God’s Science vol. 1.6 The Destruction of Heaven – for Bad Preachers


 Chapter 6:


 Huge Sins, in All Preachers; ‘

All Priests, Ministers, All Holy Men  –

And Their Most Inspired Doctrines:


Of the Two Major Voices From God,

 In the Bible, The Major Voice from God, 

Strongly Warns About Priests and Holy Men

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The churches every day present themselves to us all, overwhelmingly, as if they were holy, sacred, authoritative; as if they were the voice of God himself.  To this very day, every priest “presum”es to speak, as if he or she was the voice of God himself, ever day.  Yet what some of us are beginning to finally see, is that indeed, our churches and preachers, even our highest holy men, were never entirely good or holy at all; they were even far worse than merely “unworthy,” as some belatedly admitted at times.   What the child-molesting Church should now begin to teach blindly faithful believers, is that 1) not only are many ordinary priests, really awful sinners in their own personal behavior and private life.  But 2) worse than that, our holiest religious leaders, bishops, were even worse, in that they cover this up.  And?  3) They continued to assert – by various sophistical or false arguments, apologetics, as we will see – that however, our “Church” was still, overall, holy and sacred.  So that thus … was 4) ancient biblical prophesy, partially fulfilled.  Just as God warned, our highest religious leaders, were “deceiv”ing themselves and the whole world, and its “worship” (Rev. 13).   By presenting their churches as if they were far more reliable and “holy,” authoritative, than they actually were.  By presenting themselves, characteristically, predominantly, as the perfect or holy instrument of Christ; when they were no such thing. 


The real, bigger, far more important lesson of the Pederastical Church therefore?  Was that not only do individual preachers sometimes sin; but far worse, our highest, loftiest religious leaders, have long been whitewashing over their sins; to disguise the cracks, the filthiness within. (See “whitewashing” in the Bible).   Therefore, we really have not just one major problem in the Church; we have two.  We not only have first a) hundreds (and historically no doubt, thousands) of homosexual and child-molesting priests.  Worse?  We b) now discover that … all our Catholic bishops have lied to us, continually.  So that we have filthiness … at the very highest levels of the church.  (As only partially confessed, by the c. 2010 resignations of many Catholic bishops in Europe; Belgium or Ireland).  And then, far worse?  Look at the awful implication of this:  6) if our holy men lied to us about one thing, like the reliability of priests, they could have lied to us about anything – and everything.  They might not have just sinned and erred in their personal behavior; they might have sinned and lied, even in their allegedly most holy “doctrines” and sayings about God.  They might have indeed, misrepresented themselves; they 7) might even ultimately have misrepresented God and Christ to us, as well.  They might in fact, have presented even a “False Christ” to us all.  And governed the whole world, with a False Christ.  To be sure, these are large allegations.  But?  Suppose we begin to look beyond Pederastygate; to the many warnings from God, from the Bible itself.  8) About especially, a foretold, heaven-shattering moment.  When we are supposed to discover that essentially, “all” our holiest men and angels, even those in Heaven itself, were always, horrible sinners (Isa. 34.4 ff, 51.6; Rom. 3.23; etc.).


The churches have now and then made cursory gestures of “humility” and “unworthiness.” But none of them is anywhere close, to what we need to really deal with the far, far deeper scandals and far more massive sins of the churches.  Beginning first of all, with their massive Pride and Vanity.  That has allowed them to present themselves as holy and sacred … even as they concealed their priests, sexually molesting children.  Even as they systematically lied, to essentially, the whole world.  Presenting themselves as more far more authoritative, and far, far more holy, than they actually were.


 Indeed, in some ways, it even appears that our holy men and churches, have even been – to use biblical language – “deceit”ful; and even “evil.” 


The larger implications of the Pederastical church therefore, will be shattering therefore.  Though to be sure?  This should not surprise those … who actually read their Bibles.  The Bible itself was already warning of false things, even in the very first Christian churches (1 John 2.9-11, 2.18, 3.17-18, 4.14.20; see Paul’s’ “another Christ”; cf. Rev. 13 etc.).  As we will now be showing, here and now.





Equivocal, Inadequate

Confessions of Error,

By Holy Men


Many churches have made partial, inadequate, double-tongued, vague, equivocal allusions to problems in themselves.  But of course, most of them have never strongly or unequivocally renounced or denounced, their claim to be the effective voice of God himself.  Indeed, whatever cursory attempts at modesty or humility they undertook … has always been overwhelmingly drowned out, by the continued, prevailing presentation of themselves, as holy voices of God. 


To be sure, the churches have now and then, made minor, partial, and ineffective admissions of problems in themselves.  Sometimes for example, in the fine print of obscure pronouncements and doctrines, the church would offer cursory, inadequate “confession”s of sin and humility.  In particular, a few leaders would now and then – belatedly – suggest that the Church  “on earth,” was not quite perfect yet (CCC:  Catachism of the Catholic Church, 1997-2000 AD, 2nd ed., Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 669-670; 671-77; 769; 825).   But they would suggest that here was an ideal church, “in Heaven”; to which the church on earth was, for all practical purposes, many would imply, linked.  So that indeed, bishops would often continue to say that “The Church” was perfect or “holy.” But of course, this tricky kind of use of language, the churches playing semantic word games like this, is not honest.


The church normally, overwhelmingly, presents itself, day to day, as holy and sacred.   So does the church really, plainly, unequivocally, confess its sins?  To be sure, note that in phrases like “the church is good,”  here as is often the case, Christianity uses a not-entirely satisfactory “double tongue” language.  A kind of dishonest, evasive language, that was to characterize most of Christianity’s loftiest documents (1 Tim. 3.8; Ps. 12.2; 1 Kings 18.21-39; etc.).  This “poetic” language, found in many Church doctrines – and even in most translations of the Bible – is sometimes said to be like “poetry.”  More exactly, the language that churches typically use, is ambiguous, or equivocal; it is usually saying two, even exactly opposite things, at once.  On the one hand, at first, on the surface, a) this kind of language, on its simple surface, assures simple readers that their simple faith, their full confidence in church and miracles and so forth, was right.  And b) only in a very, very obscure undertone, a “second” voice  that most people could not hear … did it begin to admit some of its own sins and imperfections.  Only those who were aware of a very, very obscure distinction between “the Church” in Heaven, vs. “the Church” on earth, would ever know that constant apparent assurances that “the Church” was holy, had a hidden, second, more self-critical meaning. 


This semi-hidden confession of sins though, has never been quite enough.  This trick language, this semantic “literary” use of language, is perhaps better than an all-too-simple, monolithic text.  On the other hand, telling the truth, only in a veiled undertone, is still not quite honest.  And so, finally one hopes that all this will be fixed, made more honest and transparent, one “day.”  While – as a matter of fact?  We find here that the Bible itself commands – that one “day” or another, the “confusion of tongues” will at last be lifted.  And God will speak more “plain”ly.  In a “tongue” that almost everyone understands.  So that at last, not just a few literate elites, but all understand the fuller message and ambiguity of the Bible; its veiled confession of sins, even in our holiest men and angels. 


Can all the people now be allowed to “see” the real nature of the Church?  In the past, many have thought that even if ordinary people are told about the sins of holy men, still, they cannot be counted on, to be able to deal with this.  Especially, it is sometimes thought that the people cannot be told about the sins of their leaders, and yet still follow them, and function as a coherent society.  Therefore the pretense of perfection, of holiness, by our churches, though partially false, needs to be maintained, as a “white” lie.   We need people to have an exaggerated confidence in our religious or other leaders, they say; because the people would all but totally abandon being good, following authority, if we did not constantly over-emphasize the importance, and reliability, of leaders. 


Yet is overemphasizing the authority of holy men, really necessary?   By now, surely, even the ordinary person by today knows, after years of Democracy, that even our greatest leaders, are often flawed.   And related to that?  By now, much of our more educated population has enough sophistication, to see both levels of the texts.  And to at last face and accept the firmer,“second” level of the text, of theology, of the Bible:  to see and accept the level of the text, that told us that even our religious leaders, likewise, often sinned and erred.   The level of the text that therefore, did not stress blind, childlike “faith” in authority.  But that told us instead, that “all” our holiest men and angels, often sinned.  The second level of the Bible, that told us that we must always be on the lookout, on the “watch,” for sins in priests and bishops, churches and apostles; even for sins in the holiest men and angels, in Heaven itself.


Is the Bible itself double-tongued?  For centuries, in fact, the Bible itself, has always offered us essentially, two voices or callings.  One 1) which appears to – albeit only equivocally – support priests and churches.  One that could be taken, out of context, and used by priests to support, bolster, their own authority. But then there was another voice in it:  2) alongside and even within the same sentences that seemed, superficially, to support churches and their authority?  There was always, a slightly stronger, rather transparent series of warnings about holy men.   There was always, in the Bible itself, a “second” level of the text, in the Bible itself.  Which constantly noted longstanding, continuous, massive sins and errors, in essentially, “all” holy men.  A voice that told us therefore?  Not to have such blind confidence or faith in religious leaders, or faith in their vision of God and Christ.  A voice that told us instead, to continually examine “everything” in religion (1 Thess. 5.21), with real science (Dan. 1.4-15 KJE; 1 Kings 18.21-39).  To find out what things in religion are true – and which are not.


To be sure in fact, the New Testament itself  – at first – seems hopelessly split between two different voices; and the Platontic  word/world, heaven/earth dualism that created that split.  Yet to be sure?  If the Bible itself at times seemed to speak a “double tongue,” finally the Bible told us that these splits, this doubleness, would one day be resolved.  In part by … over-spiritual believers learning to see God’s embrace of the “world” and “science” especially.  Or indeed in fact, by the all-but utter collapse of one of the voices;  the collapse of the spiritual voice, and the collapse in fact of our spiritual Heaven itself. 





The Heaven-Shattering Side to This


In a way therefore, the Pederastical Church revelations, are a gentle introduction, to a level of the Bible, that our preachers and churches, have never adequately told the People about.  A level of the text that when properly read, introduces the whole world, to an extremely serious, heaven-shattering moment of awful realization, or revelation.  Where preachers failed us all, where they did not do their job, was when they failed to see or honestly teach, the (“literary” and “poetic” some have said) nature of the text:  the Bible’s entertaining of not just one but two voices.   Especially, where our proud churches sinned, was by suppressing, repressing, the massively consistent voice in the Bible – that did not support the authority of priests and ministers. That warned over and over again, that even our holiest men and angels, often sin and err.   Preachers sinned against God and man, when they failed to honestly and adequately stress, the side of the Bible that stressed not blind Faith, but crucial Science.


