every one of these, the three main promises, contentions, of Christianity.  As we will be showing here, first, 1) even the Bible itself warned about errors, sins, in holy men; and it warned about problems specifically with their promises of “miracles”:  “Do all work miracles,” Paul asked.  And though it was said that holy men often produced miracles on demand, the Bible itself noted that now and then, alleged priests and prophets were asked to “prove yourself by working a miracle” or a “sign.”  And though some were able to do that, others, even some of the “prophets of Israel,” were not (Isa. 41.21).  And indeed, amazingly?  The Bible itself warned that there were finally problems, sins, errors – and false promises – in our holiest men.  And not just in priests of other nations, other religions; but even among the “prophets of “Israel”; even in those who thought they were Christians, following even the “Lord, Lord.”  Problems first, with their promises of giant physical miracles. But then too?  There were 2) problems even with their “spirit.”  And in effect, with their “spirituality.”  Specifically, a) the Bible warned us that there were many “false spirits” posing as Christianity; as the very angel of light”; so that therefore, we should not trust too much – or have too much faith in – in our holy men; but should even “test the spirits” to see if they were truly good, or not (1 John 4.1).  While b) the Bible itself also noted practical problems with spirituality:  an ascetic religion that gives us only mental or spiritual things, but not material food, leads us to literal, physical starvation and death.  As James noted in James 2.14-24:

“What does it profit, my brethren, if a man says he has faith but has not works?  Can his faith save him?  If a brother or sister is ill-clad and in lack of daily food, and one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace, be warmed and filled,’ without giving them the things needed for the body, what does it profit?  So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead…  Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he offered his son Isaac upon the altar?  You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was completed by works….  So faith apart from works is dead.  Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, for you know that we who teach shall be judged with greater strictness.  For we all make many mistakes” (James 2.14-17-3.2).

Here a) an Apostle admitted that even major apostles – “we” – often make mistakes, even in religious teachings.  And amazingly?  Here, shockingly,  b) the Apostle James began to show that “spirituality” was a major mistake.  For centuries, for millennia, since the days of the Apostle Paul especially, it has been thought that “spirituality” is the heart and core of Christianity and Religion; indeed, to be religious, and to be “spiritual,” are regarded as being just two words for the same thing..  But as it turns out here?  That core concept in Christianity, was wrong.

Where did spirituality come from?  In part, it came from Hellenistic dualism.  In that theory, the whole universe is dualistically split into two things:  1) mere physical things, and 2) spiritual things; and that of these two, the spirit is far better.  So that generations of priests became ascetic and spiritual monks; denying the importance of physical “possessions,” and trying to be just spiritual; to live on spirit alone.  And yet however?  Amazingly?  Though parts of the Bible, one voice in the Bible, seemed to stress faith and spirituality?  Amazingly, other parts of the Bible began to warned about a kind of horrible sin, even in spirituality itself.  Indeed, there were many errors and sins, in “faith” and belief.  First?  There 1) are always many false things in holy men, and so those who have too much “faith” in them, will be mislead, over and over again, by following false leaders, all too faithfully (Prov. 14.15, etc.).  While then too?  2) Though man does not live by material things like bread, “alone,” man does live by them, in part:  we need physical food, to stay physically alive.  While indeed, most of the Bible promised us longer physical life.  But, a religion that neglects the physical needs, and gives us only “windy” “words,” “empty promises,” “empty” consolations, false prophesies of future rewards?  Is a false religion.  That gives us empty hot air, instead of physical food.  And this false religion – of spirituality – eventually leads us to literal, physical death.  As St. James began to note, above (James 2.14-26).  So that finally?  Even the New Testament.  St. James, began to turn away from the exaggerated, ascetic spirituality, the natural Gnosticism, of preachers.  To a slightly more materialistic or on-earth religion of God.  As we will be showing here.  Eventually in fact, extreme spirituality became Gnosticism; which was condemned by the Church.  And in the Bible itself, the exaggeratedly spiritual and even “faith”ful statements in the Bible, were modified.  By a “second,” moderating voice or theology.

Today, most preachers think that “spirituality” and especially “faith,” is the very height of all that is good and holy.  Amazingly however, we will be showing that eventuallyeven Jesus himself told us turned away from spirituality.  Amazing, shockingly, finally even Jesus himself turned away … from “faith” and belief:  “do not believe me” Jesus himself said (in John 10.37).  Do not believe in priests, do not believe or have faith even in Jesus himself, Jesus finally told us:  unless and until, we see real, physical, material evidence that he is from God:  real, physical “fruits” (Mat. 7.15-20) of our “hands” (Deut. 7.13, 14.29, 16.15; Mat. 4.17; Acts. 14.31 Corin. 4.12-12.15; Eph. 4.28; John 20.25; cf. first voice, in Isa. 10.13; Acts  17.25); our “works” (above);  “signs”; “deeds”; physical  “prosperity”; and “proofs.”  (See these terms, in a concordance and the Bible; and in our bibliographies).

Here in fact, will be the five major points of our books here:  Ultimately, 1) there are countless warnings in the Bible itself, about sins and errors in our holiest men; even in those who think they are following “Christ,” the “Lord, Lord.”   Indeed, because of these many errors in our religious leaders, even the common idea of “Christ” can be a “false Christ,” the Bible finally told us.  Ultimately 2) the Bible therefore, did not stress faith; we should not have too much “faith” in any of our holy men, or in any of their ideas, sermons, sayings, writings about God.  3) Instead?  Finally the Bible itself told us, that instead of “faith,” we should base our religion, base Christianity, on a kind of critical, empirical “science” (Dan. 1.4-15 KJE; 1 Kings 18.21-39; Deut. 18.20 ff; Isa. 41.21-24; Mat. 7.15-20; 1 Thess. 5.21; etc..)  Rather than being “faith-based,” even Christianity itself is actually supposed to be based on a kind of more critical “Science” (Dan. 1.4-15 KJE; 1 Kings 18.21-40).  On “observing” holy men, and determining if they are good, or “false”; according to whether they produce real, physical, material results; “fruits,” “works,” “signs,” “deeds,” “prosperity,” “proofs”; as “observe”ed with our physical eyes, in a timely way – “soon”; “at hand”; “quickly” – in this physical material “earth.”  And as confirmed by empirical “science” (Dan. 1.4-15 KJE).  Or what we will call here, the Science of God.

Those are the first three main points, of our many books here.  And the next two are even more heaven-shattering.  Not only did the Bible constantly warn us not to have so much “faith” in our holy men, our priests and ministers; not only did God himself tell us to base ourselves not so much on “faith,” as on Science.  But furthermore, to be sure?  If this seems startling, if this seems like some “strange new doctrine,” if this seems to attack and shatter our traditional Heaven itself?  Then actually, this was not really a “new” doctrine at all:  the main ideas here have been noted by scholars for years.  While the Bible itself expressed this over and over.  To those who can “see.”  But furthermore?  4) If this, seems to shatter our traditional Heaven itself – our vision, our image, of a Heaven, a Christ stressing “faith” – then after all, what we are seeing here matches and fulfills Biblical prophesy:  one “Day” after all, our Heaven itself, God said, is supposed to be destroyed.  All 5) in order for God to show us a “Second” and better “appearance” (/”parousia”) of Christ; a Second Coming of God to earth.

While indeed?  We will be coming to the first glimmerings of a second and better appearance of Christ.  As we re-read our Bibles … and begin to see Christ outlining, beyond blind faith, a better, fuller, more effective … Science of God.

To be sure, this is unsettling.  In fact, it is heaven-shattering.  But if so?  Then after all, it perfectly corresponds to  the Bible itself.  What we say here is in loyal obedience to, after all, God himself.

THE SECOND COMING, THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT     Incredibly, we will be showing here that, amazingly, the Bible itself finally supported Science, instead of Faith.  We will show this conclusion is authorized by a hundred, a thousand quotes in the Bible itself; quotes that told us to “observe” nature, with our real “eyes,” looking for the “fruits, “works,” “signs,” “proofs,” for things.  But what we are doing here, is justified by another set of Biblical motifs as well.  If for example, what we are seeing here, seems to offer a second, and different, view of Christ?  Then one “day” after all, we are supposed to see a second and better “appearance,” a Second Coming, of Christ.  And it this view seems to shatter our traditional Heaven itself?  Then one “Day” after all, our heaven itself is supposed to be shattered.  In order to give us a second and better appearance, a Second Coming of God to earth.  After all.

Amazingly, we will be finding here that God, the Bible, ultimately told us that our religion, Christianity, was not supposed to be “faith-based” as they say; but was supposed to be based on Science; or say, a Science of God.  To be sure, this finding seems Apocalyptic, and heaven-shattering; it seems to find a horrible error or sin in our holy men, and their “faith.”  And if it seems to shatter our traditional idea of Religion?  Our traditional Heaven itself?  Then after all, one “day” or another the Bible said, we are supposed to see precisely that.  One “day” after all, we are supposed to see a second appearance, a “Second Coming,” of God.  But the second appearance of God is not as entirely reassuring as most preachers have taught. God arrives … to reveal that there have always been massive sins and errors, in essentially “all” our holiest men and angels.

Today, much of the religious world is waiting for a Second Coming of God, or his messenger, to earth.  But the re-appearance of Christ on earth, is not as comforting as most believers – and preachers – have thought.  In the end, God returns to show us that basically all holy men and angels and churches, have always sinned and erred; even in their most “inspired” doctrines and sermons (Mark 10.18; Rom. 3.23; Heb. 6.1).  Indeed, even “all” the host of Heaven itself are found to have sinned (Isa. 34.4, etc.).  And?  For this reason finally, one shattering, Apocalyptic “Day,” God is supposed to … destroy our Heaven itself.  In order to show us all something better; a second and better “appearance” to Christ and God (Isa. 34.4, 51.6; 2 Peter 3.7-12; Rev. 21).

WHAT DAY       When, what day, will we see the End Times/  When do we see God exposing sins in all our holy men?  When will we see the Second Coming; the Apocalyptic, Heaven-Shattering “Day of the Lord”?  The “Day of Judgement”?  Famously, the Bible said that no one knows the exact hourBut most preachers assert that the moment is due, and pending.  To be sure though, here preachers made another mistake:  they claimed that before the heaven-shattering moment, there is supposed to be a moment that nearly “all” holy men, nearly all Christians (Rom. 3.23; Rev. 13), are found to have been making many mistakes; and they all thought, that moment lies in our future; in some future “falling away.”  However, the New Testament warned that there were already many false believers, many false things in our holiest me – even in the very first days of Christianity itself.  The fact is, Christianity itself was already slipping, even in the very first days, 2,000 years ago.  So that?  The “Day” could come any time.  Indeed, current Catholic doctrine seems to allow that the End Times, began long ago.

