Science of God 10 – Over-Spirituality; the Great Sin of Modern Christianity

The Day When Judgement Comes; The Destruction of Heaven,

By the Second Appearance, the Second Coming of God,

In Science-Based Religious Study



Vol. 10:





The Hidden Evil in the Spirit of Preachers;

Priestly Asceticism Causes Poverty & Death,

By Neglect of Material Necessities (James 2.14-17, Isa. 29.8)



“Many people say there are few physical miracles today;

but preachers responded that material things, ‘riches,’ are not important anyway;

preachers often said that only ‘spiritual‘ things like “faith” and “hope” are important.

But what about the old promises of physical ‘miracles’?

Some say the promises from God, of physical things, were just metaphors, ‘figures,’ ‘parables,’ for spiritual things. But as it turns out, the preachers’

spirituality, that today dominates religion, and the world,

is fatally, disastrously, wrong. Even according to the Bible, itself” – Author


“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God: for many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit which confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God….” (1 John 4.1-2; emph. mine).


“Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so … many antichrists have come; therefore we know it is the last hour” (1 John 2.18-19).


[CONTENTS: Author’s Draft, corrected by author, 12/7/2010 to p. 6; 12/13/07, to page 22. Section 1, Spirituality is Against God’s Materialism. Section 2, Over-Spiritual, Says James, is Physically Fatal. Section 3 The Larger Damage Done by Spirituality: Attacks on Materially Fruitful Science. Section 4 Evil Things in “Spirit”s; page 22; Section 5 Hate for the World; vs. “Love” 25. Section 6? to 40; Section 7 Solutions to 50? Use all to end, p. 69.]

By “Dr. Woodbridge Goodman”




Quotes on the End – of Over-Spirituality



“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end therefore are the ways of death” (Prov. 14.23 KJE).


“Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Corin. 11.14 RSV).


“The heavens will be kindled and dissolved…. But in accordance to his promise we wait for new heavens and a new earth…” (2 Peter 3.12-13, RSV).


“For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against … the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Eph. 6.12 NRSV).


“An evil spirit from the LORD” (1 Sam. 16.14).


“All drank the same supernatural [“spiritual“] drink. For they drank from the supernatural/spiritual Rock which followed them, and the Rock was Christ [cf. Peter as rock, Peter, petroglyph; Cephas, head or boulder]. Nevertheless with most of them God was not pleased; for they were overthrown in the wilderness. Now these things are warnings for us…” (1 Corin. 10.4-6, modified from RSV).


. . .


“By men of strange lips and with an alien tongue the LORD will speak to this people” (Isa. 28.11).


“And it will be sheer terror to understand the message” (Isa. 28.19).


“In an instant, suddenly, you will be visted by the LORD of hosts” (Isa. 29.5),


“All that fight against her and her stronghold and distress her, shall be like a dream, a vision of the night. As when a hungry man dreams he is eating and awakes with his hunger not satisfied.… For the LORD has poured out upon you a spirit of deep sleep, and has closed your eyes, the prophets…. In that day the deaf shall hear the words of a book” (Isa. 29.7-8-11-18).


“And those who err in spirit will come to understanding” (Isa. 29.24).


















Chapter 1:



Segue from

Material Miracles







Jesus, as we were told in church and Sunday School, walked on water, and he made bread and fishes, miracuously appear in empty baskets. And Jesus, we were told, promised us that if we trusted and believed and had “faith” in this, that God would give us these same miraculous powers; we would get all the miracles, the “works that Jesus did,” and “greater things than these”; “whatever” we “ask”ed. And yet, when we look around us today, though we might hear some preachers claiming at least, miracle healings, still, we don’t see anyone at all, working any of these specific miracles: walking on water, or making bread appear out of thin air. So what should we think? Is part of the very heart of Christianity, just false?