Overall, events like the Pederastical Church, reminded some that there have always been sins in our religious leaders, in the churches; but those sins have always been covered up, whitewashed, for centuries.  And those sins – including the whitewashing of them – go all the way up to the top.  Sins are found in really, “all” our holiest men; to the Bishops – and in effect, in the Church “itself.”  And some of us first noted this sin … when we were told about bad priests, sexually molesting children; and then told that all our Bishops covered it up.  But while this is really the important lesson for us all to learn?  There is a great danger, that this important  moment will slip by; and everybody will forget it.


For a moment, c. 1998-2010 AD – when the newspapers uncovered child-molesting priests especially – it seemed that the Catholic Church for example, would be exposed, and would have to reform itself.  For a moment, it seemed that the Church would begin to “confess its sins,” as some said it began to do.  In say the c. 1998 document, “Reconciliation and Memory”; or finally in the pederasty scandal.  But if for a very brief moment, the Church seemed to confess sins in itself?  By now, some Catholics particularly, have all but forgotten all that.  Since Catholics particularly are in the habit of forgiving their own sins, in superficial “confessions,” all too quickly.  By now, many Catholics, assume that the pederasty scandal is confessed … and therefore, it is over by now.  So that many feel safe in forgetting about it all.  But that too-easy forgiveness, and forgetting, is a sin in itself.  Especially because forgetting all this too quickly, obscures and can even totally lose sight of, the really, really, all-important, timeless, still-relevant revelations of this particular event.  Which are?   Put it this way:  if all our bishops could lie to us once, they could lie to us twice.  Or indeed, furthermore?  Catholics should now take a look at one more, even more devastating aspect to this recent scandal.  Considering the logical implication of all this:  that at times, probably, most of those we think are our holiest men, lie to us.   As indeed, God continually warned.


By 2011, already Catholics are beginning to assert that they had firmly taken care of any problem with the Pederastical Church; the pederasty scandal.  They assert that the scandal has been taken care of – at least since the coming of Cardinal Joe Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, in 2005.  Many Catholics now incorrectly assume that all the “sins of the Church” have now been completely confessed – and forgiven.  But in fact, the Church has barely scratched the surface of its sins; the massive, fuller extent of those sins, only barely began to surface … before complacent and self-satisfied, proud, Catholics, began to whitewash it all over, once again.  But here and now – and continually – it will be necessary to continually revive the memory, of their past mistakes.  In order to keep our churches truly humble. 


Yet to be sure?  Such things have been said before – and the churches ignored them, eventually.  Therefore, it is now necessary to make much clearer, and to enlarge upon the larger implications, of events like the pederasty scandal.  Specifically, these individual scandals should begin to teach us all, that essentially “all” our holiest religious leaders, have often lied to us.  Our church, essentially all our bishops, lied to us, every single day.  Therefore, what is the larger lesson that must be learned here?  It is this:  our churches, and our highest religious leaders, have never as good as they pretend to be, or as they are popularly perceived to be.  Therefore?  We will need to simply, at last, move on, past all our churches.  To a second and better understanding, of God and Christ.  To a clear understanding that God, Christ, did not stress “faith” in holy men, as much as our holy men urged on us.  In fact?  If our churches are confrontational or in Denial of this crucial side of the Bible and of God?  Then we appeal directly to the People themselves.  To simply read the Bible itself, as we have excerpted it here.  With particular attention, to the “second” appearance of Christ that it offers.  The finally, prevailing, major side of Christ.  The side that …finally, gets rather confrontational, with our churches and priests.   As we see Christ finally, simply … telling us that our priests and ministers were often largely false.  That they deceived themselves and the whole world.  And that therefore?  We can and should, move on to a “second” but better, understanding of Christ.  Even if that seems to dissolve our childhood vision of Heaven itself.  Even if it finds massive sins in essentially all our churches; and tells us to … simply leave nearly all our churches, behind. For scholarly, science-based religious study; for the Science of God.


What we are coming to finally, is a larger, more important – and ultimately heaven-shattering – conclusion.  But one that today, everyone on earth, should learn.  Learn not just to vaguely understand; but to very, very vividly and continuously see.  The whole world has been deceived by a false idea of Christ and God; from what we see today, we can be certain that essentially all our major religious leaders, often lied or equivocated, to all of us.  Even on major doctrinal matters about the church, and matters about Christ and God himself.  And that leads to some important, heaven-shattering but biblical conclusions.  Specifically?  If essentially all our holy men, are often liars?  And if – as will be seen – their lies are not even good “white” lies, but only black, whitewashing sins?  Then of course, there is only one motif, only one series of prophesies in the Bible, that would seem to fit and explain, what we are seeing todaywhat we are seeing, some of us, is a moment in the foretold, Destruction of Heaven.  What we are seeing – some of us – is the foretold moment, when God himself shows us that our holy men cannot really be from God, much of the time.  Those of us who “face” this, are experiencing the foretold moment when 1) God himself reveals that essentially all our preachers have all been largely “false” holy men; bad priests, “false prophets.”  So that finally?  God in effect, destroys our Heaven itself.  To clean religion, of massive sins, errors, pride and vanity.


What should the people have learned, from Pederasty-gate?  First, they should have learned that 1) our holiest men, our highest bishops and cardinals, often lie to us.  And from that in turn?  Then 2) our religious leaders are deceiving – particularly in, say,  their claims to speak and act reliably for God.  Therefore?  If 3) they often lie, particularly if they lie to cover up huge sins in themselves?  Then our priests and bishops are not really, truly, fully, from God   Nor, by extension, are our Protestant “ministers” either (cf. 2 Corin. 11.14).  And finally, 4) there is only one motif or series of prophesies that really fit this:  as foretold, God is showing some of us, that our holy men are largely false; that the whole world was deceived by a “false” “worship” (Rev. 13).  Our traditional priests and prophets, have all essentially been, all along, mere the very foretold false or bad priests, following false prophets, that they themselves often warned about.


Indeed, the evidence shows that several ancient prophesies were long ago fulfilled.  That is:  if our priests and ministers, are not really from God, most of the time?  Then after all, that means that – exactly as foretold – much of our traditional Christianity, our religion, was “false”; a false form of “worship” – following even a false idea of Christ, as noted above.  And moreover?  It seems that  this substantially false form of Christianity was fantastically influential and powerful; indeed, it has ruled the entire “world,” in effect. 


If indeed, our preachers’ false form of religion, of Christianity, was often said to be the guiding, primary value of Western Civilization, from the time of Rome, 400 AD, to almost the very present?  If so, then religion ruled the West … and the West in turn, ruled the world.  So that our religion – Christianity – ruled the whole “world.”  And since it was largely false, in its occasional claims to be holy, or sacred, or perfect, and even merely reliable?  Then we would have to say that long ago, an ancient apocalyptic prophesy, began to be fulfilled:  long, long ago – possibly as early as c. 25-400 AD, or at least by 1945 – the whole “world” began to be ruled, by a false image of Christ (or a “False Christ”s, “anti-Christs”; “another Jesus” than the right one).  By a false Christianity.  A false “worship” therefore, and a false Christ – as the Bible warned – began to rule the whole “world,” long ago (Rev. 13; 1 John 5.19; and all other references to a bad “world” in the Bible).  But the great irony here, is that the foretold deception of the world by a false Christ, is not something in our future; it is our entire historical  past.   The foretold false Christianity that was to rule the whole world, and put it in the grip of the “evil one,” even in the time of John?  Was actually … historical Christianity itself.


The deception of the whole world by a false Christ, a false “worship,” a false Christianity, we will be seeing here and elsewhere, is not some future event; it actually began to happen, long, long ago.  And it has continued, almost to this very … day.  Until today, in fact.


It is to be hoped, that the Pederasty scandal alone, would have provided enough obvious signs,  to begin to wake up even the most complacent, blindly faithful believer; Catholic or Protestant.  It is to be hoped, that the specter of suddenly noticing hundreds of priests sexually molesting children, boys, of suddenly noticing that all our holiest religious leaders, were not above lying, to cover that up?  It is to be hoped that this would be enough to wake up the most blind and deaf and dumb and stupid believer; to the possibility that after all, the very core of our traditional Christianity, the authority of our priests and prophets and their vision of “Christ” –  might after all, have been false.  That following our religious leaders so “faith”fully, might merely have realized the foretold deception of the world.  That the Bible itself at times warned, was already beginning, even in the time of Jesus and John (1 John 2.18).   Already, in the time of John and Peter and Paul, c. 50-90 AD, our holy men were already beginning to proudly assert far more authority, and righteousness, than they actually possessed, by natural right, or from God himself.   Indeed, when the churches began to acquire too much power?  They merely realized the ancient warning, the ancient prophesy:   that the whole world and its “worship,” were to be dominated … by a false Christ; in effect, by a false Christianity.


And yet, if our churches and holy men, long ago succumbed to a massive pride and vanity; and then to lying – and literally, to pederasty?  Then after all, seeing and facing all this, at last, begins to expose, the fuller sins of the churches.  And then?  It allows us all to finally allow ourselves, the people, to see a second and far better appearance, to God and Christ. 


Indeed, God himself shows us the sins in holy men; in order that we might at last clearly see what was wrong … and then move on, to what was really true and good.


What we are coming to eventually therefore, is a very, very positive conclusion:  the second and fuller appearance of God on earth.  But we should not sugar-coat this.  Before the believer gets to this positive conclusion, exactly as the Bible foretold, each of us must pass through the most painful kind of “fiery,” disillusioning, disenchanting experience:  we must learn to last see and continually confess, sins in the very things we thought were absolutely holy and good.  We must learn to at last see the warts, the sins, in our holiest heroes, in our priests and angels.  Exactly was the Bible told us, must see the sins, the dead “weeds” and dead “wood”; so we can break them off, and intellectually burn them; and clear the land.  For new and better growth.  For the clearer view, of the truth; the foundation that finally stands, and remains (q.v., Bible).


Out of the Pederasty Scandal, in fact, what we should all be coming to see now therefore, is something that is at first, far, far more disturbing.  What Catholics and all Christians should be beginning to see, is something really much, much deeper, much blacker, than “just” the discovery that a few thousand Roman Catholic priests were sexually assaulting minors.  By now, many believers have “seared consciences”; and might not be upset, by  1) “just” discovering a few thousand Catholic priests sexually molesting little boys.  But what about the larger implications of all this?  That 2) literally “all” our holiest leaders, can lie to us all – and have lied to us?  What about next, the finding that 3) our Churches therefore, were never nearly as good as they claimed.  That indeed, 4) our churches have often been, even, rather evil?  Surely, a church in which the priests are sexually molesting children, boys, and essentially all the bishops are covering that up … should not be called “perfect” or “holy” or “sacred”?  Our churches have often told us they are sacred, or holy, or some such thing.  But clearly, we could not say that a church is sacred … where the priests are sexually molesting children, and all the bishops are lying to cover this up, to whitewash it.  Clearly of course, 5) anyone who calls such a church “holy,” must be a moral Cretan (see Paul, on Crete); anyone who trusts such a Church, must be one of the hopeless “fools,” or the intellectually “blind” people that the Bible itself warned about (q.v.).  The End Time prophesies warned that indeed, the whole world would be found to have been fooled by bad, false prophets and so forth.