Remember that even the very first Apostles, often confessed sins in themselves; and even after they had received the Holy Spirit.  And indeed finally?  Shatteringly, amazingly, ultimately, the Bible itself told us that, because of long-standing sins in “all” our holiest men and their allegedly spirit-inspired doctrines, one heaven-shattering “day” or another, especially, God himself is going to simply, at last, expose those massive and longstanding sins, in essentially all our holy men and churches.  And in that moment?  Amazingly, because of massive sins, even in the angels in heaven itself, God declared that he is going to … destroy our Heaven itself.  In order to clear away the old mistakes and evils; to burn away the “chaff” in religion; the “tares” or weeds; the dead “branches” or dead “wood.”  God is supposed to come to expose sins in our holy men – to burn them away.  Indeed, God is supposed to finally … destroy, burn, Heaven itself.  For the sins of the angels and holy men, the apostles even in heaven itself (Isa. 34.4, 51. 6; 2 Peter 3.7-12; Rev. 21):

“From prophet to priest, every one deals falsely….  Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; at the time [day?] that I punish them” (Jer. 6.13-15).

“He leads priests away, stripped” (Job 12.19).

Every prophet will be ashamed of his vision” (Zech. 13.4).

“Behold, a day of the LORD is coming…” (Zech. 14.1).

“But who can endure the day of his coming, and who can stand when he appears?  For he is like a refiner’s fire and like fuller’ soap” (Mal. 3.2).

“The LORD … has a day against all that is proud and lofty, against all that is lifted up and high” (Isa. 2.12-3.4).

“Draw near, O nations, to hear, and hearken, O peoples!  Let the earth listen, and all that fills it….  All the host of heaven shall rot away….   All their host shall fall, as leaves fall from the vine, like leaves falling from the fig tree” (Isa. 34. 1-4).

“Lift up your eyes to the heavens….  For the heavens will vanish like smoke” (Isa. 51.6).

“On that day many will say to me, “Lord, Lord’….  And then will I declare to them, ‘I new knew you; depart from me, you evildoers.'”  (Mat. 7.21; Luke 6.46, 13.25-35?; cf. Acts 2.21).

What we are going to be showing here finally, is in part that the “full”er message if the Bible,  was that there have always been so many evils, even in the highest saints and apostles, and their works.  So many that finally, among other things, God is supposed to … destroy Heaven itself.  In order to clear all this up.

Many preachers have tried, in their usual way, to cover up and deny the destruction of heaven.  Here they deceive themselves or others, in the usual way:  they quote only the misleading first voice in the texts.  For example, they like to post prominently on their church marquees, this following fragment for example.  A misleading fragment from the Bible which, taken by itself, is presented as assuring us that Heaven is firm, and reliable:

Lift up your eyes to the heavens” (Isa. 51).

Yet here as usual, our preachers have been horribly dishonest, to themselves and others.  And by their favorite method too:  by quoting just a misleading part of the Bible. While outrageously ignoring the fuller, contextual message, of the overall passage.  Which more exactly and fully, actually, said the exact opposite to what our preachers claimed.  As is easy to see, just by at last looking at what the test said first … and then at what it said, second:

Lift up your eyes to the heavens…; for the heavens will vanish like smoke” (Isa. 51.6).

Clearly our preachers – exactly as God warned – have not been reliable.  Indeed, as we were forewarned, they have been unreliable, and have in effect, taught a false idea of God, a False Christ.  And we will note that in particular, the main method of their deception, has been … to quote only one “part” of, one voice in, the Bible; while ignoring the massively prevailing “second” voice in it.  The one that warned constantly, about huge sins in our holiest men and churches; the voice that finally warned that because of bad things in holy men and angels, one day, God was going to destroy Heaven itself.  So here we see another major sin in traditional churches:  while a) over-stressing priestly authority; and b) faith; after c) attacking God’s science, and d) issuing constant false promises of miracles; they e) deceitfully made it all plausible, by false “interpretation” of the Bible; by selective decontextualization; quoting just parts of the text that, taken by themselves, seem to support especially, strong confidence in … preachers, and churches. Yet finally?  To begin to correct that, we will be here reversing that trick.  Here for once, foregrounding the other parts, after all, by way of counterbalance.  Paul long ago admitted that he or others around him, saw only “part” of the truth (1 Corin. 13.12; 1 Corin. 12.15 ff).  But now it is time for us all to at last see, the second part of the Bible, and the “full”er truth.

The most common way that our preachers sinned, was by misrepresenting the Bible to us all; specifically, by our priests selectively quoting or stressing, only misrepresentative parts of it to us.  But to be sure, this was not their only trick and sin; our preachers were always infinitely sly; and they have used a hundred, a thousand rhetorical tricks and devices to deceive themselves and the world (Rev. 13).  In the case of those passages that seem to foretell the destruction of Heaven, for example?  Some preachers try to say that it is only some past, Jewish heaven, or some other minor heaven that is to be destroyed.  But it becomes clear here, that finally, because of longstanding, massive and even doctrinal mistakes, even in the heart of Christianity itself, finally God is going to destroy our own Christian heaven itself.  Our own, “present,” Christian heaven itself.  As St. Peter and others began to see:

The heavens … that now exist have been stored up for fire….   The day of the Lord will come like a thief, and then the heavens will pass away….   The heavens will be kindled and dissolved” (2 Peter 3.7-10-12).

“The present heavens” (NAB).

Our preachers and churches have always presented themselves to us, as “holy” and all but perfect, sacred; as the reliable voicepieces of God.  And yet however?  As we re-read our Bibles here?  We will be showing that actually, the God of the Bible warned constantly, about massive sins and errors in every single aspect of even Christian faith, from A to Z; from the angels, to our “worship.”  So that finally?  Amazingly, shockingly, because of longstanding and continuous sins and errors in our holiest men and angels, right from the very days of the original Apostles in heaven itself, included?  Finally the Bible says, one “day,” God is going to … destroy our Heaven itself.

This might seem impossible to face or bear, to be sure.  And yet finally?  It is perhaps the major purpose of the present series of books, to show that there are a number of neglected facts in the Bible, that would make all this, possible and even easy for believers to face, at last.  In particular?   1) Believers should be able to at last face the countless warnings huge sins even in our holiest men … on discovering with us here that after all, the Bible itself commanded us to see these things.  So that?  Amazingly, noting sins in our holiest men, does not actually oppose the Bible itself, the core of our religion; but fulfills it.

While then too, 2) there is a second major finding, that might at last give believers the strength to simply face these facts:  as it turns out, God promised he would destroy our first Heaven … but that our first Heaven was being destroyed … to make way after all, a “second” and better “appearance,” a “Second Coming” of Christ, to help us.


As we re-read our Bibles here, and see many sins and errors in the things priests and ministers told us?  These central but neglected  End-Times, Apocalyptic prophesies, are fulfilled:  1) God uncovers massive sins in our holiest men; and 2) finally our traditional Heaven itself thereby, dissolves in front of our very eyes.  But?  3) All in order for us to see something better, after all.  In order in fact for God to show us a Second Coming of Christ.  Something beyond blind “faith” in holy men and churches.

But what then, is better than the apostle Paul’s “faith” in holy men?  What does the larger Bible itself, finally say, beyond just Paul, say?  As it turns out, even Paul – who spoke more about faith by name than anyone else in the Bible – began to allude to some problems, with faith itself.  And to hint another, fuller, better, “second” appearance of Christ.  Finally even the most wordy advocate of “faith” in the Bible, began to see that God’s constant warnings about “false” things in our holiest men and angels, meant in effect, that we are not supposed to have too much “faith” in holy men, or in the vision of “Christ” that they presented to us.  Finally, even Paul – and then especially others aside from Paul – began to see what will be our major points, in our many volumes, books, offered here:  that 1) there have always been huge sins and errors, even in our holiest men and angels, and their most Holy-Spirit inspired doctrines and sayings about God and Christ.  And 2) therefore?  Rather clearly, Christianity is not supposed to be based on such strong “faith” in holy men, or Christ as they present him to us in church sermons and so forth.  Instead finally?  3) Because our holiest men often sin and err, ultimately the Bible itself tells us to base our religion, our Christianity, not only blind or strong “faith” in our all-too-fallible holy men; but to base ourselves on a better, more critical, Science of God.  A science that will not continue to simply, blindly, “faith”fully trust and follow our all-too-im”perfect” holy men.  But that commands us to critically review, each and every allegedly holy man and doctrine, with real “science” (Dan. 1.4-15 KJE; 1 Kings 18.20-40).  To see if it really true.  By looking to see if following any given saying, brings about not just mere words and “empty” promises, or “spiritual” things, or “wind.”  But brings real, physical, “observ”able, material “fruits,” “works,” “signs,” “prosperity,” “deeds,” and physical “proofs.”  (Q.v. in a Bible concordance).  Real physical, material “wonders,” here, on this physical “earth”; and in a timely way (“soon”; “at hand”; “quickly”; in our “generation,” even often on demand, whenever we “ask”; etc.).

God actually therefore commanded us in dozens of ways, hundreds of ways, that we should not have too much “faith” in holy men; but we should instead, be constantly aware that there are always false things in our holiest men, angels, spirits; so that we should not have too much “faith” in them – no more faith than a tiny “grain of mustard seed.”  While instead of blindly trusting and having faith in our priests and ministers, say, we are supposed to apply real science to them; to see if they are good or false.  By looking to see if they bring real material, physical wonders:

“False Christs and false prophets will arise” (Mark 13.22; Mat. 7.15, 24.11; 2 Peter 2.1; 1 John 4.1).

Beware of false prophets….  You will know them by their fruits” (Mat. 7. 15-21).

“The fruit of your ground” (Deut. 7.13).

Test the spirits” (1 John 4.1).

“…. Understanding science” (Dan. 1.4).

“ ‘How may we know a word which the LORD has not spoken?’ – when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word which the LORD has not spoken” (Deut. 18.21-22).