The sacred heart of traditional, popular, historical Christianity, has been promising giant miracles to believers. To attract people to Christianity, historically, preachers and religious painters, have pointed continually, to the parts of the Bible that seemed to paint wonderful pictures for us, of huge, gigantic, physical wonders. That would come to us, we were told, if only we were trusting, and believed and followed with “faith.” Yet to be sure, over the centuries, many people have complained that they were not getting “full”y “all” the wonders that our holy men often promised; that no matter how good we were, no matter how many of the commands of preachers that we followed, we still were not getting “all” the wonders that Jesus did, and “greater things than these”; “whatever” we “ask”ed. No matter how good we were, it seems to some of us, that nobody at all – not even priests themselves – are today getting all the miracles we were promised. Today, we just don’t see anyone – even priests – literally, actually, walking on water. Or making real, literal “mountain”s move with just faith and a prayer. Or, rather like a magician, conjuring “loaves and fishes” out of thin air, into empty baskets.


The real, grass-roots foundation of Christianity, was always its continual promises of giant, spectacular, physical miracles. Yet to be sure, over time, many people have complained that no matter how good they were, they were not getting fully all the miracles that our priests assured us were holy and true. Indeed, if we look around us today, we don’t see anyone at all literally, actually walking on water; or making bread appear out of thin air. So what have our preachers said in response, when their promises of physical wonders, did not seem to work out? What did our holy men say, next? Here we will show, that holy men long ago began, simply to subtly modify their earlier promises, of physical miracles. As we read our Bibles, we to be sure, find hundreds of promises of giant, physical miracles and powers. But if we read more closely, we begin to see … lots of little phrases inserted; that begin to hedge on those promises. Particularly? Parts of the Bible began to suggest that if we don’t get the physical things that God promised, maybe it is because a) physical material things, “possessions,” “riches,” aren’t important anyway. The Old Testament had promised us huge, amazing physical riches if we followed God. But in the New Testament, especially in the writings of the apostles, our angels began to tell us that material things, riches, the things of this “world,” are not important; that what is really important, is our mind, or “spirit” (1 John 1.15-17, etc.). So if our preachers do not deliver to all, all or even any of the huge, wonderful physical things that they proudly promised to us? Then after all, our preachers now assure us, that does not matter; because physical things are not important anyway. What really matters, we are now often told, is tending to our mind or spirit; which alone is important, and immortal.


But where did this emphasis on “spirituality” come from? The Old Testament God often promised us lots and lots of physical, material things; so how is it that suddenly, the old physical promises of God, were dropped, or changed? The idea of spirituality, came from many sources: from Philo; from Buddhism and other ascetic religions. But especially, the way that St. Paul discussed spirituality, makes it clear that it was borrowed by Paul, largely from Plato’s Theory of Forms. From Plato’s master theory. In the Bible itself, we can see Paul using a vocabulary, borrowed straight from Plato’s Theory of Forms. As Paul also said that all material things in this physical earth, are just imperfect “copies” or “shadow”s, or dim reflections in a mirror, of the ideal forms or “models” or “patterns” (/”paradigms”?), “god” or Gods, ideas, in “heaven.” It is said that only the forms or gods in heaven are really good; and all physical things on earth, are just imperfect copies of those ideal models in heaven. In particular, being imperfect copies, all things on earth are fated to be “corrupt”ed; to get old and wither and die; or as Paul said, “perish.” Whereas (as it was asserted, in a hierarchical dualism), there is however another side to life; there is not only physical matter, but also invisible spirit. And many cultures – like the Egyptians, and Platonists – asserted that this invisible spirit, was better than matter; it did not get old, and rusted, moth-eaten, and die; but it was immortal, somehow.


And so, if we do not get real “riches,” or get physical miracles much today, then after all, Paul and others began to hint in the New Testament especially, that doesn’t matter. Because, they began to say (among many, many other things), physical, material things don’t matter anyway. What was really important, our holy men began to hint, were not physical things; not even our material “body” or “flesh” or even the whole physical “world.” All physical things get old and die; therefore, we should not pay so much attention to them. Instead, the new theory was, we should pay more attention, to invisible spirits, our own mind or spirit. Which, they said, did not get old and die, but that was – if we were good – immortal. That would live forever, in either Heaven or Hell, after we died. While, to make sure we didn’t live (almost) forever in Hell, we should try to be good, and follow our preachers’ words, their vision of Good and God. So we could go to Heaven, as they constantly said. Or be admitted into an ideal “kingdom” that was said to be coming to earth, “soon,” two thousand years ago.