Or indeed?  Finally consider the millions of obviously blind believers, who still simply, blindly, faithfully regard the churches as holy, and who still follow them blindly, faithfully.  The millions who still, after all this, continue to ignore Pederasty-gate?  What is there in the Bible, that could describe these people?  (And the Protestants too, the millions of blind believers, that fail to see the implications for their own, Protestant churches).  Finally, there is only one Biblical prophesy, that seems to match the enormity of the blindness and foolishness that we now see:  regarding those millions of people, who still continue to simply re-assert that our own churches, are perfect or holy?  There is only one thing in the Bible, that matches them:  they must be the whole “world” of people, that the Bible warned about, in its Apocalyptic, heaven-shattering prophesy.  When the Bible warned about billions of people, the whole “world,” of intellectually “blind” people.  Being “deceived” even in their “worship” (Rev. 13).  But if so?  The Bible said that the second coming of Christ would help them see; would restore the sight of many.  While indeed?   As we begin to re-read our Bibles here, we begin first of all, to “see” another, second side of Christ and God, that was always shut out, denied, and disobeyed, by all preachers, in all churches:  all of them essentially ignoring and disobeying, of course, the side of God that warned about preachers and churches.  Thus those all but utterly blind to the sins of churches, should be able to come to, one “day,” “see” a “second” and better, more effective Second “Appearance” to Christ and God.  They should see Christ as he really, more fully is; they should at last attain “judgement”; and they should see God, Christ, exactly as foretold, making clear the sins of all holy men.  Making clear that even the angels in heaven sinned mightily:




“He leads priests away stripped” (Job, in Job 12.19).


“To the angel of the church … I have not found your works perfect” (Rev. 3.1-2).


“How can you say, ‘We are wise, and the law of the LORD is with us’?  But, behold, the false pen of the scribes has made it into a lie….  From prophet to priest, every one deals falsely” (Jer. 8.8-10).


“Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (Paul, 2 Corin. 11.14 RSV).   “Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works” (11.15 KJV).


“If some one comes and preachers another Jesus than the once we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or if you accept a different gospel from the one you accepted, you submit to it readily enough” (2 Corin. 11.4).


“From prophet to priest, every one deals falsely” (Jer. 5.31).


“Both prophet and priest are ungodly” (Jer. 23.11).


“I did not send the prophets” (Jer. 23.21).


“When … a prophet, or a priest asks you, ‘What is the burden of the Lord?’ you shall say to them, ‘You are the burden, and I … cast you off’” (Jer. 23.33).


“All have sinned” (Rom. 3.23).


“Do you not know that we are to judge angels?” (1 Corin. 6.3).


“If God did not spare the angels when they sinned”? (2 Peter 2.4; cf. Job 4.18).


“Punish the host of heaven, in heaven” (Isa. 24.21).


“He leads counselors away stripped, and judges he make fools …. He leads priests away stripped” (Job 12.10).


“Though they climb up to heaven, from there I will bring them down” (Para.; Amos. 9.2).


“All the host of heaven will rot away” (Isa. 34.4).


“Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal which comes upon you to prove you, as though something were happening to you. But rejoice in so far as you share Christ’s sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed….  For the time has come for judgement to begin with the household of God” (1 Peter. 4.12-17).


 “Heaven will pass away” (Mat. 24.35; Mark 13.31).


“Lo, my eye has seen all this, my ear has heard and understood it….  As for you, you whitewash with lies” (Job, in Job 13.1-4; cf. 4.10, 10. 18-19, 4.11).




Will priests and ministers and churches, ever face this side of God?  By now no doubt, having read such things, many religious apologists are already deliberately, busily whitewashing and obscuring the larger lessons, of the Pederastical Church.  And obscuring and “twist”ing all these passages from the Bible, too; to design sermons that will assure churchgoers that everything is fine, by whitewashing and “twist”ing all this away.   (Whitewashers like, say, Father John Corapi; who however, note, was finally suspended from conservative “Catholic” radio and TV and Internet network, EWTN/EWRN; “Eternal Word” Television and Radio Networks.  Suspended around 2011, for suspicion of having had several affairs with – for once – grown women.  While likewise, another EWTN priest, an exorcist, confessed his love for a woman, a client … and was likewise suspended.  But these examples of sin in chaste priests, are of course, conservative; compared to what we saw in Pederasty-gate.)   Yet what real believers should have begun to learn to “see” at last, here, and what real believers should never forget, are the constant biblical warnings from God, warning about the constant, deadly sins – of priests and churches. 


In fact, what the blindly faithful should be finally opening up their “eyes” to see, are the larger and darker implications of Pederasty-gate; the implications that are finally large enough, disturbing enough, that they really begin to qualify as truly … Apocalyptic, or heaven-shattering, biblically speaking.   We were told that 1) Christ, is to arrive again; and when he does?  He 2) helps the blind to see; and 3) exposes sins in holy men.  While our second view of Christ begins to do both things; as it finds the interrelationship of these two or three items.  Specifically?  1) When we re-read our Bibles the way we are here, we see a second appearance to Christ; 2) thus we see some things that we were “blind” to earlier; 3) specifically, we now see God, Christ exposing sins in holy men.  Even in those in Heaven itself.  Then we are not so blind any more.  And we become better persons; 4) as our former pride and vanity are burned off; and 5) we begin to see the sins even in the very things we proudly held to as perfect, at last.  Noticing these sins … so we can burn them off.  Clearing the way to see the living, true things that remain, at last.


And here and now, after a little caustic fire, intellectual criticism, a few might already begin to see.  Furthermore, we might hope that this moment of realization, of “mature” understanding, of purgation, will come not just to a few individuals; but even to those millions, the masses who are mentally blind.  Who should even now have begun starting to “see.”  See beyond the white tip of the iceberg of the churches; to see the huge, dark mass, under the surface of the water.  But just to make all this very, very clear, to people who do not hear or understand things, until they hear them over and over again:  let us clearly, plainly say that the real thing that believers – both Catholic and Protestant and Orthodox, Evangelicals; even Muslims and others – should have learned from the Pederasty Scandal?  The lesson they should have learned, or begun to “see,” is that 1) all our bishops, our highest religious leaders, can and do – often, regularly – sin and lie to us all.  Indeed, even all of them. Even continuously; every day.  More importantly?  2) If all our holy men have lied to us once, they could lie to us twice; or continually.  And furthermore, it 3) now seems clear, they lied to us specifically, when then said that they and their churches are holy, and do not lie to us.   While against all our priests and bishops and religious leaders, it now seems clear, simply, that our churches were never so very good; not at all. All of them lied, deceived, particularly therefore, in their claims to be absolutely holy and sacred.  And furthermore?  If 4) all our bishops, could in fact lie about matters as important as that, every single day?  For years?  Then 5) after all, they could be lying about … everything.  All the time.  For 6) all we know, for instance?  Our preachers have therefore, never been following God at all; but secretly or unconsciously, have been working for the devil himself, or a False Christ.  Indeed, this formerly rather fantastic and extravagant-seeming accusation, now seems far more reasonable and plausible … if and when we see that priests are literally child-molesting pederasts; and all our bishops and religious leaders are liars.  Or indeed, for all we know, 7) there is no God at all … and many of our preachers know it.  But they have been deliberately deceiving the whole world.  Out of say, a desire to control the world.  (Or even an ascetic “hate” for the “world,” and hate for even their brothers and sisters.  A sentiment that does find expression even in holy texts; in even the priestly voice in the Bible; like say Luke 14.26.  And various diatribes against the “world”).  Here to be sure, we believe in God and the Bible.  But it seems very likely, at the very least, that essentially none of our priests and ministers and religious leaders … have really been following God.   


Indeed, our religious leaders seem to have been following a very, very false idea of Christ, at best.


And in effect?  Much of the old Great Deception, the great delusion or illusion, the False Prophets, False Christ prophesies – the biblical warnings, that the whole world would be deceived, by false prophets, bad angels and churches, bad priests?   Has long since been fulfilled.


But while this is so?   Here and now, we are beginning to see more clearly, how all that is exposed.   And then, how all this is finally resolved.





What the Bible Says




It will be hard for many to believe; hard or impossible, for millions raised (/hypnotized/”enchant”ed) from infancy to absolutely trust our religious leaders … to believe that such a thing is possible:  “how could God allow this,” many typically ask.  Yet God allows many things that we would not think he would allow:  God for example, allows all the Evil in the universe, to exist.  Though you would not think that a good entity like God, would allow Evil (as Theodicy well knows.)  While furthermore, the Bible made it perfectly clear, that God would allow, specifically, the evils we now see, in holy men and our holiest institutions.


Is this really possible?  Could most – even essentially all – our holiest men and women, our religious leaders, have sinned, and have been mistaken, even in their most allegedly inspired and holy moments?  One of our major points in our books here, will be to show that the one book that most believers and preachers are trained to believe and follow and respect – the Bible  itself – confirms that this was not only possible, but inevitable.  That all this is actually part of God’s Plan, right from the start.  Amazingly, we will be showing here and elsewhere, that the Bible itself warned continuously, that they would often make mistakes, and would sin; and sin horribly against God.  To the point that none of our religious leaders should be followed too loyally or faithfully; not at all.


Many will be unable to face this.  Could essentially 1) all holy men have been … very, very “deceived”?   Or 2) could they even have often even been, themselves,  rather conscious, deliberate “deceivers”?  For ardent believers,  trying to come to grips with this possibility, all this seems impossible.  Surprisingly though, there is a very long series of dozens, hundreds, thousand of statements and prophesies, in the Bible itself, that can be read to the people, to prepare them for this.  Specifically, there is a long series of 1) warnings throughout the Bible; where God warned us that our holiest men and angels – even those specifically in Heaven itself – have often sinned and erred.   As we have just begun to have noted, above.  While for that matter?  If the very highest saints and angels in heaven itself often sinned, then of course, no one should be so surprised to find later on, that the Bible also began to warn about essentially, “all” holy men and religious leaders on earth, too, as well:


“All have sinned” (Romans 3.23).

“If we say we have not sinned, we make him a liar” (1 John 1.10)

“Let no one contend,… for with you is my contention, O priest….  I reject you from being a priest to me” (Hos. 4.4-6).

“From prophet to priest, every one deals falsely” (Jer. 6.13).


“Prophesy against the prophets of Israel” (Ezk. 13.2).