Incredibly, the Bible finally, in the end, does not stress “faith.”  Instead, it warns us over and over that our holiest men and angels were often bad; and says that therefore, we should not have too much faith in them, or their ideas about God.  Instead of having such strong faith, the Bible tells us to carefully, scientifically examine “everything” in religion, even words attributed to God himself; to see if they prove themselves, by producing real, physical, empirical, scientifically-verifiable results:  fruits, works, deeds, material “wonders.” Amazingly, in one reading of the Bible, finally Jesus himself finally tells us not to have too much faith, not to “believe” even Jesus himself, unless we ourselves see Jesus (or his followers?) working real, physical material wonders, “works,” as proof that they are from God:

“The works that I do, they bear witness to me” (John 10.25).

If I am not doing the works of my Father, then do not believe me” (John 10.37).

Incredibly, shocking, here Jesus himself begins to warn of sins even in “faith” itself:  Jesus himself even telling us not to have faith in him; Jesus himself telling us “do not believe me”!

And then?  In several important, central, extended Biblical passages, God issues about as good a description of scientific, experimental method, as anyone could expect, in 100 AD or so.  In Daniel 1.4-15 KJE; in 1 Kings 18.21-40; in Isaiah. 41.21-24; in Malachi 2.1-3.10.  And then? God himself firmly tells us to apply scientific method, scientific experiments, to our holiest men and religion; to find out which things in them are true, and which are false.  Far from continuing to follow holy men with total faith, instead God tells us, we are to remember that our holiest men and angels often sin and err, even in their best sermons about God; and therefore, far from continuing to follow them with total loyalty or “faith,” instead, God commands us to constantly examine them.  And evaluate alleged holy men as good, or “false” – according to what we see visibly, materially “come to pass” in the real world; according to the visible, physical “fruits” they produce; their real, visible physical “signs,” “deeds,” “fruits,” “prosperity,” “works,” and “deeds,” that we can “observe” with our physical “eyes,” in a timely way, “soon,” “at hand”; here on this physical, material “earth.”  (See these terms in a Bible; and in our bibliography).

Seeing this of course, is heaven-shattering to traditional religion:   eighty generations of preachers have insisted, over and over, that the backbone of Christianity, is “faith.”  And the Bible to be sure, as we will note, contains a) two voices: while one of them of course supports some degree of “faith” or belief.  But then our job here is to at last note the b) second voice one must hear and obey, to be a Christian:  the second voice advocating, commanding Christians to advance beyond simple “faith”; to a science of God.  A Science based on timely material, physical “proofs,” “works,” “signs,” “deeds,” and empirical “proofs” (q.v.:  see these words in the Bible).

Countless preachers have insisted over and over, that the Bible told us that our religion, or Christianity, is supposed to be based on “faith,” and not Science.  And especially, they attempt to prove that the Bible itself firmly told us, that we should not apply Science to religion; when the Bible told us that we should “not put the Lord your God to the test.”  But?  As it turns out, that phrase was better translated as telling us merely not to “test” or “tempt” God’s patience, with immortalities.  While elsewhere, God told us over and over – a hundred, a thousand times – not to have too much “faith” in holy men, but to even “test everything” in Christianity (1 Thess. 5.21).  God himself finally not only allowing, but even ordering us, to test God himself:  “Put me to the test, says the Lord,” in Mal. 3.10.  And this is affirmed again, in the story of one “Ahaz” as well.  Indeed in fact, God tells us dozens of times to “test” things; finally telling us to “test everything,” in 1 Thess. 5.21:

Put me to the test says the LORD of hosts” (Mal. 3.10).

“Tested by wisdom” (Ecc. 7.23).

“I will refine them and test them” (Jer. 9.7).

Test your servants” (Dan. 1.12).

“Let each one test his own work” (Gal. 6.4).

“Fire will test what sort of work” they have done in the churches (1 Corin. 3.13).

“Test the spirits to see whether they are of God” (1 John 4.1).

“I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance, and how you cannot bear evil men but have tested those who call themselves apostles but are not and found them to be false” (Rev. 2.2).

“Throw you into prison, that you may be tested” (Rev. 2.10).

Test everything” (1 Thess. 5.21).

There are many different kinds of “tests” that God commands us to apply.  While overall finally, God commands us especially to look at things that claim to be holy, to see not only if they conform to the words of the Bible, but looking to see especially, if they produce real, empirically-observable, physical goods; fruits, works, signs, deeds, proofs.  And that in effect, is God commanding us to apply Science, to our holy men.  To find out which ones are true and good.  And which ones are false.

And our fourth major point?  It will be that 4) if one “Day” or another – like today – God should suddenly show us that essentially “all” our holiest Christian leaders and churches, on earth and in Heaven itself, “made many mistakes”?  That they made mistakes, specifically, when they over-stressed their own authority, and urged very strong “faith” in themselves or their “Christ”?  If even here and now, today, we should begin to see that our own holiest men, in almost every Christian church, were often sinful and mistaken, even in their highest holy things and doctrines and sermons?  Then the Bible itself authorized, this very finding.  One “day” after all, particularly, God is supposed to show us, precisely this.  What we find here, in other words, can be read as partial fulfillment of  “End Times” prophesies.  Particularly:  as we come to read and hear the second more critical voice inside the Bible, we see it acting for God, realizing the key moments of the Apocalypse:  exposing sins in all our holiest men and angels; and demolishing our traditional Heaven of “faith.”

But 5) all that is exactly as foretold, authorized, by the Bible itself.  And all that is to the good; since finally it begins to foreground a better, fuller view of Christ and God.  A second “appearance” (“parousia”); a Second Coming of God.

MORE          Applying Science to traditional religion is, of course, shattering.  Because right away, science seems to find three or four major mistakes, sins, in what has presented itself historically, as Christianity; as holy and perfect; as being from God.  First, science finds that 1) Christianity’s historical promises of huge, physical miracles – the power to move real, actual, physical “mountains,” to make actual physical “bread” appear out of thin air, by just faith and a prayer; even “all” and “whatever” we “ask” for (as John 14.12-14 was often read to us) – seem false; science cannot verify that such things happen in real life.  Today, we don’t see many people walking on water.  Then?  2) Because this failure was hard to face or bear, apostles early on often tried to simply reject all physical promises, physical evidence; to say that our religion never really promised to deliver physical, material things; that all the old promises of physical miracles, should be read as mere metaphors or “figures” of speech, for spiritual things:  Jesus and Christianity brings us the “bread,” say, of mental “hope” and so forth.  Not necessarily real, physical bread.  While then 3) as part of this spirituality, much of Christianity rejected science; rejecting the very idea of bothering with physical evidence, it said asking for empirical evidence – science – was wrong; that God wants us to follow him, without any real material evidence at all; just on the basis of tenacious loyalty to him, no matter what.  So that Christianity asserted that it was not supposed to be based on provable material results, but on “faith.”  But?  Here we will be beginning to see that 1) in point of fact, the Bible stressed physical results, and science, even over faith; and 2) if promises of giant physical miracles don’t come true, therefore?  Far from requiring us to continue to follow our holy men with blind faith, even in the absence of evidence, finally 3) the Bible authorizes us to come to the conclusion that their promises of giant physical miracles, were either misinterpreted metaphors for natural and technological wonders; or they were simply, the foretold “false promises,” of false holy men.  And 4) if we thought “Christ” was offering to them?  Then we simply had a wrong idea of Christ; in believing in a miracle-working Christ, we were following in effect, one of the foretold “False Christs.”  Though to be sure, the “Faith”ful Christ and spiritual Christs, were equally false too.

The Real Christ, we are showing here, the right reading of the Bible, was the one who promised that Real Religion, Real Christianity, delivers real, timely, physical results, that must be verified by Science.  And when it promised physical things, giants miracles, or wonders?  Those wonders must be either a) verified by contemporary Science; or b) re-read, not as spiritual but as naturalistic metaphors; or c) those huge promises of giant miracles must be simply rejected, as the foretold exaggerated or false promise; as a part of a false tradition, deep in Christianity itself.  As a “False Christ.”  And finally?  If this means that the whole world was for a long time deceived, even in its Christianity, its Christ?  And if our traditional Historical Christianity, even our Heaven itself, is found to have been wrong, in two or three major aspects?  Then after all, the Bible itself authorized precisely, that very conclusion.

Indeed, here are the main five or so points of our books:  1) The Bible itself warned long ago, that there would be many false things, in our holiest men and angels; many “false promises,” “false prophesies,” offered even in the name of Christ and God, the Lord.  And indeed, the Bible warned that in effect, a “false Christ” would appear; and that indeed, false Christs were already appearing in the time of Jesus himself (1 John 2-4); in the days when what was to be called “Christianity” was being formed.  So that 2) therefore?  The Bible ultimately told us that our religion was not supposed to be based on faith; it told us not to trust or have too much blind “faith” in religion, priests, apostles; trust the “spirits.”  But instead, 3) the Bible told us to base even our religion, Christianity, on Science.  It told us to to “test the spirits” (1 John 4.1); with “Science” (Dan. 1.4-15 KJE; 1 Kings 18.21-40).  And 4) if one “day,” as the result of applying science to religion, God should show us that the whole “world” was deceived, even in its “worship” (Rev. 13), even in its idea of the “Christ”?  And if in that moment, we should realize that we ourselves or the whole world, were actually “deceive”d, even in our traditional idea of Christ, and Christianity?  If our heaven itself should suddenly dissolve in front of our eyes?  Then after all, God himself told us that one heaven-shattering “day,” we are supposed to see precisely and exactly, that (Rev. 13; Isa. 34.4; 2 Peter 3.7-12; etc.).

All these things seems hard to “bear” or “face”; but that is all as foretold.  Indeed, these findings are all foretold and authorized, by the Bible itself.  And 5) furthermore?  Those who pass through the “fire” of these painful realizations, will come finally to a very positive outcome:  experiencing this shattering moment of dis-“illusion”ment, experiencing the destruction of our childhood vision of a Heaven of giant “miracles” and total “faith,” is necessary, God said.  Seeing the sins of earlier religion, is necessary to realize, fulfill, the main prophesy and goal of the Bible: all this is necessary … in order to clear away the dead “wood,” the “false” things, the “chaff” in old religion at last.  And to give us a second and better understanding – a “second appearance,” a Second Coming – of Christ.  While indeed, the discovery of Christ advocating not blind faith, but a science of God, is finally, precisely that:  the first outline of a second and far better “appearance” to, coming of, Christ to earth.