To be sure though, the promise of an ideal “kingdom” on earth, like many promised physical wonders and miracles, did not quite seem to come to pass very soon. Many different kingdoms and churches claimed to be the promised ideal kingdom of God on earth. But none of them were quite as fully good, as what had been promised; there has never been any place on earth at all, where there is no more “pain,” no more “tears,” as promised in say, Rev. 21.1-8 (from Isaiah, etc., in turn). So that eventually it was said (among dozens of other apologetic arguments) that although such things had been promised “soon,” “soon” actually meant … in thousands of years perhaps (as Peter usefully opined). And in the meantime? While we were waiting for the promised kingdom and miracles? We should try to be very good, and “patient” (2 Peter 3.11-15). And perfect our spirits. Since even if we didn’t see the promised kingdom of God on earth very soon, still, we have immortal spirits or souls; which can still go to Heaven, anyway; as some parts of the Bible hinted. (Though other parts, have Jesus insisting that no one goes to heaven, except those who came down from it, etc.; q.v.).


And so, if eighty generations didn’t actually get all the physical, material prosperity and miracles, that our preachers promised soon? Then we were told, it didn’t matter; since the material things promised by God weren’t important anyway; that what was really important, were spiritual things. First of all, they gave us a) immortality. Or in any case, b) many spiritual things they were good in themselves; if we just had various good spiritual sensations, spiritual qualities like “hope” and “faith” and “love,” then that alone was enough to make us happy. Then, we were told, somehow, our having those good, godly mental ideas, spirits, would in themselves, make us feel good. Having “hope” after all, feels good – whether the thing we are hoping for comes true, or not; it is a pleasant mental sensation. While then too, we were told that if we have a good spirit, we will also become immortal.


So finally, what happened to the many, many promises of physical wonders in the Bible? They have always remained in the Bible itself; and many preachers continue to promise them. But at the same time, many of those old promises, seemed exaggerated to many. Many literally drowning believers undoubtedly asked for the power to walk on water … and yet, sometimes, that promised gift did not come. So what did our holy men say, next? Many came to write qualifications, amendments, caveats, on those old promises of physical things. And among many other things, Jesus himself began issuing remarks, that though he himself often delivered real, actual, physical “bread” and fishes to the masses by physical miracles, still, it was really his bodily sacrifice, his hope and spirit, that were “bread indeed.” And after Jesus, it was often hinted by his apostles, that the old promises of physical things, are best taken not literally; but as “figures” of speech, as “parables,” as “allegories,” for say, spiritual things. Religion, Christianity does not have to give us actual, literal, eatable food or physical things; but only kind words … and spirits. As many said or implied, in countless sermons, worldwide.


And so 1) the religion that originally began by promising us, particularly in the Old Testament, lots of material, physical wonders on this physical earth or world, began to transition, in the New Testament. Into 2) a Christianity that often, all-but “hated” the entire physical “world”; and instead supported only our mental “spirit.” Or in other words, the God that had so firmly promised very physical, material wonders, was all but dropped – because of problems with supplying physical miracles, no doubt. And in his place, or at least by his side, was his son. A christened or authorized leader – a “Christ.” Who claimed absolutely obedience to God it seemed; or to an often-unspecified “father.” Who continued to be sure, to promise huge physical wonders. But who at the same time began (like his immediate predecessor, Philo in Alexandria Egypt), to introduce a metaphorical, spiritual readings, versions, of the old physical wonders. Which read the old promises of physical miracles, as being in effect metaphors – “figures” or “parables.” A symbols for … what religion could actually give us: mental or spiriutal things, like “faith” and “hope.” Though Jesus was partially pictured, often, delivering real physical things – healing the physically sick and “blind”; making eatable bread appear in empty baskets, like a conjurer; walking on actual water; being resurrected bodily – on the other hand, at times, phrases were inserted into the text, that would allow us to take all those promises, as being simply, “parables,” or “figures” of speech. For a religion that would deliver not physical things at all; but only kind words, “consolations,” and spiritual things; words, ideas, spirits, that spoke to, and consoled, our spirit our soul. If not our physical body. In this way, the Jewish religion, was in effect, as scholars call it, “metaphoricalized,” and “spiritualized.” On a Greek model; Hellenistically; or according especially to the spiritual Platonism of say, Jesus’ immediate predecessor in Alexandria, Egypt; the slightly older, Philo.


In this way, evolved the “spirituality” that we see in preachers, today.