“The prophet is a fool, the man of the spirit is mad” (Hos. 7.9 vs. St. Paul Acts 26.24).


“Not every one who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter” (Mat. 7.21).



Those who have actually read their Bibles closely – especially the parts that we have at last re-assembled here –  should not even be too surprised,  to say, hear God himself call as prominent an apostle and saint, as the Apostle Peter, “Satan”:



“From that time, Jesus began to show his disciples…. He turned and said to Peter, ‘Get behind me Satan!  You are a hindrance to me; for you are not on the side of God, but of men’” (Mat. 16.21, 23).



Here, Jesus himself called the Apostle Peter, “Satan.”  This is especially significant, because Peter is often credited by the Catholic Church, for example, as being the founder, and in effect the first Pope, of the first and only valid Christian churches; of the Catholic Church.  Which is so certain of its ties to Peter, that it calls itself the “Church of St. Peter.”  And traces all its authority, to Jesus’ allegedly final commission to Peter, to be the “rock” of the Church.  (Never mind that the word of God shatters the rock, etc..  Or that Jesus here, seems to effectively retract that endorsement).


In summary?   Priests and holy men are all too fond of publicly noting sins in everybody else; other than themselves.  Yet clearly the Bible itself, God himself, warned continuously, about massive sins, in our holiest men and angels and apostles … and preachers.  The Bible warned about sins even especially, say, in those who think they are following Christ, the “Lord, Lord.”  For obvious reasons – out of self-love – your preachers do not mention the side of God to us, every often in church.  (For hundreds more biblical warnings about false things in every aspect and person of religion, even Christianity?  See our Bibliography, and other whole books on this subject.  Especially our books on “False Priests”).  Some preachers are aware of these warnings; but they mis-construe them, “twist” them; claiming for once that these lessons were only for people of the past, not for our own time.  Or preachers quote misleading parts of the Bible, that, taken by themselves and out of context, can be read in such a way as to suggest that whatever sins preachers have had, have been cleansed, washed away, by this or that special gift from God:  by “anointings,” or “baptism,” Grace, forgiveness, or some other special qualities.  Yet in our Bibliography, we will show that though God at times mentioned many such things as being potentially, at times, partially useful?  Ultimately 1) God himself warned about all the major personnel of religion; from “apostles” and “bishops” and even “Christs,” on.  While we will 2) also find that the Bible finally noted problems, even in each and every one of the many allegedly saving, special graces, that were said to have removed our sins. (See Bibliography, on alleged special saving graces).  Even the “anointed” priest sinned at times, the Bible warned for instance (Lev. 4.3, 7.26-7; Lam. 4.20); while the “blood” that seemed to save us, also has problems at times too (Lev. 17.14; Deut. 21.8; Hab. 2.12; Zech. 9.15).  Finally, God himself breaks the staff of “Grace” (q.v.).


Finally therefore?  Not only did 1) the Bible warn continuously about sins in all the major people and angels and professions, involved in religion;  sins in our holiest men and angels; but then 2) God himself warned of inadequacies, furthermore, in each and every allegedly saving element of religion, from A-to-Z:  from “angels” and “anointing” and “blood,” to “worship” and John “Zebedee.”   But 3) then too, finally and especially?  Because there are so many sins in every aspect of religion, even “Christ”ian religion, finally, God began outlining there is a long, extended, detailed series of important End Time prophesies; where God told us that one “day” or another, God would  therefore come, to especially, expose sins in, especially, holy men; priests and angels


Our priests and ministers, present themselves to us proudly in effect, in church every Sunday; presenting themselves as leaders worthy of our attention and obedience.  And if there are dozens, hundreds of parts of the Bible that criticize and warn about them?  Our preachers have devised a hundred, a thousand clever sermons, that “twist” those words; and assure us all that these constant warnings from God, apply to everybody else, other than themselves. Yet as we will have begun to show here, finally there are just too many of these warnings; and finally too, as we will be showing, the warnings of God all too obviously, apply even to Christian priests and ministers; even to those who cry out to God, and who assert they are following the “Lord, Lord.”  Actually in fact, the Bible warned continuous about sins especially in “all” priests and ministers, Christian and otherwise.  And those sins, we were warned, would persist, even in spite of dozens of allegedly special “gifts,” that were designed to take those sins away; even in spite of the “inspiration” of the Holy Spirit itself.  Indeed finally?  We will be seeing here and elsewhere, that the Bible itself not only meant to warn us all, that even our holiest Christian men and angels sin, in their personal behavior, and in their doctrines and sermons; but also those sins are to persist …until indeed,  the End of Time.  Until one “day” in particular. When God is supposed to show up, in a “second” coming.  To very prominently expose sins in our holiest men and angels on earth – and in heaven too (Isa. 34.4, etc.).    When God resolves the problem of massive sin in holy men … only by effectively, exposing all priests and ministers – and then dissolving heaven itself.


Can it be true? Is God going to expose sins in all our preachers?   And then sins even in the highest saints and angels, in Heaven itself?  And then God is going to destroy … Heaven itself?  At first it seems impossible. Here and elsewhere though, we will have begun to review many, many passages, where a reader should be able to at last begin to see, that indeed, 1) God himself constantly warned about bad, false things, in our religious leaders. All our religious leaders, on earth, and in heaven itself.  So that?  Finally, the Bible called for, predicted, the destruction of Heaven. 


For centuries, preachers have read these passages; but they have never been able to face them, or publicly note them well enough.  Yet indeed, the Bible is chock full of statements criticizing priests and prophets, and all their special gifts too.  While finally?  God simply wants to “dissolve” them all in “fire.”  Them and their Heaven, itself.  Though preachers have desperately worked to try to run and “hide” from those passages, to hide from that side of God, finally there are just too many such passages.  And finally those criticisms of preachers, from God, become more and more pointed:  they begin to apply more and more pointedly, not just at all “prophets” and so forth, but even more specifically, at Christian holy men; who call on the “name” and persona of “Christ,” the “Lord, Lord.” And indeed finally, the warnings from God about holy men, become more and more pointedly, specifically directed at our major apostles, by name; like Peter.   And finally, the warnings from God began to be directly very, clearly, at our own, “present” Heaven itself; and “all” in it (q.v.; above).  


For centuries, priests and churches at times, confessed some minor, temporary sins; but then they quickly assured us that some special saving gift, like baptism, or the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, washed away and forgave those sins.  But?  Here and elsewhere we will be showing that the Bible actually criticized and warned about, every single major religious person, job, or role; and furthermore, though the Bible at times suggested that this or that allegedly special gift or grace, might temporarily cleanse us of our sins?  Even the sins of priests?  Finally the Bible itself will make it clear that none of those allegedly special personnel, and none of those alleged special gifts, really finally, prevent the great mass of humanity, and our preaches too, from sinning and erring so seriously?  That finally, God himself comes to show that Heaven itself and “all” in it (all but God himself?) are to be found to have been inadequate, and even sinful.  And God arrives at last, a second time, to 1) expose them all; and to 2) finally, destroy their Heaven, itself. 


While indeed?  In part, that begins even here and now, it seems.  Here and now, we see God – the Bible – exposing sins in all our holiest men and angels.  And in effect?  We see God himself, dissolving … our traditional Heaven itself.


And thus?  Perhaps the foretold Destruction of Heaven, begins here and now, for many of us.





What History Says

About Christianity



It will be hard – even impossible – for some believers – especially preachers – to believe or face this side of God.  Yet?  Many true Christians might at last find the strength to face it … on discovering here, that the exposure of dozens of huge, awful, consequential sins in essentially all our holy men was foretold, authorized, by the Bible itself.


Could the foretold exposure, by God, of essentially all our preachers, be starting to happen, even today?  To start, the current discovery by the public, 1) that many of our Catholic priests were homosexuals, sexually molesting children?  And then 2) the worse realization, that all our bishops were “whitewashing” this and covering it up, lying to us?  All that, should have begun to help to accomplish the long-foretold exposure, by God, of priestly sins, to the whole world.  Indeed, among the larger implications of child molesting priests, and deceptive bishops, were many extremely serious things:  especially for instance, we must conclude that essentially “all” of our holiest religious leaders were probably unreliable or partly false.  But to be sure, even now, millions of religious apologists are working hard, to whitewash over all of that; and to get us to believe once again, that everything is perfect in our Church. 


Pederastygate therefore – the moment that the information on child molesting priests was at last released to the public – may well be the beginning of the foretold End, for some of us.  But even Pederasty-gate, will not quite be enough, to overcome constantly priestly topspinning and twisting and whitewashings, of the awful facts.  Yet perhaps there is still enough force left in the original story, and the residual shock, to still get Christians from now on, to begin to seriously consider, think about, and always keep in mind, the many signs, of sins, even in their major religious institutions.  But furthermore?  To make sure that the lessons of recent History are not lost?  To try to make sure that the recent, heaven-shattering revelations are not simply, totally whitewashed by priests and religious talk show hosts?  To make sure of that, we will have begun to cite 1) not only recent History, Pederastygate.  But also and far more importantly, we 2) will have begun to note here, the many times the Bible itself warned of such things; the dozens, hundreds of times the Bible itself warned that there would always be false things in our holiest men.  While to all that information, we might 3) now add a quick survey, of what the discipline of History, has said about the historical performance of our alleged holy men, and religious institutions.


God himself told us in effect, to pay attention among other things, to History.  God warnings that there were many false prophets; and therefore, we should not trust the prophets blindly, but believe in them … only if what they promised, prophesied, was born out, actually “came to pass,” in real life:



“And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word which the LORD has not spoken?’ – when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word which the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously, you need not be afraid of him” (Deut. 18.21-22; Jer. 28.9).


“As for the prophet that prophesies peace, when the word of that prophet comes to pass, then it will be known that the LORD has truly sent the prophet” (Jer. 28. 9).



The Bible speaks in at least two approved voices, continually.  But here?   Here we are given by God, the right and obligation, to judge even prophets; by using History; by looking to see if what they promised, actually came true or “came to pass.”


Historians have been telling us for centuries, about countless sins in churches.  And though the public could never really face this in the past, after the recent news stories, it seems that the public might now be at last mentally prepared, not to go into Denial; but to be informed, here and now at last, of this formerly-suppressed fact:  though we were almost never told this in church, for centuries, hundreds of brilliant religious scholars have asserted that there have always been many huge practical and theological sins and errors and deceptions, in essentially, all our Christian and other churches.  In them, and in their core doctrines.  Especially scholars have noted that  the churches of “love” for our enemies, the preachers of “peace,” were often literally at war.  First in the Crusades.  And later, in the brutal Catholic, Spanish invasion of South and Central America.  Then too, the Protestant and Catholic churches of love were soon at literal war with each other; especially say in the 16th to 18th centuries (with the Thirty Years War and so forth).