And that return of God to material existence, the end of “eminence,” the return of “immanence,” is immensely fruitful.  Over the centuries, many have thought that “faith” and spirituality was the read and best core of life, and of Christianity.  But our examination of the Bible, shows that God actually stressed physical, material proofs, historical evidence.  While History, the record of what has “come to pass” in real life (Deut. 18.20 ff), the observation of actual material fruits, words, results, has found that what produced the best physical results, was not blind faith, but critical science.  So that the reconciliation at last, of Science and Religion, vastly improves classic religion.  And at last gives religion the practical sense and ability it needs, to help Science achieve the foretold ideal “kingdom” of Good, not just in our hopes or spirit, but here on earth, in material form.

To be sure, it has been hard for many, to reconcile what evidence and science and History have found, to the Bible. Indeed, for many priests, and religion have often been at war; even though science and technology have been incredibly successful, and massively “fruitful.”  And so unfortunately, our religion, historical Christianity, has not – until now – been able to reconcile itself to historical and scientific evidence (that there are few if any miracles and so forth).  Indeed, unfortunately, the mind of man has until today, been split, dualistically; into a “spiritual” religion, in rather flat contradiction to a “secular” and practical, materialistic life and job.  Into “Religion,” vs. “Practicality”; “word,” vs. “world”; “spirit,” vs. “flesh.”  And until today?  There has been apparently no way – until today – to reconcile these two split halves, of the human and divine experience.  And yet, here and now finally?  Today, there is at last a way to fit it all together, into one master model:  in the Science of God.  A view which at last, unites religion, the Bible, with practical sense and science.  When the formerly blindly faithful and spiritual person, at last discovers in his own holy book, in the Bible, commands from God to learn and honor Science?  Then at last, the formerly blind servant of the Lord (Isa. 42.18-19), the deceived priest, begins to see how the two split halves of existence – say Religion, and Practical Material Sense – can be put back together.  When we see the Bible, Religion, embracing … Science.

And this is no small thing; it not only is called for a thousand times in the Bible itself; it is also specifically, fulfillment of Biblical End Times prophesy.  When a blindly faithful Christian at last sees that the Bible itself, God himself, commands us to honor real Science?  When a formerly blindly spiritual Christian suddenly at last sees, hears God calling for a Science of God, over Faith?  Suddenly, he or she is seeing in effect, in the re-merger of religion with science, an end to the perpetual conflict or split, between religion and science – and heaven and earth.  The believer is seeing an End, or resolution, to the old classic dualism of say, parts of 1 John; the new scientist of God, is at last putting the parts back together, to see the “second,” the whole and “full”er picture of Christ, and God.  And seeing an end especially, to the heaven/earth, dualistic, schizophrenic split in the mind of man; an end to the split between Religion and Science; and end to the split between “spirit” and “flesh”; heaven and earth; “word” and “world.”  In effect the Science of God, by re-discovering the lost link or path, between spirit and material things, heaven and earth, is the main way that any number of important Biblical prophesies are at last fulfilled:  especially, by way of seeing the Science of God, we see… God after all, coming back to this physical earth, again.

This is no small thing therefore:  here we will begin to see God and good, here on this material earth again, after all.  As foretold of the Second Coming itself, after all.

And so at last finally?  The Science of God solves any number of old conflicts; and fulfills any number of old prophesies too.  It resolves some academic problems:  a few cogent and good scholars have long noted that at last, our religious and secular lives no longer need to be split, or rigidly distinguished; there is a path according to God, by which our “spiritual” ideas or religion, and our practical “secular” knowledge and science, are finally, to be united.  In effect, in the Science of God.  While, given the tremendous material fruitfulness of Science, we must declare that ironically, all along, and even in spite of its own occasional avowed atheism, Science was normally, far closer to God, than most very blindly “faith”ful priests.  And then finally too, given the historical fruitfulness of Science, the re-union, here, of religion with Science and practical knowledge?  Even a partial submission of faith to science, should enable religion, and Christianity, to at last be tremendously successful.

When the powers of Religion at last take in the powers of Science, when we see the power of spirit and flesh, word and world, spirit and material sense – at last meet, in the Science of God?  When believers submit at last to a degree, to science?  Then and then alone will believers have a Christianity, an understanding of God and Good, that is complete enough, “full” enough … to actually achieve the promised material “wonders” and “kingdom” of God.  To achieve wonders, not just in their imagination, or spirit; or just in Heaven.  But to achieve real physical wonders, here on this material “earth.”  As the Bible promised (Rev. 21; from Isa. 65-6, 32.1 ff, 11.6-14.22; etc.).  As indeed, those persons who have already long since made compromises between Religion and Science, have already long since, begun to achieve on material wonder after another; from the discovery of wonderful medicines and inventions, to the exploration and measurement, of the heavens, of space, itself.

The Science of God is no small thing therefore.  In fact, the Science of God is the realization, the partial fulfillment, of dozens of formerly-misunderstood but real traditions, prophesies, in the Bible itself.

In fact, God comes to earth as foretold, not so much in churches; but in the larger discipline, of the Science of God.  Which, we may hope and expect, churches will learn to soon teach to everyone, as the very core of every Church service.  So that the people and preachers too, may learn to see God and Good, more “full”y, at last.  (As per, say, 1 Corin. 12.4-13.13-14.20; 2 Corin. 13-15?  Et alia.).

Today, the average religious believer or preacher, lives a split, hypocritical existence:  claiming to absolutely believe and have faith in Religion and spirituality and prayer; as even “all” we need in life. As opposed to practical, scientific, and “secular” knowledge.  Even as he daily … leaves religion partially aside.  And learns and practices carpentry and cooking, and other forms of practical/”secular” knowledge.  In order to get fed every day; in order to stay physically alive.  Even as he turns on the space heater that he has in his room – the one designed by the scientists he condemns – to keep from freezing to death.  The average preacher therefore is hypocritical and inconsistent; he condemns science and technology and secular life … even as he himself depends on it every second of his life.  So how finally, can we resolve this fatal hypocrisy?  This “double”ness?  This split, schizophrenic religion?  Finally, a way to fix this, begins to appear:  when we discover that science, practical knowledge was not only allowed in the Bible; it is presented there finally, as the very core value of Christianity. So that?  The average believer and preacher, should from now on, integrate real practical knowledge and science, into every single sermon, homily, or bit of religious writing.  Indeed, every preacher and believer and church, should now return to the science of God; and to solid, science-based religious studies.  Frankly admitting especially, the failure of many promises of “miracles,” say.  And of “spirituality” too, as will be seen.  As the better foundation however, for a truer understanding of Life, and of God.  Only this Science will end the fundamental dualism, double-ness, hypocrisy, deceits, in present-day religious teachings and churches.  Only the addition of real, classic science to traditional religion, and even the partial correction of classic religion by science, really offers the second, “full”er, truer appearance of God.

And, amazingly, none of this violates the real core of religion; all of this is from the Bible itself.  From God, himself.  Even God himself finally says that preachers and Popes, must now and then give way to, be corrected by, classic Science.

Many churches and holy men may resist this mightily; but finally, we will be showing, the Bible itself, God himself, tells us to persevere with our Science.  And to give it at least equal weight as the testimony of religious leaders, in all religious matters.  Even the Pope, the Church itself admits, is not “infallible” very often; only when speaking from the throne, or “Ex Cathedra.”   While of course, our quick look at the Bible, and specifically at the history of the very first pope – St. Peter –  tells us a great deal about the authority of popes.

SOME IMPLICATIONS FOR THE ORDINARY BUT GOOD WORKING MAN AND WOMAN        Why should Christians learn and respect Science?  In part, simply because – as we will be showing – God himself commands us all, every Christian, to learn and respect Science.  But next:  what are the reasons behind those commands?

For centuries, most Christians, especially preachers, have lived a “double” or schizophrenic, hypocritical sort of life; on the one hand, they often claim to absolutely believe and trust and follow religion, Christianity, with an emphasis on faith.  And they have claimed that their “faith” is even “all” we need to live.  Its spirituality is all we need, many claim; and if we need material things … then whatever material things we need will appear magically, or miraculously, out of thin air; by miracle.  On the other hand though, while many claim to believe this, in real life, most of us are not just devoted to religion, to faith.  For most of us, religion is an important part of life … but only part of it.  In real life, most of us do not simply pray and act spiritual all day; most of us have regular, practical jobs, as well.  Rather than trying to live just on religion, on spirituality, or relying just on miracles to bring us what material things we need, instead, most of us value our physical life somewhat; and find that the physical food, the “bread” we need to stay physically alive, does not often, reliably, appear by miracle on our plates every morning:  instead, far more reliable and necessary, it seems, is having farmers working to grow food. Then milling and cooking it ourselves.  In recognition of these practical necessities, most of us therefore are not just “spiritual” persons, only praying and being spiritual all day:  most of us actually learn practical knowledge – jobs, trades – and Science and technology.  It seems to most of us that life teaches us that this physical life has some importance.  And to succeed in physical life, this is the best way to get things done: to learn practical knowledge of farming, cooking, and so forth.  Doing practical “work” to feed ourselves and our families.

So in real life, most of us have a double life.  Most of us are – and civilization overall is – not just religious, particularly in a one-sidedly spiritual way; most of also respect and learn practical knowledge in school:  reading, writing, arithmetic; business, economics, car repair, science; etc..  Most of us have found that we cannot stay alive, just on spiritual words (as indeed St. James confirmed; James 2.14-24).  But instead, experience seems to teach us that we must learn practical knowledge, and do physical “work,” in order to stay alive, and flourish, as God promised us.  While indeed, even the Ten Commandments told us to do practical “work” the vast bulk of our weeks; and to stop working, mainly only on the Sabbath, or Sunday.  So that amazingly, the Bible itself did not stress spirituality and praying, as much as … doing practical work.

It may be to be sure, that we are not saved in a spiritual way, by “works”; but by “faith alone,” faith in God, as some insisted.  And yet as it turns out, the Bible tells us that we cannot begin to know that we are following the right idea of God.  Unless after following that idea for a short time, we see real physical, material proofs, “fruits” from it.  While then too, practical experience in life teaches us that just praying and being spiritual, is not enough:  we need someone doing real physical, practical work, growing food.  Otherwise, we starve to death.