However, today it is time to ask a surprising question: to ask here, whether the Bible itself, God himself, really firmly, finally advocated, spirituality, at all. To ask whether the Bible itself overall, really de-emphasized so much, all those physical promises, in favor of the spiritual things that priests embrace. Today it is time to see if the spirituality that is absolutely typical of essentially all preachers, priests and ministers, is really what the Bible really wanted. Or not.


Here, we have suggested that the reason religion became “spiritual,” was partially that it had problems actually delivering on the physical material things it had earlier promised. Indeed, most of the core ideas of Christianity, like “spirituality,” someone fairly recently said, originated as attempts to explain or excuse, the occasional lack of material results; the lack of physical miracles. That is: when a churchgoer complains that he or she has been good, has followed the rules laid down by preachers – and yet he or she is not able to walk on water, still? Then what does the preacher say, next? In fact, over the years, our preachers have built up a vast armory, of dozens, hundreds of stock replies to these complaints about their own performance. So that by now, there are thousands of standard sermons, and “apologetics,” that are used to try to explain away, the lack of material results from religion. But while there are dozens, hundreds, thousands of existing “answers” to this problem, and though many of those standard replies, eventually became the main pillars of current religion (including the stress on “faith”), finally, we will focus for now, just on one answer to priests’ lack of physical results: their subsequent stress on “spirituality.” Their assertion that after all, physical things are not important; that only things of the mind or “spirit” are important. And that preachers can at least, give us pleasant mental sensations; like “hope.” Or even, connection to an immortal God; and therefore, hope of immortality.


To be sure though, there are many problems with Spirituality. The first great problem with Spirituality, is that originally, religion – including Judaism, but also even Christianity – was often very materialistic; it promised believers that they would get huge, physical, material rewards; riches like literal houses, real actual “fruit” or agricultural crops; and so forth. Indeed, Judeo-Christianity originally promised us huge, material miracles : real, literal, physical, eatable “bread” appearing out of thin air, etc..


And the second big problem with preachers’ Spirituality? It is that not only is Spirituality against much of the Bible, and therefore against God; but furthermore, in actual practice, we will see, the over-spirituality that is typical of preachers, is literally, physically fatal, in real life. As St. James, and the history of asceticism, for example, began to, at times, hint (James 2.14 ff).




The Origin of Spirituality:

Problems Getting Physical Miracles




First though, let’s review where preachers’ “spiritual”ity probably came from. Today, many scholars feel that the Bible promise many physical “wonders”; things that on closer inspection, were however more natural or technological, than the surreal “miracles” priests thought they were. But for many centuries, priests were not trained in physical material things, science; and so things in nature and technology usually looked rather ex nihilo; magical. Or “miraculous.”


For whatever reason, preachers, clerics, have promised giant miracles to us for centuries. Based on this simple idea, found in countless ancient sermons: if we are good, and pray, physical things we need will just appear, out of thin air. But the problem has been this: no doubt, many people found that in real life, we don’t see all these big physical miracles that were promised to us. And because of that- the occasional lack of many big material miracles – we suggest here that religion, Christianity, began to doubt many of the material promises of their God. But rather than simply, totally abandoning the old promises, Christianity began to try to more subtly or only partially back off those promises. By suggesting that the old promises of apparently
physical miracles, had really been just a metaphor for spiritual things. That religion, Christianity, was just supposed to deliver just spiritual, not physical, things. So that if Moses and even Jesus had promised real, physical food or bread, eventually Jesus began to speak as if “bread” was a metaphor, for this own spiritual ideas or spirit. Which were now said to be, “bread indeed.”


Here we suggest that this is how a rather materialistic Judaism, that had often promised real physical material “prosperity,” even “riches,” was transfigured in Christianity; which transformed Judaism, to became somewhat more “spiritual.” A movement which has been thought by most preachers to be a very significant advance; most preachers firmly believing that their own “spirituality,” their concentration of spiritual or mental things like “faith” and “hope,” is the height of sophistication and religious truth. However, we will show here that if there were problems with the old material promises of Judaism, there turn out to be still more problems with – or sins in – spirituality. In fact, the very spirituality which today dominates much of Christianity, or our priesthoods, we will show here, is itself, largely false. It is following a “false spirit.”