Today, most Christian churches try to whitewash the historical record of religious conflict.  But our religions were often at war with each other.  First, 1) the Romans persecuted Christians … until around 300-400 AD; when Christianity was first allowed in Rome, and then finally became the official religion there.  “Before 300 AD,” some historian said, “you could be killed for being a Christian; but after 400 AD, you could be killed for not being one.”  The fact is that though Christian monks were technically meek and mild in some ways, their lay associates were far more militant, or acted out whatever militant tendencies the monks had; so that once Christianity was in power?   Those of other religions were discriminated against … and often jailed, tortured, and killed.  As “heretics,” or non-Christian infidels, or “witches,” etc…


Surprisingly, there were even actual wars, even between various Christian churches themselves.  There were 2) many armed conflicts between nations ruled by the Catholic Church, vs. the Eastern churches. And then?  3) Many more problems began around 1515-17, when Martin Luther had begun to declare a kind of protesting independence from the Pope in Rome; and when Henry VIII soon began to declare a Christian church that was purely English; an “Anglican” Church; a “Church of England”; one of the first Protestant churches.  Though this declaration of independence from Catholicism and Rome, was a significant advance many historians said – the Protestant Reformation helping the rise of a more independent Middle Class, and the rise of individuality, and creativity that sparked the Industrial Revolution – the rebellion of Protestants against the Catholic Church, soon resulted in many even armed conflicts, from about 1536 or so.  So that 4) by 1588,  when the Spanish Armada sailed from Catholic Spain … largely with the Catholic intention of using force of arms, a war, to in part end religious freedom – to end Protestantism – in England.  To restore England, to Catholicism.  Furthermore, this was just the beginning, of centuries of “Christian” wars.  5) During the 16th thus the 18th centuries, there were countless real, physical wars, fought in large part between Catholics and Protestants, and other rival churches. A massive, often armed conflict, often between Protestants in England and elsewhere, against Catholicism, began in the era of Henry VIII; and finally erupted into actual, physical wars, between Catholics and Protestants, from c. 1536 to 1588 and in America, until 1776.   Especially notable, was the Thirty Years War, c. 1618-48.  In this era, 6) Protestants commonly referred to the Pope as the “antichrist”; Protestants oft referring to the traditional Catholic Church as a false church, led by an antichrist. 


And at the same time that the various Christian churches were busy killing each other in the name of love and peace?  History also records 7) many occasions, when ordinary everyday Christians, attacked and fought others, who did not match their religious beliefs.  This happened spontaneously, informally.  But at times systematically too:  8) Christian churches were at times formally trying and jailing, torturing, and killing, those who differed with their religious opinions.  Many thousands of persons were declared to be “heretics,” or “witches” and so forth; and these people were often jailed, tortured, and even burned to death; 9) as we saw in the story of Galileo.  And of various Inquisitions; especially the 10) Spanish Inquisition.  History recounts many cases of the churches killing others, as heretics and witches; one of the more prominent and sad cases, is the case 11) of William Tyndale (also sp. Tindal, Tindale; 1494-1536).  William Tyndale was one of the first scholars to translate the Bible, into English, and for that, he was condemned by the Catholic Church. And then he was strangled, and then burned – some said still alive – at the stake.  By the Church.  While History furnishes dozens, hundreds of similar accounts, of still more religious murders; like the famous 12) Salem Witch trials.  When America was founded, 13) it was this recent historical record, that lead the Founders to stipulate that church and state, were to be kept rigorously separate, henceforth; that as Jefferson was to say in a letter to the Baptists (at their request), there was to be an “iron wall of separation” between church and state.  To avoid national wars, centered around religious differences, the imposition of one religion or another on the state, as the official state religion.  Yet 14) while America thus began to avoid many of the kind of Christian infighting and wars, that had dominated the previous two centuries, conflicts from Christianity, continued in countless other countries.   Armed conflicts with communists, White Russians, lead to tens of millions of deaths in the Communist, Russian Revolution of 1917; and 15) then in the efforts of Mao, in China and so forth.  While 16) traditional Protestant/Catholic wars continued till about 1986 or thereabouts, in Ireland. So that History records hundreds of millions of deaths, from religion, from religious wars, religious pogroms, religious – even “Christian” – trials for heresy.   Christians torturing and burning those who disagreed with them.  While of course, 17) many other religions often also joined hands with local and national pride, to oppose other nations, and other religions.


Religion, even Christianity therefore, was often not quite as meek and mild as advertised; it did not always “turn the other cheek” to its enemies; it was often part of the motivation, for many, many wars.  But in addition to wars, and war deaths, caused by religious differences?  We will have begun here, 18) to allude to another aspect of History, and deaths caused by religion,  that historians themselves have yet to fully document.  That is? Here, we have already expanded on some things that the Apostle James said, to speak of the kind of disaster, caused by priests’ “spirituality.”  But indeed, James barely scratched the surface:  there are the as yet still largely untold stories, of the great mass of as-yet not completely documented, unnecessary suffering caused.   When not just ascetic monks, but larger segments of the population, were taught to despise all material life, and practical knowledge, science and technology, and to despise real actual bread.   And to try to live on empty words, alone.  But these people too undoubtedly went hungry and many finally would have… starved to death.  To precisely the extent that they really believed, and followed.  As St. James began to note.



The countless accidents and deaths caused by priestly over-spirituality though, have yet to be fully documented by Historians; that is a work for the future.  But there are already many sporadic, scattered accounts – of deaths caused by asceticism for example.


But in any case, we will need a new generation of Historians, to 19) document another, related kind of disaster, caused by our preachers.  That is:  the previously-unnoted suffering caused, when religious believers followed their religious leaders, into erroneous thinking and action.  The as-yet untold story, of the millions, the billions of people (specially women), who came to grief, when they were taught by the Church to believe, in things that do not work in real life; when they were taught to believe in “miracles.”  When they were taught to believe in a Miraculous Christ, being taught to believe, essentially, in Magic and sorcerer-priests; conjuring.   When preachers taught us to believe in “miracles,” priests constantly spoke in a way that implied that the only and true way things happen in life, the only way we get physical things we need, food and drink, were not by working for them with our own “arm” or “flesh,” digging wells and farming; but only by praying, and waiting for the things we need, to appear out of thin air, by miracle.   This is the constant message delivered to us, when we were taught belief in God, and miracles.  And this message, belief in miracles, would have been great, if it had worked.  But in fact?  Science and experience – and History; observing what “came to pass” in real life – finally teach most of us, that belief in “miracles,” a core value and lesson of preachers, simply does not work with any reliability. 


Millions, billions of us were taught a pray-and-get-miracles theology, by our priests.  Indeed, this was one of the pillars of Christianity.  But was it true?  Was it fruitful?  Did the wonders it promised, “come to pass”?   Many of us have tried out in real life, this famous lesson of priests, belief in miracles:  we have, say prayed for dinner to appear out of thin air, by miracle.  And yet?  We found that our dinner never arrived.  Unless someone “work”ed and cooked it, and placed it there with their own “hand”s. 


Indeed, History taught us that if we want “bread,” the best way to get it is not by praying for it to appear, by “miracle,” out of thin air; but working hard with our “hands,” farming, to get food.  As God commanded Adam to do; and as much of the Bible confirmed.  Indeed in fact, history and experience, more closely examined, will eventually confirm that those who believed too much in “miracles,” for example, were extremely badly lead; they were lead into false ideas, that could not reliably feed us, or take care of our material needs.  So that indeed?  Those who followed “miracle” workers, would have been lead into increasingly greater degrees of …  physical dysfunctionality.   As versus those who relied more, on their “work” and “labor.”  Things that after all, the LORD often told us to do.  Though parts of the Bible told us not to trust too much to own “arm” or “flesh,” on the other hand, many more parts, told us that our own work, with our own hands especially, was extremely important, in realizing God’s plan for us.


Just looking at the Bible itself, reveals that the Bible often stressed the importance of physical sense, and things that do useful physical work.  Overall, even the Ten Commandments, told us to “work” 6/7 of the week; ceasing work only on the Sabbath. And if other parts of the Bible seemed to prophesy that those who trust to their “work” would not be fruitful?  Then after all, that is an empirical claim … that can and must be continually compared against empirical and historical evidence.  While when we do that?  We find that those who do not “work,” but who only wait for things to appear out of thin air?  They either live in poverty, and starve to death … or they are fed by charity, by more practical persons than they. 


In fact?  Experience, history, science, have all shown, overwhelmingly, that rarely if ever, do the physical things we need, just appear, magically – or “miraculously” – out of thin air.  Anyone who wants to, can quickly test this in his or her own life:  just pray to the LORD to make your dinner appear, before you, out of thin air; and wait to see how often that happens.  Experience here should teach anyone, even a child, that praying for miracles rarely if ever works; most prayers for big miracles, do not work once, in a hundred thousand tries; not once, in hundred million.   Praying for miracles, was the life style taught to billions of us by most priests, for thousands of years.  But the problem is, that what we were taught was absolutely holy, does not work reliably at all; indeed, as a method of getting through life, it is a horrible failure.  So that?  We can assume that all those who follow our priests in their boastful but empty promises of miracles, to any significant degree … would have suffered immeasurably.  Those billions who might have farmed, and milled, and made their own breakfasts … had their more effective measures, criticized by priests, and curtailed; ended.  They were discouraged by priests, from doing effective things that would have fed them fairly reliably; while priests systematically directed the people toward efforts that … do not work.  And when too many people, spent too much time, in activities that do not work?  In activities that do not even feed us?  Then various degrees of poverty and starvation, would inevitably have ensued. 


Can Christians face these and other, countless “signs,” of sin and error, deep in all that our preachers and churches assured us were absolutely holy and true?  For centuries, Christians have been unable to do this.  But perhaps at last, they can find the courage and conviction to face all that: on discovering that 1) the Bible itself, warned of even Satanic sins, in holy men.     And when they find that 2) the Bible told them we should honor experience, and 3) science.  And 4) experience.  To look carefully at the prophets, and compare what they promised, to what we see “come to pass,” in real life.  To see if our holy men, our prophets, were true, or were simply false.   Indeed, Christians should be able to simply incorporate these things into their religion, their Christianity … on having discovered, with us here and now, that the Bible itself, Christ himself, God himself,  commanded thisThe Bible itself told us to follow History:  the record of what “comes to pass” (Deut. 18.20 ff). 