And so?  Most apparently very strong Christians, preachers, most very religious people, live a sort of “double,” or hypocritical life.  On the one hand, they often claim that spiritual things like faith are all we need in life.  But on the other hand?  They depend on the physical work and practical knowledge of practical trades – or say for example, farmers and scientific agronomists – for their daily bread.  To keep themselves and others physically alive.  And in this, our preachers are in effect, the foretold Pharisaic hypocrites:  they often assert that “all” we need in life is Christianity, religion, spirituality.  Even as they depend every day, every second, on the “worldly” practical people, for their own physical lives.  The spiritual preacher condemns practical science and knowledge and work … standing in shoes make according to practical knowledge, by practical men; in a physical church built by tradesmen and scientific engineering; speaking over a microphone invented by scientists.  While even they themselves, after claiming to despise this physical life, nevertheless do physical work, to stay alive in it: they either plant gardens, or cook; or have others do that for them.

And so indeed, all very “spiritual,” “religious” people – most preachers – are hypocrites; they are living a double sort of life.  They are all Platonic hierarchical dualists:  deep down, they believe the whole universe is split into two things:  1) evil material things, matter, on this “earth” or “world”; vs. 2) spiritual things, partially in Heaven.  But?  Such persons are inconsistent.  Either they secretly value physical things and physical life, and they continue to eat physical food, to keep their physical bodies alive.  Or  they sincerely stop physically eating – but then just starve to death, and disappear.  So that?  All those that remain physically alive, are hypocrites; if they condemn this physical existence, but they continue to take care for their physical lives.

All living spiritual persons therefore, we will show, are hypocrites, living a double life.  But rather than simply condemn them:  how might we repair their double-ness?  Their duplicity and hypocrisy?  Amazingly, to fix their broken-ess, their hypocrisy, their schizophrenic double-ness, we have found an answer in the Bible, itself.  Amazingly, finally, we will be showing that many elements of the Bible to be sure – particularly in Paul, and the Apostles – were very, very spiritual?  Ultimately, the Bible itself, Jesus himself, began to acknowledge the importance of this physical universe.  From the beginning, God after all, made the entire physical universe, and said it was “good,” not evil” (Genesis 1, etc.).  While finally?  God even told us to honor this physical life, and the practical knowledge – and explicitly, “science” – that begin to uncover the nature of that life.

To be sure, elements of the Bible became quite spiritual, and disdainful about the materialistic life; elements of asceticism shaded into Gnosticism, and even “hate” for this “world.”  Yet finally, we will find that priestly, over-spiritual asceticism, was literally, physically, fatal.  As St. James began to see in James 2.14-24.  And if God told us that if religion, Jesus for a moment, would seem to leave this material earth, for a mostly spiritual “Heaven”?  Then one “day” after all, God is supposed to return … to this physical, material earth (Rev. 21).  As God, the spirit begins to conceptually return to material things, the earth, even here and now.  As we re-discover God’s commands to all Christians, that they learn and honor, the Science of God.  As we learn to see God and good, in the physical things around us.  As described and created, by practical knowledge and science.

And indeed to some extent, most of us, most ordinary, non-priests, long ago made at least a rough, semi-conscious kind of adjustment or compromise, between an excessive priestly spirituality, and the demands of a physical life:  most of us are not priests, who merely talk and issue ideas or spirits for a living; most of us are somewhat religious in a spiritual way … but we also devote most of our time, to practical jobs; doing work that produce works, practical good and services.  Building houses, supplying medical and other physical services to the people; to keep them physically alive and healthy.  And?  In fact, as it turns out, the ordinary good but also physically practical working man and woman, were actually, far, far closer than the average, typically over-spiritual priest or minister, to achieving the right balance, the “full”er picture of what God wanted us to have and be:  not just 1) spiritual, but also 2) practical, physical beings.  Capable of succeeding, not just in a spiritual way, in a spiritual Heaven; but capable of living well enough, in a physical life, here on this physical earth.

Indeed, ironically, our preachers have always been secretly, deeply Vain and Proud:  deep down preachers have secretly thought that their spirituality especially, was so much “higher” and better, than mere working people and scientists, with their mundane, worldly vision.  And yet however?  The Bible told us that one day, “all” those things that are “high,” and proud, “lofty” – including angels and priests – will be brought down (Isa. 2.12; 2 Ch. 6.18; Ecc. 10.6; Eph. 6.12-13; Isa. 34.4).

Priests and ministers, churches, love to assume that it is not they themselves, but everybody else, that is to be punished by God, in the end.  But in point of fact, God made it clear that it is especially the allegedly holy and religious persons, especially the priests, that are punished finally:

“Who is blind as my dedicated one, or blind as the servant of the LORD?  He sees many things, but does not observe them; his ears are open, but he does not hear” (Is. 42.19-20).

“The LORD of hosts has a day against all that is proud and lofty, against all that is lifted up high” (Isa. 2.12).

“On that day the LORD will punish the host of heaven.” (Isa. 24.21).

“Who is able to build him a house, since heaven, even the highest heaven, cannot contain him”? (2 Corin. 2.6, 6.18).

“Let no one contend, and let none accuse, for with you is my contention, O priest.  You shall tumble by day, the prophet also shall stumble with you by night; and I will destroy your mother.  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me…. Wine and new wine take away the understanding.  My people inquire of a thing of wood” (Hos. 4.4-6-12; see also casting off magicians or sorcerers).

“And now O priests, this command is for you.  If you will not listen…. I will send the curse upon you and I will curse your blessings; indeed I have already cursed them…. Behold, I will rebuke your offspring, and spread dung upon your faces, the dung of your offerings, and I will put you out of my presence….  A priest should guard knowledge ….. But you have turned aside from the way; you have caused many to stumble by your instruction; you have corrupted the covenant….  And so I make you despised“” (Mal. 2.1-9).

“He leads priests away stripped” (Job 12.19).

“Folly is set in high places….  Woe to you, O land, when you king is a child…  As you do not know how the spirit comes to the bones in the womb of a woman with child, so you do no know the work of God who makes everything” (Ecc. 10.5-16-11.5).

“The messenger of the covenant … is coming, says the LORD of hosts.  But who can endure the day of his coming, and who can stand when he appears?  For he is like a refiner’s fire….; he will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and he will purify the sons of Levi [the priestly tribe] and refine them like gold and silver, till they present right offerings to the LORD” (Mal. 3.2-3).

“The fool will no more be called noble” (Isa. 32.5).

“On that day every prophet will be ashamed of his vision when he prophesies; he will not put on a hairy mantle in order to deceive, but he will say, ‘I am no prophet, I am a tiller of the soil.’….  ‘Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, against the man who stand next to me,’ says the LORD….  Behold, a day of the LORD is coming….  Keep the feast of booths'”  (Zech. 13.4-5, 14.1; 13.7-14.16 ).

“Draw near, O nations, to hear, and hearken, O peoples!  Let the earth listen, and all the fills it; the world, and all that comes from it….  All the host of heaven shall rot away, and the skies roll up like a scroll.  All their host shall fall, as leaves fall from the vine, like leaves falling from the fig tree.  For my sword has drunk its fill in the heavens; behold, it descends for judgment… Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened” (Isa. 34.1-5-35.5).

“Set forth your case, says the LORD; bring your proofs….  Behold, you are nothing, and your work is nought; an abomination is he who chooses you” (Isa. 41.21-24).

Preachers, prophets, holy men, are superficially humble.  But deep down, there is a massive arrogance, a giant Vanity and Pride, in all preachers:  they are claiming to be, after all, the very voicepieces of God himself.  They are claiming to be holy, after all.  But God warned that they all make many very serious errors; and essentially one day or another, we see their sins, and they all fall.

We will show that especially, our traditional priests’ “faith” and “spirituality” in fact, were a sinful error.  God actually made the entire physical world and universe, and said it was good.  Indeed, God himself has always existed in the things of nature; and from to-“day” on, he should no longer be regarded as just a mental construct, or spirit, or ideal, in some spiritual “heaven.”  Indeed, beginning here and now, God and good dissolve our spiritual heaven itself.  And with the material science of God, they begin to return to this physical, material earth again at last, after all.

And it is a strange reversal of what our preachers so proudly thought.  Today, in the end, the very spiritual preacher, the prophet with his “vision,” who thought he was “first” with God, is really found to be “last,” after all (Luke 14.7-11-18; Mark 10.31; not Mat. 20.8-27).  While better than the priest, is the ordinary farmer (Zech. 13.4, etc.; see all the Biblical references to farming), the ordinary working man and woman, and the lowly scientists and technicians … are now found to have been far closer to what the Bible and God really wanted, after all:  a better, truer balance, between the spiritual and the practical material life.  A balance that furthermore, if anything, favors practical science, over priestly spirituality.

As a Science?  Indeed we value and work for God, for Good … as they exit from spirituality and Heaven.  And begin to reveal themselves in this practical, material, physical existence.

As foretold.  As Heaven itself dissolves; and the “new heaven” returns to be a physical place, on this physical earth (Rev. 21).  And not in a church; but in after all, a worldwide science of God (Rev. 21.22).  A science that is emerging in part, already, in the practical ethos of good but practical people; and then also in science-based theology and religious study.  Especially however, in the Science of God, as outlined here and now.  In hundreds of quotes from after all, the Bible itself.  From God, himself.     –    END OF PREFACE


For our series of 10 volumes, on “GOD RETURNS TO THIS PHYSICAL EARTH, IN THE SCIENCE OF GOD:  The destruction of our Spiritual Heaven of Faith, the Return of God to Physical, Material Existence.

Front Pages, with Title, Blurb, Abstract, and these Contents:

BOOK 1:  THE DESTRUCTION OF HEAVEN, INTRO; “The Heavens Will Vanish Like Smoke” (Isa. 51.6, 34.4; 2 Peter 3.7-12.; etc.).

Chapter 1 The foretold Destruction of Heaven by God (2 Peter 3.7-12; Isa. 34.4, 51.6 etc.; Rev. 21).

Chapter 2 Heaven is Destroyed, Because:  All Holy Men Have Sinned, Even in the Holiest Doctrines

Chapter 3 Most Spirituality … is a Foretold “False Spirit”

Chapter 4 The Second Coming of God … in Religious Science

Chapter 5 Sins in All Preachers, in Inspired Doctrines

BOOK 2:   ALL PREACHERS ARE … FALSE PRIESTS; “He Leads Priests Away Stripped” (Job 12.19).

