God’s Science v. 1.0 Intro to the Destruction of Heaven, TITLE Page only



Vol. 1:

Introduction to

The Destruction of Heaven


“Dr. Woodbridge Goodman, Ph. D”;

[Last edited by Dr. Griffin Gaddie Ph.D., July 9, 2014.]

Amazingly, we can see the first clear outline of

The Second Coming of God – here and now.

But – as the Bible foretold –

The second “appearance” of Christ on earth,

Is not entirely what preachers and churches expected.

Today, God destroys our Heaven of “Faith” in “miracles” and “spirituality.”

And advocates

Religious Science, over Faith:

“With you is my contention O priest”;

“Listen to me…. The heavens will vanish like smoke” (Isa. 51.4-6);

“Heaven cannot contain him” (1 Kings 8.27);

“Test everything…” (1 Thess. 5.21);

“… Understanding science” (Dan. 1.4 KJE).


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