Many Christians are aware, that there are some severe conflicts between what holy men say, and what science and History and personal experience, have told us.  Especially with regard to asceticism, and promises of miracles.  But most believers, following what their preachers have constantly claimed, think that they were ordered by the Bible, to ignore all the “signs,” all the evidence of Nature, and Science, and History; preachers have constantly assured us all, that God told us to ignore all such things … and just continue to “have faith” in the miraculous, spiritual Christ presented to us by preachers, all over the world. But in fact, among the main goals of our books here, will be to show believers – even recalcitrant priests and ministers themselves –  that the Bible itself, overall, read more carefully … did not really want us to have such total, blind faith in holy men, in preachers and their promises; not at all.   Far from it.  Actually 1) God often warned that “all” our holiest men and angels often sinned horribly.  And therefore?   2) far from having much “faith” either in them, or in the “Christ” they presented to us in church?  Instead, 3) God commanded us all to learn and constantly apply, a critical Science of God to “everything” in religion, in holy men; to see where their doctrines were true and materially fruitful …and where they were simply, false.  Where our holiest men sinned, and prophesied, promised things that just “do not come to pass” in real life, in any timely, reliable way.


The Bible itself 1) not only in effect, embraced history, when it told us to observe what “comes to pass”; it 2) often recorded religious history itself:   the history of the Jews and so forth.  While 3) it also told us to honor the record of honest “witnesses.”  Therefore, in effect, the Bible – God – supported good, honest History.  And thus?  When History reveals that there were many bad things, in religious leaders?   Then finally the Bible itself – tells us to honor, to accept – to “face” – that discovery.   Especially, when Science confirms it. 




“Rebuk”ing Our Preachers and Religious Leaders





What should believers do therefore, finally, when history, scientists, ordinary lay and even secular culture, tell us that there were massive sins and errors in our churches?  Should Christians just continue today, to blindly, faithfully, ignore all the constant “signs” of sin in allegedly holy things?  Many will undoubtedly continue to do precisely that – if we did not bring books like our present book, to the attention of believers.  Until today, it has seemed inevitable that most believers, will always continue to be blind, deaf and dumb, to all physical, material evidence of error in their own holy men.  Unless or until, something appears in the narrow field of vision that they allow themselves to see:  unless or until … we find quotes in their own holiest book – the Bible itself – telling them that indeed, holy men can sin.   And indeed finally?  Fortunately, the Bible itself – for that matter, God himself –  often confirmed, what we and secular/lay culture have been telling “religious” people for centuries:  that in fact, our holy men were never really as good as they themselves claimed, or allowed themselves to be perceived.


To review the five major points, in all our books here?  Believers, priests, should at last learn to see the many times the Bible itself 1) warned that bad things, massive sins, would occur, even among essentially “all” those who thought they were Christians, over and over again.  “All have sinned.”  While furthermore, we will have begun to find here – and will nail down further, later – none of the many things that were claimed to remove, “wash away” that sin, were truly good after all.  Even, say, sacraments, like Eucharistic wine, some would say.  (See negative things on “wine” in the Bible).  Even special gifts like “Grace” can be taken away.  Even … angels are often bad.  Indeed, the Bible warned that effectively “all” our holiest men have often sinned … and 2)  therefore?  The Bible itself told us finally, not to have so much “faith” in holy men; no more faith than a “grain of mustard seed.”  And if we are to 3) let that tiny grain grow?  We should let it grow – only if real experience and science, prove that what was claimed in the name of God, what we were told to have “faith” in, is actually true.  While for that matter?  4) If as a matter of fact, one “day” or another, we are to discover that … nearly all of what we heard from holy men was at least partially false?  And if thereby, the wonderful mental vision of a perfect Heaven full of perfectly reliable holy men … seems to “dissolve.”  Then after all, all that exactly fulfills, matches, and is absolutely confirmed by, justified by, Biblical prophesy:  one “day,”  precisely and exactly all this, is supposed to happen.  One “day” or another, God is supposed to show you yourself, sins and errors in essentially all our holiest men and angels on earth, and sins in practically all in heaven itself.  And on that day or thereabouts? Your Heaven itself is supposed to collapse.  But 5) if all this seems impossibly painful for believers and preachers to face?  Then they should at last find the courage to believe it … in finding that all that, is in order for God to make more visible to us after all, the “second” and better “appearance” (“parousia”), the Second Coming, of Christ.  If we are shown sins in holy men, that is only to whisk them away … in order to make visible, the truer, firmer outline of Christ (Heb. 12.26-8).  Which is?  Christ as he appears more clearly, firmly supporting not “faith” in holy men; but supporting at last, a Science of God.


Facing all the many signs of sin and error in holy men and angels, is extremely painful.  Facing the fact that you pray, and yet?  Food does not appear out of thin air.  Facing the fact that Catholic priests are found sexually molesting children.  Facing the fact that even spirituality has horrible sins in it.  Facing the fact that even the Bible itself, does not say what all our churches claimed?  Facing all that … is extremely difficult for a believer, trained/brainwashed from infancy, to believe such things.  And yet finally, only those believers who at last learn to do face this, can be considered truly saved.


It may be however, that most believers and preachers are so thoroughly deluded, so strongly gripped in false theological “enchantment”s and “delusion”s of a False Christ, a Christ of “Miracles” and “spirit”  that they will not, of their own will, break free.  And so therefore?  When your personal experience, and Science – and History – begin to note many signs, of problems with our churches?  When their material, physical “fruits” do not seem as good as they ought to be?   Then far from ignoring such things, and such people, we are supposed to loudly note and “rebuke” them.  Instead of simply ignoring such things and such people, Paul for example told us to firmly “rebuke” Christians, who seemed to do bad things, or to be lost in delusions.  Indeed Paul, among others, often noted sins in himself.  And Paul even noted “insincerity” and hypocrisy, in even Cephas or St. Peter, himself (Gal. 2.13).  Even as of course, Jesus himself noted sins in the religion of his day – in the “scribes and Pharisees.”  And as Jesus himself warned of massive sins to come, even in and among Christians.  Even as Jesus finally called St. Peter, “Satan,” for example (Mat. 16.23).  So that indeed, Jesus himself began to teach us that when we see huge sins and errors in believers and preachers?  Far from remaining silent, we are to loudly “rebuke” them.  To rebuke in fact, the holiest men and angels. No doubt, says one part of the Bible, we should not call an older man a “fool.”  But we are allow and even required, to “rebuke” those who make errors:



“Who rebukes a man will afterward find more favor than he who flatters with his tongue” (Prov. 28.23).


“Rebuke them in the presence of all” (1 Tim. 5.20).


“Therefore, rebuke them sharply” (Tit. 1.13).



Christians in the past have not been entirely good about accepting criticism; often they simply declared anyone who disagreed with their ideas, to be false; to be an enemy.  But if so?  Then it is time for Christians to note that Jesus himself, seems to have been particularly concerned about the moment when Christians seem to have failed, especially where “love” and tolerance for our enemies, was concerned.  Jesus often told his followers, to a) “love your enemy,” and even  b) “turn the other cheek” when stuck.  When soldiers came to arrest Jesus, c) Jesus not only did not resist them militarily, but d) when Peter struck the ear of a servant of the priest come to arrest him, Jesus even healed the ear … of the stricken enemy.  Jesus himself indeed, often called us to “love” and tolerance.  And especially, e) to “look for the beam in our own eye,” before “casting the first stone”; before “judging” and punishing others. 


Historically, Jesus Christ himself indeed, seems to have been quickly forgotten – first, by the priests of his day; who had Jesus arrested and killed, on charges of “blasphemy”; on charges of misrepresenting God and the holy books.  And then, after the priests successfully killed the real Jesus, the human being on earth, Jesus was also forgotten.   By literally millions of Christians.  Who totally lost sight of the real Jesus.  Especially his peaceful side.  So that they were eager, among other things, to torture and kill all those who opposed themselves, or their false ideas of God; their False Christ of “Miracles” and “Spirit.”   Yet finally, those who read History for example, will find that History attests to the historical failure of our priests’ major theologies.  Including even the “loving” posture of priests.  History indeed will eventually attest that Christianity and other religions, killed hundreds of millions, billions, of human beings.  First they killed millions through direct acts of violence against “heretics” and so forth.  But also?  They killed millions through forcing their false promises, illusions and delusions, on others.  Though their false promises of miracles and so forth; which did little more than leave the whole world in the darkness.  Believing in magic; in conjuring and spirits.


No doubt, there were many good things in traditional Christianity.  And no doubt, at least some people at least partially heeded calls from Jesus for peace, and consideration.  Yet?  Finally History records that though overall, traditional Christianity was a very significant asset, traditional Christianity seems to have killed, about half as many as it has saved.  Though traditional Christianity therefore,  was overall, an asset to humanity, it was never quite entirely perfect.  Indeed, Christianity probably killed half as many people as it saved.  So that Christianity has always been very seriously mislead.  By even especially, its holiest men, its priests and ministers, bishops and popes, churches and parishes.  Mislead by them, and mislead by in effect, the False Christs preachers presented to the world; deceiving the whole world. 


Until this very Day.


But perhaps after all,  here and now, we have come to the End.  Perhaps, by now, as they have read the many excerpts from the Bible presented here?  As we will have presented the parts of the Bible, that preachers always denied, or “twist”ed and “whitewash”ed?  As even an average reader, begin to at last read the Biblical inserts?  Perhaps many readers at last, will have begun to see, the Second and better appearance of Christ.


As foretold by the Bible itself.  By God, himself.









Here suddenly at last, we begin to see Christ a second time; seeing him as he really, more fully is.  We begin to see a “full”er, more mature outline to Christ:   Christ no longer advocating blind, “child”like and often fatal faith in religious and other “authority,” as much as Christ now asking that we have confidence, only in authorities that have legitimately begun to demonstrate their rightness, by … demonstrating real empirical results.


To be sure, there were hundreds of reference to “faith” as such, by name, in the Bible (overwhelmingly, in Paul).  Faith in God.  And to following, having faith in, the holy spirit of God in the Bible.  But which idea of God, which spirit, really is God?  There are many biblical warnings about “false spirits” posing as the good, right spirit from God; so how are we to know if the spirit we feel or accept here, is a spirit we should we have faith or confidence in?  Clearly, common sense and the Bible both, tell us to “test the spirits, to see whether they are from God” (1 John 4.1-3).  Indeed, we are told to “test everything” (1 Thess. 5.21).  Especially? God commands us to “test everything,” (1 Thess. 5.21) with “science” (Dan. 1.4-15 KJE; 1 Kings 18.21-39; etc.).  Finally therefore regarding “faith” and so forth?  In sum, we are supposed to have faith only in things reasonably well proven, by empirical experience; by science.  Jesus himself typically, did not ask even his apostles for “faith” … unless or until they themselves had personally seen Jesus work some physical wonder, right in front of their very own eyes. So that when God asked for us to have faith, or to follow the Holy “spirit,” how are we to know which spirits or ideas are the right, holy spirit?  God himself warned us that there are many false spirits, false Christs, some of them presenting themselves as God, the Holy Spirit itself.  Therefore, how we are to find out which of them is truly from God?  Finally we are supposed to “test everything” that our preachers and holy men have claimed; test everything they say, with science.  To see if each saying, is empirically proven to be physically, materially fruitful.  And, if we are to have “faith” in anything?  We are to have faith only in things reasonably well proven by experience, and science.  We are to have faith in … the Science of God.