BOOK 3:   THE FULLER SCIENCE OF GOD,  in the Old Testament and Paul:  The Second and Better Appearance – the Second Coming – of God, Through Contemporary Religious Studies; The More “Mature” “Appearance,” Coming of God, in Science; Religious Studies, the Science of God.

Chapter 1:  Science Supported in the Old Testament

THE BIBLE’S 200 ARGUMENTS AGAINST FAITH, FOR SCIENCE:   #1 “All” holy men, angels, have sinned (Isa. 34.4; Rom. 3.23; “No one is Good but God” Mark 10.18; #2 “Faith” can be bad, false, “hypocritical,” “counterfeit” (2 Tim. 3.8); therefore  # 3 God supports those “understanding Science” Dan. 1.4-15 KJE; #4 God supports experimental method Dan. 1.4-15, 1 Kings 18.21-40; # 5 Science is to be applied to religion, in the above; # 6 we are to “test” God in Mal. 3.10, 1 Thess. 5.21; # 7 Evaluate holy men by what “comes to pass” Deut. 18.20-22; # 8 Elijah tests God 1 Kings 18.21-40; # 9 We are to “observe” the material things of the “earth” (Rom. 1.20 etc.); # 10 Heaven itself is to be destroyed Isa. 34.4, 51.6, 2 Peter 3.7-12; # 11 we must become “wise” with “knowledge” and “mature” not “fools” (1 Corin. 14.20 etc.); #12 holy men see only “part” of God and the truth (1 Corin 13.9-12);

Chapter 2: God Warns of “False” Things in Every Aspect of Christianity:


All things in religion, Judeo Christianity, are unreliable, A to Z:   # 13 “All” have sinned Rom. 3.23; # 14 “All the host of heaven” fall (Isa. 34.4, 51.6);  # 15 Angels are unreliable Rev. 3.2; # 16 Apostles are bad (Mat. 16.23); # 17 Boasting religion is bad; # 18 Christ is misrepresented, “false Christ” 2 Corin. 11.4, 1 John 2-4; # 19 Christians, believers are often deceived (Rev. 13.8);  # 20 churches are often bad (Rev. 2.4); # 21 Congregations, believing in the “Lord, Lord” not good enough Mat. 6.5-23; # 22 the “Elect” can fail; # 23 Councilors fail (2 Ch. 22.4); # 24 false “Dreams,” enchantments,” “illusions,” “lies,” “delusions” deceive us; # 25; “Hearts” are unreliable Jer. 17.9; #27 the Holy Spirit and “inspiration” leave us (1 Corin. 10.5; Gal. 2.13); # 28 the “Host” of heaven falls Isa. 34.4; # 29 “Kings” and Leaders fall, like Saul; # 30 religious “Law” fails Isa. 3.1-12, Ezk. 20.20-26; # 31 Miracles fail 1 Corin. 12.29-31; # 32 Patriarchs fail like Moses Rom. 10.5, 2 Corin. 3.6; # 33 the Perfect fails, Ezk. 27.3-26; # 34 Prayers fail John 10.14; # 35 Priests fail Mal. 2.13 ff; # 36 Prophets fail Jer. 2.8; # 37 Rabbis fail James 3.1; # 38 Sacrifices are often unacceptable Prov. 21.27, Mal. 2.3; # 39 Saints fall Job 15.15 KJE; # 40 Scripture fails John 5.39 & “false pen of scribes; # 41 Shepherds fail Zech 10.2-13.7; # 42 Spirit fails 1 John 4.1; # 43 Stars fall, Rev. 6.13; # 44 Servants of the Lord fail Job 4.18, Isa.  42.19; # 45 Wise Judeo- Christianity fails Isa. 32.5, Prov. 3.7; # 46 Written guides fail 2 Corin. 3.3-6; # 47 Worship fails Rev. 13.8.


All special graces fail:  # 48 Anointing fails Lev. 4.3; # 49 Baptism fails; Blood fails (Gen. 9.4, Lam. 4.8-10; # 50 Bodies fail John 6.63; # 51 Covenants come and go Heb. 7.22, 9.18, Jer 33.20?; # 52 the preachers’ “Christ” is wrong (see # 18 above); # 53 Crosses, wood fail us Hos. 4.12, Mat. 27.46; # 54 Discernment fails Ps. 19.12, Isa. 44.18; # 56 Doctrines fail Job 11.4, Mat. 15.9; # 57 Dogmas likewise; #58 Enchantments (Isa. 47.9-14, Ps. 58.5; # 59 Eucharist or Lord’s Supper fails us Luke 22.21; # 60 Gifts fail us Corin. 12.30, Prov. 29.4; # 61 Grace is removed Zech. 11.10; # 62 Holy things fail; # 63 Liturgies fail (see false “words” from God, “worship,” “discernment,” etc.); # 64 Mysteries are often impenetrable and confused; # 65 Noble people are “fools” Isa. 32.5; # 66 Oral teachings of the “tongue” fail; # 67 Pillars of religion are wrong Deut. 16.22; # 68 Relics, Charms of Wood, Idols are not good; # 69 Righteousness becomes unrighteousness; # 70 the Rock fails us Ex. 33.20, 1 Corin. 10.4, Mat. 16.23; # 71 Sacraments, oaths are not good enough (Hos. 10.4, 1 Corin. 10.4, Mat. 5.34); # 72 Sanctification can fail Num. 20.12, 2 Ch. 30.3; # 73 Tradition is of men; # 74 Virgins fail; # 75 our Will fails; # 76  religious Zeal means attacking things in churches John 2.17.

Chapter 3: All aspects of religion, Christianity, A to Z, crying “Lord Lord” fail.  So?  God asks for the different aspects of Science, visible material evidence, over Faith: 



# 77 empirical Proofs Mat. 8.4, Mark 1.44, Acts 1.3, Ex. 7.9, Ps. 30.10, Isa.  41.21; # 78 Signs Isa. 7.12 ff; # 79 Prosperity Job 42.13; # 80 Mat. 7.16 – real physical Fruits Deut. 7.13 Jos. 24.13; # 81 “Judgement” to come, by deeds; # 82 works; # 83 Testing (Luke 4.12 “tempt”ing, allows “signs,” 1 Corin. 3.10-15 NIV, Mal. 3.10); # 84 “observe” things “eyes” have seen (Luke 12.24; Deut. 4.9).

Chapter 4: Preachers’ Over-Spirituality is physically fatal:  Many preachers say the material promises of God, are all metaphors for spiritual things; “fruits of the spirit.”  But the Bible firmly promised physical things … and noted evils in spiritual things.  James noted a fatal side to spirituality, in James 2.14-26.  And?  # 85 Spirits often fail and are “false spirits” (1 John 4.1 etc.); # 86 We are called to do good works of charity (cf. “work,” “works”);  # 87 God warns of preachers who give us just sermons, “words,” give us “empty” words, dreams instead of real food (Eph. 5.6; James 2.14-26; Hos. 10.4; etc.); # 88 indeed, many words are excuses, or simply “lying,” “lies”; and  # 89 many religious words are “double”-“tongued,” tricky, with two or more meanings (Ps. 12.2, 1 Tim. 3.8; cf. “tongues); # 90 indeed those who give us mere sermons, kind words and spirits, give us just empty “wind” the Bible itself often warned (Job 15.2; 1 Kings 3.8; Hos. 10.4; see “empty” words and false spirits too).

A religion that gives us only spiritual things is physically deadly.  So?  God repeats his material promises.  Promises of physical things, that can be seen by our eyes, and measured with science.  Like even # 91 material Riches (Ps. 62.11, Prov. 22.1; Job 42.10-17); # 92 Money (Deut. 14.25-6); # 93 “Whatever you desire”; # 94 Oxen and Sheep and fruits of our herds (Deut.; Job. 42);  # 95 Wine; and # 96 “whatever your appetite craves” (Deut. 14); # 97 Food/Bread; # 98 Victory in physical battles; even a # 99 “Suffering Servant” like Job, gets material riches (Job 42.10-17); and # 100 historically our preachers promised wonders, or Miracles; and # 101 the Bible promised a material Kingdom of God … on this material earth (Rev. 21; Isa. 65-6); # 102 were we promised a Resurrection that was often presented (in Lazarus and in Easter) as very physical; # 103 Jesus is said to have come in the “flesh” or in physical material form, explicitly, adamantly, not just a “ghost” or “spirit” 1 John 4.2; (Ecc. 4.5; Jol 2.28?); the # 104 Second Coming is also pictured as rather physical; so that we see God “himself” returning to live with men (Isa. 11.6, 65-6 etc.; Rev. 21); # 105 in the end, God pours his “spirit” on “flesh” (Jol 2.28, Acts 2.17).

Chapter 5:  Unnumbered intro to Jesus’ Science (see fuller Volume 4, on Jesus’ Science)

Chapter 6:  SINS IN PAUL’S SPIRITUAL FAITH  So where did the idea that Christianity is just supposed to give us just spiritual things, like “faith,” come from?  Mainly from just St. Paul – and the devil himself.  # 106 in Job 1, it is literally Satan himself, that introduces the idea that God should test our faith; and # 107 the tricky semantics that converts promises of physical things to spiritual metaphors, is not honest or good; #108 the Old Testament mentions “faith” by name only 6 times; # 109 it is only the Apostle/St. Paul that stressed “faith,” by name 174 times; # 110 but Paul confessed himself he was not “perfect,” was at times a “fool,” was the “worst of sinners”; # 111 and Paul confessed that he and other holy men saw only “imperfect” prophesy and knowledge, and only “part” of the truth (1 Corin. 1.14); so that there were # 112 things Lacking even in their spiritual faith (2 Corin. 1.14).  Especially Love is lacking (1 Corin. 13.13).  But also as it turns out, science.  So that # 114  Paul began to support even “test”ing “everything” in religion (1 Thess. 5.21).  See also warnings about “all” holy men, and every aspect of religion … that Paul followed in part.