As we will have begun to see here, in our introductory book; and as we be seeing, more fully, in our next few books.


To show that God did not really want us to have so much “faith,” as faith in things well proven?  This to be sure, is a difficult thing to prove.  And in the opinion of some, we will have to deal with nearly each and every one of the major sayings in the Bible (overwhelmingly, from Paul), that seemed – at first – to stress “faith.”  But in fact?  This we will be doing, in our lengthy series of books. In our series of books to follow, we will be answering one specific objection after another to the Science of God; until at last, the reader sees and accepts, the second and better appearance of Christ.  In our series of books, we will be answering one objection after another … until finally the most resisting reader sees God and Christ demanding of us all, not the blind “faith” of preachers, faith in their miracles, and their spirituality, and their Heaven.  But finally sees God, Christ himself, calling us all to follow, the Science of God.   A science of God now partially found in existing science-based religious study.  And as sketched in briefly in our own book here, and in more books to follow.


Yet to be sure, when we see that God wanted more science, than faith?  This means that what eighty generations of Christians heard from their priests and ministers and religious leaders, was not entirely correct.  And so what should we all say, to all existing churches and preachers?   To every single one, with no exceptions?  This might do nicely:




“To the angel of the church … I have not found your works perfect” (Rev. 3.1-2).


“Get behind me, Satan!” (Mat. 16.23).


“Let no one contend, and let none accuse, for with you is my contention, O priest….” (Hos. 4.4).




These might be almost our final words to our traditional religious leaders.  Except for our notes, to follow.  And our next few books.  Which will explain and document more fully, what we have come to conclude here and now.


What should we say to and about our preachers?  It may be that our Christian priests and ministers, were largely an asset to civilization; in their emphasis on modesty and obedience.  And for that matter, at their best, our preachers were almost suitably modest about themselves; about their own abilities.  First of all, 1) some preachers sometimes confessed that they themselves were not “perfect”; that they all often made mistakes in their daily life.  As they themselves did not meet the standards they had set for themselves.  And 2) some preachers even sometimes even confessed that they often made mistakes even in their sermons, in their sayings, their summarizations, their pictures, their characterizations of the doctrines, of Christ.  While 3) most of course, should humbly know they cannot really consider themselves fully “good,” or “holy,” when they stand before God himself, in the Second Coming, or Judgement Day; no one is fully good, except God himself; and no one can really “stand,” proud of himself … before the humbling sight of God himself.  Knowing this partially for centuries, therefore at least some preachers have been at least partially prepared, spiritually, mentally, to face a second appearance to God.  One that exposes sins in “all”; including sins in our holiest men particularly. 


Some preachers therefore may be prepared to partially face this critical review of they, themselves.  Yet in the past, most preachers have desperately, slyly tried to gloss over this side of God.  And to do that?  They fastened onto mere misleading fragments of biblical text that seemed to support the authority of priests and ministers; using misleading, decontextualized fragments, to try to avoid really facing their own sins.  So how can we reach the bulk of our preachers, and get them to more clearly see their own sins at last?  To so that, here at last, we will have begun to look at their misleading fragments, in their larger, “full”er context of the Bible; especially in the context of God’s constant warnings that priests are often false.  As we look here indeed, at the many parts of the Bible that preachers suppressed, and denied, and could not face or admit.  Especially the parts where God criticized each and every element of religion; including the behavior of preachers, especially.  So that today?  Every very true, honest preacher … will cease misquoting the Bible today;  indeed, “every” alleged “prophet” or priest or minister, will confess his sins; indeed as foretold, every one should simply confess, that he or she was never a fully good preacher or prophet at all; as per say, Zech. 11.4-17, 13.1-14.1.  Every priest and prophet today, should begin to continually confess to all, that essentially all our priests and prophets of the past were often flawed and false, even in their most allegedly holy pronouncements (except the call to Science?).  Today, we need every tongue of every preachers, to at last begin to tell the truth; and confess sins in all preachers and churches, even in many of their allegedly holiest sayings, spirits, and doctrines.


Will preachers today, have the humility to do this?  Will they at last, confess their own inadequacies and sins … and thus be able to see and acknowledge the second, better appearance of Christ?  Or will preachers once again, simply attack and try to kill Christ – just exactly as their predecessor priests tried to attack and kill Christ himself, in the first coming?   No doubt, many preachers, when confronted with the Second Coming of Christ, will simply once again, simply refuse to acknowledge God or Christ.  And many preachers – or especially, their lay followers – will violently try to kill this appearance, too.  Just as they did, in the first coming.  In the First Coming, it was the priests who, more than anyone else, tried to kill Jesus.


Indeed, many priests and many others attack Christ in the Second Coming, the same as they did in the First.  But some?  Some will at last open their blind eyes, at last.  And see.


To be sure, it is hard for priests to look for sins in the very things they thought were holy.  And so, when they and their beliefs are criticized?   To defend their vanity, their pretensions, many priests will desperately quote any parts of the Bible, that could be taken to suggest that they, priests, are the foretold good people, being unjustly attacked, “hated,” and “despised,” by the evil “world.”  Preachers will try to prove that they are attacked not because they are bad, but because the world, their attacker, is bad.  Preachers will try to say they are being attacked, because they are tying to hold up the truth, in the midst of a bad, bad world.   In particular, preachers in fact, like to us this textual fragment in their services, to try to prove that the Bible supported this idea:



You will be hated for my name’s sake” (Mat. 10.22; 24.9; Mark 13.13; Luke 6.22-27; 16.13; John 7.7, 12.25, 16.18-25, 17.14).



If anyone criticizes a preacher?  Preachers have always tried to counter that, by read and stressing the parts, the voice in the Bible, that seemed, in one reading, to flatter preachers.  If anyone criticizes a preacher, the preacher for example will read the above; and tell himself and everyone else that God foretold that Good people like the preacher, would be attacked by the world, just because the world hates the truth.  But here and now we are systematically listening to the many quotes in the Bible, that expressed a very different opinion of preachers.  Here, our books are centered around excerpting quotes from God, that preachers usually cannot face.  And what do those parts say?  Those parts tell us finally,  that priests are actually often hated – or say, “despised” and “cursed” – just because … preachers are often simply, bad and evil.   Especially because priests get the “knowledge” of God wrong, in their “instruction” or teachings.  As God himself often said to priests.  As God himself said in Malachi, for instance; in the last (and therefore, in some ways most conclusive) book of the Old Testament.


All preachers might well look particularly, at this following condemnation of priests from God.  From Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament:



And now, O priests, this command is for you…. I will curse your blessings; indeed I have already cursed them, because you do not lay it to heart.  Behold, I will rebuke your offspring, and spread dung upon your faces….   For the lips of a priest should guard [preserve] knowledge, and men should seek instruction from his mouth, for he is the messenger of the LORD of hosts.  But you have caused many to stumble by your instruction; you have corrupted the covenant … says the LORD of hosts, and so I make you despised and abased before all the people” (Mal. 1.10-2.1-9).


“For behold, the day comes, burning like an oven, when all the arrogant and all evildoers will be stubble; the day that comes shall burn them up, says the LORD of hosts, so that it will leave them neither root not branch” (Mal. 4.1).


Put me to the test, says the LORD” (Mal. 3.10).



Preachers will often proudly, vainly pose as martyrs; and insist that they are hated, because they are just too good.  Preachers will often quote the part of the Bible, that suggested that the world hates priests, because priests are trying to stand up for truth and honesty, in an evil world.  But this sermon, like most priestly sermons, is mostly false.  It takes misleading parts or fragments of the Bible, mere parts of Jesus; but does not look adequately at the overall, “full”er message of the entire Bible.  Preachers do not look at the “full”er outline (/coming/appearance) of Christ.  They do not look at and accept the part of the Bible where God said that priests are often “despised” simply because … priests are often despicable.  Because priests are often arrogant and proud.  And their “instruction,” their sermonic teachings, present the knowledge of God incorrectly, and badly.


The Bible itself to be sure, 1) was seemingly almost always of two minds, two voices, on the status of holy men.  It seems in fact, to “vacillate” continually from one position to another.  Particularly on the question of the status of priests, versus more practical, hard-working lay people.  Or 2) if at times indeed,  the Bible seemingly tried to at last, settle this continuous, rabbinical debate between the spiritual and physical lifestyles?  At times, in fact, the Bible even seemed to finally settle, if anything, on the side of holy men, versus the rest of the world; at times it suggested we cannot “serve two masters, God and mammon,” and therefore we should, some would say, serve God; or seemingly spirituality.  Yet?  3) After our long, closer look, here and now, at this continuous dialogue on spiritual holy men in the Bible?  We will be finding that though the Bible for a while entertained two “opinions” on God and on holy men, in the end, the Bible demanded that we do not “vacillate” (q.v.), oscillate forever, between two rather opposite ideas of life, and of Good.  And 4) that finally?  We use scientific experiments, to find out which idea of God is the right one (1 Kings 18.21 ff).  We are to call on God … and only consider following the idea of God that gets real empirical results.


Jesus 5) himself at times, to be sure, was pictured in the gospels, by the disciples to whom the gospels are credited, as seeming to call for a decision between two ways of life; one that often seemed to favor the spiritual, priestly decision or calling.  And yet?  As we have begun to look more closely at the entire Bible, and all of Jesus?  We have found an endless series of biblical quotes, even in Jesus himself, that clearly do not favor the spiritual, priestly vocation at all.   (See for example Jesus on “eunuchs,” or the priestly life style of men giving up sexual relations, marriages; Jesus seemingly allowing two paths here, and presenting the celibate life as optional).  Surprisingly in fact, we will be finding that 6) though the Bible, in classic rabbinical style, continuously entertained two opinions on priesthoods, finally it systematically at least allowed two life paths.  Including the life style of the non-priest, the lay working man or woman.  While 7) indeed?  We will be showing in this and other books, that if we must choose between two life styles?  The final decision of the Bible and of God, is actually strongly … against the one-sidedly spiritual life style.  Again and again, God said negative things about preachers.  And God warned continually about “false spirits.”  While finally, God asserted that spirituality must re-join “flesh” and “world.”  Ending dualism.