Given problems with spirituality and faith?  Even Paul, the main spokesman of faith, began to back away from his own over-spirituality; to re-instate the great importance to physical things, measurable by science.  Things like # 115- Covenants, promising physical rewards; while # 116 the Apostle St. James began to note that our over-spiritual religion, that gives us primarily sermons, words and spirits … is literally physically fatal, because it neglects our physical needs (James 2.14-26; 1 John 3.17; Isa. 29.8; see also “windy” and “empty” words); so # 117 even the very spiritual Paul continued to promised material rewards, avoiding the sin of Gnosticism, asceticism, over-spirituality; # 118 Paul choosing to remain in the “flesh” (Phil. 1.20); # 119 advocating semi-material “work” (2 Thess. 3.10); # 120 and intellectual work that is materially fruitful; # 121 Paul asking for material, physical benefits (1 Corin. 9.6-11); # 122 if he said we “walk by faith and not by sight,” of physical things, those who do so are “far from God” (2 Corin. 5.6; Rom. 1.20); so that we # 123 need to Mature beyond spirituality; to # 124 value “signs” and physical “work” and works (2 Corin. 12.12 etc.); while  # 125 the conversion of physical promises of God, into mere figures of speech for spiritual things, seems partially condemned as word- “twist”ing, unreliable tongues, as Peter notes in a discussion of Paul (2 Peter 3.15-17); and # 126 in the End things seem physical again (cf. Judgement Day, # 79?); indeed # 127 the Bible seems to offer at least two Paths, two vocations, including not just priestly spirituality, but even more, favoring lay practicality, in dealing with material, physical life (1 Kings 18.21-40, Php 1.21).

Chapter 7  Two Voices in the Bible:  Priest’s “Faith,” vs. the Practical Science, of God

Problems with Faith in other parts of the New Testament:  # 128 Disciples value things seen with not just spiritual, but apparently physical Eyes too (Luke 10.23; John 11.37; Etc.); while # 129 the New Testament includes two voice – the spiritual and the physical – in continuous, alternating debate (John 20.24-5 vs. 29 ff), though in the end the material wins, or the spirit links to matter;  # 130 there are constant assertions of material, physical evidence, wonders from God, even from Paul (Acts. 26.16-18); while shockingly,  # 131 as for Peter?  Peter and his faith, are called “Satan” (Mat. 16.23; see also Job 1); # 132 John warns of false things in spirits and prophets (1 John 4.1), and finally suggests Christ should tend to, “love,” this material “world,” and our biological family and “brothers” it seems (John 3.15; 1 John 3.17-18; in 1 John 2.9-11-15-17; vs. Luke 14.26 ff); # 133 Jude 4 warns of false men in religion; but the keystone is # 134, James 2.14-26, where James notes that a religion that gives us only kind words and spirits, but not physical food, is a false, physically fatal religion (1 John 3.17-18),that “faith without works is dead”; while # 135 the Bible warns of this great religious deception (Isa. 29.8-11) of the whole “world” and its “worship” (Rev. 13).

Chapter 8/Appendix:   Priests Were Clerics:  Clerks for the Local Lords, In Exchange for  Stay of Bread


Chapter 1 INTRO

Chapter 2  THE SCIENCE OF JESUS HIMSELF.  New Testament is not quite as science-oriented as the Old, until the End and Revelation.  Its text is equivocal; torn between two voices.  # 137 But Jesus consistently contains the voice warning of bad holy men, “false prophets,” and other “false” things in religion; # 138 and importantly, Jesus tells us to recognize false holy men by their physical “fruits” (Mat. 7.15 ff) as well as “signs,” “deeds,” “proofs”; # 139 not spiritual fruits, Paul’s “fruits of the spirit”; # 138 indeed, Jesus is constantly pictured working many physical wonders; # 141 Signs; and # 142 the final pattern of the Bible, is to ask for us to believe, only after we have seen physical signs (John 4.48); # 143 Deeds; # 142 Proofs (Mat. 8.4; Luke 5.14); # 145 as “observe”d with our literal eyes (Luke 12.24); #146 Jesus even telling us not to “believe” or have faith even in Jesus himself, unless he does visible “works” (Mat. 5.16); # 147 John 10.31-37 ff., 9.4, Mark 2.5-12; # 148 in one voice, Jesus seems spiritual, rejecting this physical world and telling us to look only for rewards, “treasures” in “Heaven” (Mt. 6.19-31, Mark 10.21), but the kingdom of Heaven is on earth after all, and Jesus himself refers to the Destruction of Heaven (Mat. 24.29-35; Mark 13.31), while his “words” are only his, if they are physically productive (Deut. 18.20-22); and in the End Time, we see the return of the Old Testament God or Lord, returned to this physical earth (Isa. 65-6), to “judge” people not just by their “thoughts” or spirit, but more by their “deeds” (Rev. 20.13).

Chapter 3  JESUS’ FAITH – IN SCIENCE     # 150 It was Paul, not God or Jesus, that most stressed Faith:  Jesus mentioning it about 21 times, Paul 174 times, but Paul was not “perfect,” was a “fool,” the “worst of sinners,” by his own admission; # 151 so that the final, definitive message of the Bible regarding faith, is to have faith in … physical evidence, and science; # 152 have only the tiny, “mustard seed” of faith (Mat. 8.26) needed to believe physical evidence; # 153 much evidence is asserted, like the silver coin out of a fish’s mouth; # 154 so men of “little faith” get more confidence, from seeing visible signs, evidence; # 155 indeed did Jesus ask for faith?; # 156 he hesitates to let people even call him the Messiah (Mat. 9.31); # 157 negative statements are made on faith (see “Do not believe” John 10.37); # 158 though “your faith has saved you” (Luke 7.37-48), faith in God saves us, we can only be sure our faith is in God himself, and not a false god, unless we see physical empirical fruits, works, signs, deeds, proofs, and Jesus is pictured working them; # 159 the Devil likes faith more than anyone (in the Temptation; in ?); # 160 Jesus expects faith to fail (Luke 22.31-42); # 161 Faith is of Little use; # 162 Paul’s Vision of Jesus is Visible Acts 26.12-19; # 163 though the language or “tongue” of the Bible is “confused,” full of ambiguity, “twist”ing? (Prov. 1.2-7); # 164 “which is harder” (Mat. 9.1-8); # 165 at times Jesus suggested “only Gentles seek signs” … but then Jesus is pictured producing them, and Paul speaks favorably of gentiles, Greeks; # 166 those with great faith are unreliable Romans, persons with unclean spirit; # 167 the heart is often deceived in the spiritual feelings it has; # 168 there are important things besides, greater than faith, like “love” (Mat. 23.23-4; 1 Corin. 13.1-13); # 169 Doubting Thomas gets physical evidence after all (John 20.29-31); and # 170 “such” faith as a Roman centurion has, is not Christian faith; # 171 “Do not believe” in Jesus unless he does visible works, Jesus himself says (John 10.37); while # 172 Jesus returns to “flesh,” material things, in the resurrection, and in the Second Coming (Rev. 21).

Chapter 4  MORE SINS IN FAITH (After Sins in Paul’s Faith)   # 173 we always need more faith? “Fools believe anything” (Prov); # 174 we can lose faith; # 175 too much faith is blind, too much of a good thing, too much sugar; # 176 faith should grow, only when visible material results are seen; # 177 faith can fail, be “vain” (1 Corin. 15.14) if no visible material results, resurrections, seen; # 178 beyond faith, more is needed (2 Peter 1.5); # 179 Love is greater than faith (1 Corin. 13.13); # 180 works are important to # 181 Determine if your idea of God is right; # 182 Paul says “test everything” (1 Thess. 5.21); # 183 “Love does not rest on faith” (Gal. 3.12); # 184 many have faith in “illusions”; # 185 ?; # 186 Rom. 14.23 vs. 14.1-23; # 187 “Things not seen” vs. constantly asserted material proofs, wonders, miracles; # 188 use “reason”; # 189 logical problems in faith (a word used only when we doubt; pure faith without evidence impossible, in a Bible that continually offers material assertions, wonders); # 190 the Second Coming is quite physical (Rev. 21); # 191 the over-spirituality of preachers is the sin of Vanity, Pride; even Paul believed the physicality of the 1st Jesus; # 192 the Kingdom of God is supposed to be a place here on earth (Rev. 21; Isa. 65-6); and # 193 note the physicality of the first resurrection of Jesus, in the “flesh”; # 194  the redemption of “bodies” (Rom. 8.22-3); # 195 the importance of our own work here; # 196 the redeeming of the “world” by Jesus; # 197 our bodies, body of Christ (Col. 1.18-25); # 198 Immortality is real enough; # 199 faith regarded liminal things; # 199 as for the “man of weak faith, welcome him” (Rom. 4.1); # 201 “child”ren might blindly, faithfully follow rules they don’t understand; but should ask for material evidence, “soon,” “at hand,” “quickly.”

#202 this is not the Protestant/Catholic “Faith vs. Works” controversy, about our own “works”; we may indeed even saved by faith in God alone; but we can only be sure we are following, having faith in the right idea of God, of Jesus… if we see would-be holy men produce real physical, empirical evidence, powers, as proof they are from God (Mat. 3.10; Dan. 1.14-15; 1 Kings 18.21-40; Isa. 41.21-34; Ex. 4.1-7.9).  Those billions who do not ask for proofs, but just have faith, are following a false idea of Christ; a False Christ.  Those countless who follow alleged holy men without material proofs, are an “abomination” (Isa. 41.21-34); they are the foretold deceived persons, following a False Christ; the Christ of “faith” rather than the Christ of the Science of God.
BOOK 5:   NO MIRACLES, NO SERMONS; NO EXCUSES:  Belief in “Miracles,” Was the Foretold “Delusion,” Belief in Magic, “Lie,” Magical Thinking, “Enchantment,” “Illusion” That Dominated the Whole Earth.   The massive harm done by Churches:  Their 1) Proud, Vain Claims of “Perfection,” Holiness, Their 2) False Promises of Physical Miracles, And 3) by Priestly Over-Spirituality, Asceticism

Preface/Chapter 1:   The Science of God, Warns of Deceit in “All” Christianity, All Priests and Ministers.  And Promises of Big Physical Miracles are Deceit.

Chapter 2:  When Televangelists like Pat Robertson, “Doctors, “Science,” Say Miracle-Healings, even Faith-Healings, Are Taking Place … Don’t Believe It.

Chapter 3:  Doubting Preachers is Good

Chapter 4?:  All Sermons Are False:  Especially, All Sermons Promising Miracles, or Excusing the Lack of Miracles, and Stressing Spirit

Chapter 5: Belief in “Miracles” Was the Foretold Belief in Magic, Magicians.

Chapter 6  Seeing “Miracles” as Metaphors for Natural Things, Not Spiritual Things

Chapter 7 Naturalism is Good


Chapter 1:  The Bible Says No Church or Preacher Is “Perfect,” or “Holy,” or “Sacred,” Etc.