Amazingly in fact, in the end, the Bible tells us that the prophets and priests that we thought were “first” with God, that seemed so “wise” and “noble” – turn out to have fooled themselves, more than anyone, with their own “high,” “lofty” opinion of themselves.  In the End, God is supposed to show you that essentially “all” our priests and prophets, were simply lost in pride and vanity, in their own high opinion of their vocation; when they presented themselves as the very voicepieces of God himself, when they presented themselves and/or their spirituality, as the only voice of absolute reality and truth.  Finally because of their own crushing vanity, spiritual priests were never able to really see and face … the dozens, hundreds, thousands of other parts of the Bible; the other voice in the Biblethat warned that preachers and holy men should be despised; that they should be rejected.  Rejected, much as anything, for their massive, crushing pride, vanity, or “arrogance” (Mal. 4.1).  For their arrogance, in claiming to be the single, solitary, all but perfect, or certainly reliable, voice of absolute truth.  Rejected specifically, for their “tongues” “boast”ful promises of miracles.  And they should be rejected finally, for their “lofty,” and allegedly higher spirituality too.  Though our preachers have continually, proudly presented themselves as the holy, all but perfect voices of God, the Bible itself, God himself, constantly, adamantly warned against priests and holy men.  In last, concluding books of the Old Testament  – in the case of Malachi above for example – God warned for instance, about errors in “priests” by name; warning about sins even in their allegedly holiest presentation of “knowledge” of God, and their “instruction.”  So that?  Finally God himself, began to “curse” priests, and to cancel the validity of their “blessings.”  And God began to curse those who followed the priests, as well; the believers, the faithful.  


According to the Bible itself, more fully read, read a second time, we have found that preachers’ constant posturing, their presentation of themselves, or their ideas about Christ, as reliable, or even as holy or sacred… was at best just false posturing and pretense; more likely it was even deliberate deceit.  Rather than trusting and having faith in holy men or their visions, dreams, God constantly warned that holy men were often false; so that we should continually “test” them.  Test them, as it turns out, with real science.  Testing our holy men – first by just reading the Bibles more closely, to compare what it actually said to what preachers told us in church; but then test them especially, by comparing our preachers’ promises, to what we see actually “come to pass” in real life.  While when we do that today?  When we look at the record of their more extravagant promises of miracles – “all” and “whatever” we “ask,” etc.?  And when we look at the fatal error in their spirituality itself?   Finally we must firmly witness that the End has come; God is showing us that all our holy men and churches were very often, simply, grievously, false.


And so therefore?  Having uncovered massive sins and errors – including not least of all, vanity – in essentially all our holiest men and angels, God himself now, once again, makes preachers “despised.”  And they are despised, hated in this case, parts of the Bible allow, not because they were too good for the “world” (as they at times, like the Apostle John, proudly proclaim) … but because they were not good enough.  Preachers were often hated, simply because they were often evil.  So that indeed, after having reviewed their less-than-perfect performance?  Most of us should simply … stop going to preachers, and stop going to church.  The Bible itself tells us we should simply should, at the very least, stop listening to most alleged holy men (or especially to our conservative/political televangelists).  The fact is that God himself often warned about holy men in the past.  And Christ warned us of sins in holy men that would come, even after Jesus; even coming in the “name” of “Christ.”  Indeed, God warned of sins in “all”; and even specifically, in preachers and angels and holy men.  While the past, is prologue; the sins that God often noticed in preachers of the past, were hand on to us in our own time, to serve as warnings that the same kind of bad thing would often happen in later times as well.  While indeed we will have begun to see some massive sins in essentially all our holiest leaders, preachers, of the past, and continually to this very day; in the very “spirituality” that is so popular with priests, even today..  So that?  Most of us today, might listen to a few of their sermons now and then –  but then, we should all move away, quickly enough.  Before being captured in their web of deceit.


Today therefore, we conclude our brief introduction, to the evidence of continuous, longstanding, and often literally fatal sins and even doctrinal errors, in essentially all our holiest men and angels.  Given just what we have seen in this, our first study, probably every churchgoer should renounce and publicly denounce, repeatedly “rebuke,” his or her pastor.  Every faithful believer today, should repeatedly, publicly call attention to the sins of preachers.  Every one of our formerly blind believers, should begin to see more fully at last; and then begin to lead others, at last, to the fuller, better vision of God.  Any reader who has at last begun to see and understand, the lost voice of the Bible, the second and better voice of God, should today begin to teach others, the second and fuller view of God, that is offered here.  And that is offered by the emerging sciences of God, in previous  science-based religious studies, and so forth. 


It is sometimes claimed that Science is not, however, humble.  Yet this perspective, this emerging scientific outline of God, is in the end far, far more open – and, in spite of its often confrontational attitude, far more systematically, truly, humble – than priests ever were.  The Science of God is more humble – in that the sciences never presume to assert, dogmatically, that they know for sure, the absolute, final, fixed truth about any things, like God.  Rather, the sciences only assert that their current state of knowledge, loosely or provisionally indicates this or that position (thus following Paul’s remarks on the provisional nature of “knowledge”).  Thus the sciences have the edge over priests – even in humility.  And indeed, the truer, better humility of Science, ultimately makes all the difference.  Science is systematically open to continuous questioning and refinement.   As compared to the dogmatic aspect of religion, science’s attitude leaves us all, far more open; un-dogmatic – and  perpetually open to correction, and revision … and refinement and progress.  God himself never changes – but our perception of him should change. Especially, our understanding should often “grow,” as God said.  Yet our churches in the past, have normally been far too fixed and dogmatic; indeed, once you have firmly declared this or that idea to be absolute truth or dogma, the Word of God, then how much room is there for growth?  The very dogmatism in churches, prevented them from following God’s command to be “humble” about our past ideas; and to “grow” in “understanding,” and to “mature.”


Indeed in fact, the Bible itself is a sort of open debate.  For a long time, the Bible itself seems to have systematically entertained at least two or three rather different voices or opinions, on the question of the status of holy men and spiritual faith –  vs. knowledge based on practical experience.  At times, there was one voice in the Bible that seemed to tell us that 1) we should all be priests; implying that if we needed bread, the world did not need say, practical “farmers” to make food, but instead, it just needed more people praying … to make our physical bread appear more reliably out of thin air, by miracle.  Or 3) if that idea seemed to fail?  Then yet another opinion was proffered:  the idea that we don’t need physical things anyway, but can live on spirits alone.  But while at times and in parts, one voice in the Bible seemed to favor these priestly assertions?  Finally, insofar as there is any very firm, final outline of God offered in the Bible itself, 3) the Bible itself began to present another “second,” scientific view of things.  Thus the Bible itself, actively discussed many different positions.  Although to be sure, 4) if the Bible favored anything at all?  We will be showing here that it finally favored the “second” outline of God and Christ.  Ultimately, the Bible supported, presented Christ, just as we see him now:  Christ advocating not blind “faith” in holy men.  But Christ commanding us all to follow, instead an at-once more provisional and humble, but then also much more certain, Science of God.  Which is the fuller “knowledge,” the fuller understanding of God and Christ,  that today, every single believer and preacher should try to follow, more than anything.  Though to be sure, finally this Science is a humble science; it is itself, never absolutely dogmatic.  But is always open to correction, by relevant empirical data.  So that Science is also a perpetual debate; always open to correction.  Rather as the Bible has been.  But with a built-in openness to “growing in understanding,” that dogmatic religion did not have.













































NOTE TO PHYSICISTS AND SCIENTISTS AND ASTRONOMY:  Where is the Dark Matter of the universe?  God, Jesus, is really “light,” and “intelligence,” the Bible says; God is not blind belief, in the dark.  While we propose here, that there is far less “dark matter,” and far more light and light matter in the universe, than even physicists have thought. 


Physicists should consider these figures:  light actually, is a form of matter, photons have mass.  And now consider how large the mass of light is, put out by a star:  a star that we can see from 1,000 light years away, is essentially filling a sphere 1,000 light years across, with photons.  Which is an immense, mostly unnoticed “dark” mass.”  Most of us hugely underestimate the amount of light in the universe therefore; we need physicists to remember that when we see a star 1,000 light years away, for us to perceive it, over a period of a second, we are only picking up the tiniest fraction, of the total amount of light created by that star; out of a sphere filled with photons, what we see, is only the tiny fraction of that; the tiny fraction of light that passes through our half-inch iris, over say, the period of a second.  What is perceived by us as “light” therefore, is only the very tiniest fraction, of the total amount of light, the total number of photons, put out by that star.  And so?  It would seem likely that the “dark mass” of the universe, could well be simply … the huge, formerly unseen or unnoticed … mass of photons, filling the universe; the mass of photons, of matter, that we are not seeing, at any given time.


The universe therefore, is filled with far, far more light – light matter; photons – than people really have known.  Just because they cannot see it.  Matter that is, moreover, not just matter, but also light.  Spirit and matter both, energy and matter both, some might say.


And then too?  Can we move faster than the speed of light?  FTL?  In fact, information, impulses, move faster than the speed of light.  A simple thought-experiment proves that it is possible for some things to move even faster, than 186,0000 mps.  Consider writing with a very long – say one yard long –  pencil.  How fast is the movement in your hand, transmitted to the end of the pencil?  If we assume, for illustrative purposes, a completely rigid pencil, the impulse, the first slight push from you hand, would be transmitted instantaneously, to the end of the pencil.  So that?  There could be, in the universe, a huge number of things, impulses, moving quite a bit faster, than the speed of light even; faster than 186,000 MPS.  The universe is probably utterly chock full of impulses moving faster than light.  Just consider the vast number of material, more or less rigid objects in the universe; objects that get knocked or jarred now and then … and transmit that impulse to the end of that object, and then to the next connected object.


So that?  There is almost no need for a “Dark Matter” hypothesis; the universe is filled with far, far more light that most people thought.  The great mass of a star, is not the star itself, but in the vast, vast cloud of material photons that it spreads for a billion light years and more, around it.   But as a matter of fact?  We can all move even faster than that light; and do move faster than light, all the time.  Not that any material thing moves faster; but the impulse or energy, the “bump” of one object against another, one atom against another (even one photon against another, in a beam of light?), travels much faster than any given object or atom; like the impulse of one train, bumping into the back of another, carries from car, to car, to car; until it reaches the engine compartment in front.  In a string of loosely connected cars, with space between them, the impulse moves slowly.  But in more-and-more firmly connected series, in more and more rigid objects – like the atoms in a frozen bar of steel, say – any given impulse, a bump, moves faster and faster, through that object; from one end, to the other.


Thus there is less dark matter, than many have thought; the universe is full of energy, of light.  Of seemingly immaterial/spiritual impulses that move – but thanks to matter.  And that move in part through light; and even faster than light.


Is there a lesson here for both Physics, and Religion?


To be sure, those of us in religion, must listen, more often than we talk or dictate to, Physicists.  (With apologies to the singer “Madonna,” singing “faster than a ray of light”).






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