Chapter 2:  The Massive Harm Done By Religious Leaders, by Promises of Perfection, Miracles and Faith

Chapter 3:  Over-Spirituality; the Massive Harm Done

Chapter 4:  Read Miracles as Metaphors – for Nature, Technology

Chapter 5:  The Destruction of Heaven; the Origins of Judgement “Day”:  the day we grow up … beyond faith; to see the science of God; the importance of material fruits.


Chapter 6.1 The Church Partially Confesses the Sins of the Church

Chapter 6.2 Promises of Big Physical Miracles Fail

Chapter 6.3 Massive Unseen Harm was Done to Humanity, by False Belief in Miracles, Spirit

Chapter 6.4 So?  God Destroys Heaven Itself; to Purge Christianity of Sins of Classic Christianity

BOOK 7:  BACK:  The Empirically-Verifiable Resurrection, the Immortality,

Of God on Earth, Again

BOOK  8:  THE SCIENCE OF GOD – AS THE SECOND COMING OF GOD TO EARTH  – a Narrative Bibliography, in Bible Quotes

BOOK 9:   THE “DAY”; When Good “Judgement” Comes:  The Day You More Fully See God; the Day You Advance Beyond Blind Faith, to Learn the Fuller Science of God.

BOOK 10:  OVER-SPIRITUALITY:  The Physically Fatal “Hate” in Preacher’s Spirituality; Hating the World



Updated Oct. 28, 2011






“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the … spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Eph. 6.12-17 NIV).

 “The LORD … has a day against all that is proud  [high] and lofty” (Isa. 2.12 RSV).

“On that day the LORD will punish the host of heaven, in heaven” (Isa. 24.21 RSV).

“With you is my contention, O priest”  (Hos. 4.4).  “Put me to the test, says the LORD” (Mal. 3.10).

 “Test everything” (1 Thess. 5.21).  “Test the spirits” (1 John 4.1).  “… Understanding science” (Dan. 1.4-15 King James Edition).  “Beware of false prophets…. You will know them by their fruits” (Mat. 7.16-17).  “The fruit of your ground” (Deut. 7.13).

The heavens will vanish like smoke” (Isa. 51.6 RSV; Isa. 34.4; 2 Peter 2.7-12; Rev. 21).

“Prophesy against the prophets of Israel” (Ezk. 13.2 RSV).

“For we all make many mistakes” (James 3.2 RSV).  “All have sinned” (Rom. 3.23).

“The prophet is a fool, the man of the spirit is mad” (Hos. 9.7).

“God did not spare the angels when they sinned” (2 Peter 2.4).

“Jesus began to show his disciples….  He turned and said to Peter, ‘Get behind me Satan!  You are a hindrance [stumbling block] to me’” (Mat. 16.21, 23).

“Each man’s work will become manifest; for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done” (1 Corin. 3.10-18).

“On that day, every prophet will be ashamed of his vision….  He will say, ‘I am no prophet, I am a tiller of the soil” (Zech. 13.4-5).

“The LORD will lay waste the earth….  And it shall be, as with the people, so with the priest” (Isa. 24.1-2).

“Though they climb up to heaven, from there I will bring them down” (Amos 9.2).

“All the host of heaven shall rot away” (Isa. 34.4).





Dr. Woodbridge Goodman, Ph.D.

God commands you to learn and use and value Science, over faith.

When you see this, one “Day,”

your religious, spiritual Heaven of “Faith” collapses;

But that is all as foretold.  And all that is in order to clarify, make plain,

 A “Second Coming” of God:

God appearing on this material earth –

Thanks to the Science of God

Today, our preachers stress “faith” in “miracles,” or “spirituality.”  And a God who seems to stay rather resolutely just in Heaven; rather than here on this material earth.  But as it turns out?  That was not the final word, of the Bible itself.  Instead, the Bible itself stressed … basing ourselves not on faith, but on a critical Science of God.

Should Christianity have ever been based on “Faith”?  The Bible often warns us that preachers, churches, angels, are unreliable.  That there are many “false prophets” and so forth.  Therefore, the Bible said that we should never have trusted or had such “faith” in holy men, and churches, or in their ideas, “images” of God.  We should not have had faith in them; or even their most “inspired” “doctrines.”  Since “all” our holiest men have sinned, in their personal behavior, but also in the picture of Christ that they gave us?  Instead of having such faith in them, or the “Christ” they offered, the Bible itself tells us that we should have been critically examining “everything” in religion; observing our preachers, and evaluating them as good or false, by their real, physical material “fruits,” “works,” “signs,” “deeds,” and “proofs.”  As observed by real empirical, physical “science” (Dan. 1.4-15 KJE; 1 Kings 18.21-40; 1 Thess. 5.21; 1 John 4.1; Mal. 3.10; Mat. 7.15-19 & Deut. 7.13, Jos. 24.13; Isa. 3.10; etc.).   And if “all” our preachers and churches fail this examination?  Then after all, that result was foretold, in the Bible itself:  “all have sinned” (Rom. 3.23; 1 John 1.10); including our highest holy men and their holiest doctrines.  And so?  In the end, even all the angels and prophets and apostles, “all the host of Heaven will fall,” in fact (Isa. 34.4).

At first, this seems impossible.  Indeed, this seems to destroy our vision of Heaven itself.  But in fact, one “day,” our Christian heaven is supposed to be destroyed.  Heaven is supposed to “dissolve” – according to the Bible itself (2 Peter 3.7-12; Rev. 21; Isa. 34.4 ff., 82.5, Etc.).  But as shattering and impossible as this seems, the Destruction of Heaven is not a bad thing.  Because Heaven itself is to be dissolved – in order for you to see The Second Coming; for you to see a “day” when God and Good returns, to this physical, material earth.

“The LORD has a day against all that is proud” (Isa. 2.12).

“On that day the LORD will punish the host of heaven, in heaven, and the kings of the earth, on the earth.  They will be gathered together as prisoners in a pit” (Isa. 24.21-22).

“On that day when … God judges the secrets of men” (Rom. 2.16).

“Draw near, O nations, to hear, and hearken, O peoples!  Let the earth listen, and all that comes from it.  All the host of heaven shall rot away, and the skies roll up like a scroll.  All their host shall fall, as leaves fall from the vine, like leaves falling from the fig tree.  For my sword has drunk its fill in the heavens; behold, it descends for judgment” (Isa. 34.1-5).

“The LORD whom you seek will suddenly come to his temple….  He is coming, says the LORD of hosts.  But who can endure the day of his coming, and who can stand when he appears?  For he is like a refiner’s fire and like fuller’s soap; he will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and he will purify the sons of Levi [the priests] and refine them … till they present right offerings to the LORD” (Mal. 3.1-3).

Probably all preachers know a little about the End Times; the Second Coming; the “Day of the Lord”; “Judgement Day,” the “Apocalypse,” and so forth.  But the key to it all – the Destruction of Heaven – is not really known about, by preachers; though it is extremely important.  Indeed, The Destruction of Heaven especially, is the long-lost key to the Apocalypse; the key to the Second Coming; the key to the Bible itself.  And furthermore, as we re-read our Bibles here and now, the foretold Destruction of Heaven, begins to happen – even here and now.  As we re-read our Bibles more closely here, we will see things in our old Heaven, in our Bibles, that our preachers, our priests and ministers, never saw; or that the faithful were never able to “face” or “bear” (John 16.12).  And in this moment, the “Heaven” that preachers taught us in church, begins to collapse.  But even as our traditional Heaven collapses, just as foretold, we also see a “new” and better vision, second “appearance,” of God and Christ.  A second appearance of God – that shows how good, God, is now to be found not so much in spirituality or heaven.  But here on physical earth.  In material things.   –  END OF PREFACE


Re-reading our Bibles closely here, we suddenly see the second, rather different, “full”er and more “mature” appearance/parousia of Christ; one very different than what is taught in churches, by preachers.  Here our five main points are these:  1) the Bible warned that there have always been huge sins and evils, even in “all” our very holiest men, preachers, and angels in heaven itself.  In them personally, and in their most “inspired” doctrines and their vision of God, presented in churches.  So that 2) therefore, Christianity was never supposed to be based on faith; especially not faith in God as presented by preachers and churches.  Instead, 3) Christianity is supposed to be based on a critical Science of Religion (Dan. 1.4-15 KJE; 1 Kings 18.21-40; 1 Thess. 5.21; 1 John 4.1; Mal. 3.10; etc.).  Rather than having “faith” in holy men, or their vision of God, we are supposed to be using science to continually, critically examine our holiest men, and their allegedly holiest doctrines.  Indeed, we are to see if our holy men and churches, are truly from God, or not – as determined, scientifically, by the physical, material – not spiritual – “fruits” that they bring; the physical, material “fruits,” “works,” “signs,” “deeds,” and “proofs” that they create; as evaluated by real objective, empirical “science,” and even scientific experimentation.

Re-reading our Bibles, 4) to suddenly see that God really supported science, over faith, is an apocalyptic, heaven-shattering experience; it seems to dissolve the very image of Christ and Heaven that we got as children in church.  But if this new, second appearance of Christ and God, seems to suggest all our holy men erred in their faith?  And if it seems to thus dissolve our “faith” in promises of “miracles,” and “spirituality”?  If indeed, Science seems to even “dissolve” our traditional priestly Heaven itself?  Then this very development, fits and fulfills, obeys, the neglected core to apocalyptic prophesy:  one “day,” amazingly, our Heaven itself is supposed to be “dissolved” (Isa. 34.4, 51.6; Rev. 21.1 ff; 2 Peter 3.7-12).    5) In order for us to see after all, the clearer appearance, a second and better coming, of Christ:  Christ advocating not “faith,” but science.


Alternate Series Titles:

“All the Host of Heaven Shall Rot Away” (Isa. 34.4);

The Heaven-Shattering Second Coming/“Appearance” of God,

In Science-Based Religious Studies;

The Bible Favors Good Science –

Over Faith,

Spirituality, Churches, Preachers … and Heaven Itself;

The Apocalyptic Destruction of Heaven, of Magical “Miracles” and

Priestly Over-Spirituality; vs. the Foretold Resurrection of God to Physical Things,

The Second Coming of God –

In Religious Science

“He Leads Priests Away, Stripped”;

The “Day” When “Judgement” Comes:

The Destruction of Heaven, the Return of God to Material Earth,

In the Fuller Science of God.





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