First we will show, 1) spirituality is false … in that it is not true to the original Old Testament materialism, and its God. The rather ascetic spirituality that is typical of most preachers, is false in that it often totally abandoned the materialism of God, found over and over in the Bible itself; especially (but not only) in the Old Testament. While secondly, we will find that 2) spirituality is false, not only in that it is not biblically tenable; but furthermore, in actual practice, the typical over-spirituality of preachers is literally, physically, crippling; even literally, physically deadly. In ways that preachers have not been able, until now, to see. But that the Apostle James began (at least, belatedly and incompletely), to intuit, in James 2.14 ff:



“What does it profit, my Brethren, if a man says he has faith but has not works? Can his faith save him? If a brother or sister is ill-clad and in lack of daily food, and one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace, be warned and filled,’ without giving them the things needed for the body, what does it profit? So faith, by itself, if it has not works, is dead” (James 2.14-17).



Here and now we will show that the Apostle, St. James, began to see … just the tip of a huge, crippling iceberg; James began to issue the first faint, dim warning … of a massive sin or error, in spirituality itself.


What massive, physically fatal sin, did James – the “brother of Jesus” – begin to see, deep in spirituality itself? Here, we will begin to uncover precisely, that.




Our Vision



What massive sin did James begin to apocalyptically uncover, unveil, deep in even our holiest and most comforting preachers, and their “comforting,” “consol”ing, holy words? What massive sin did James begin to see, in all that has long been said to be absolutely sacred, and holy? Here, we will begin to uncover, precisely that; the awful snare and physically fatal trap, deep in the very heart of all that our preachers thought of and taught to everyone, as holy and sacred: here we are about to reveal, the physically fatal evil … in the heart of Spirit, of priestly spirituality, itself.


Those preachers who concentrate just on the spiritual side of life, James began to note, give physically starving persons a few kind words and ideas, spirits … but still leave them physically starving to death. Even worse we will find, not only do spiritual preachers neglect to help those who are already starving; their bad doctrine, their “spirituality,” has actively led millions of people into poverty and death, who would otherwise have practiced more common sense, and would have taken care of themselves far better.


So here we will find that 1) the Bible warned continuously of many false things in nearly all our holiest men and angels. So that therefore 2) we were commanded by God, not to have too much “faith” in them or their vision of God; but instead, to carefully examine them … with special respect for physical, material results. Yet when we begin do that, here and elsewhere, we will find that, exactly as God foretold… nearly all of our preachers, worldwide, have been drastically, fatally wrong, “deceived,” about many key things. First, a) their presentation of themselves, as if they were holy, were reliable representatives of God, was indeed, false. Specially, b) their promises of physical miracles were not reliable. Probably they could not understand and work physical wonders, because of their root error: c) they failed to see the importance, even to God, of physical, material things. Then too, we will have begun to show here, d) their attempts to “fix” this, their apologetics – and now we add, their spirituality – does not work either.


To try to explain away clerical inability to work physical wonders like the Lord, Philo (who was historically slightly the senior of Jesus in Egypt), hinted at times that our material life is relatively unimportant; or that as for the old promises of apparently physical miracles, are just metaphors; metaphors for spiritual things. But when Philo and the new Christian holy men, began all but giving up on the material side of life, we will see, this actually created far, far worse problems. Since any religion, asceticism, that so radically neglects and even “hate”es the material “world,” aa) begins to too-completely abandon, betray, the materialistic God not only of “the Jews,” but of the Old Testament. But then too, we will find that this abandonment of God, carried a severe, heretofore-unappreciated but massive penalty or disaster: the new priestly, clerical, spiritual religion, failed to adequately, fully take care of our physical needs. The new spiritual metaphoricalists that were to form the heart of the new religion of “Christianity,” and our historical, traditional Christian priesthood …as James began to at times faintly see, were not sufficiently appreciative of the importance of the physical side of life. As St. James began to at times warn, like the canary in the mine, the “good” preacher who gives us fine words and sermons, friendly and consoling spirits, but no physical material food, leaves us all literally starving to death. And which, even “good works” like soup kitchens and hospitals, could not fully fix. As we will be seeing here, even the extremely useful warning that St. James managed to equivocally sputter out, was still too confused, too qualified, to effectively stop what was to become, unseen, a massive disaster; a hidden, physically fatal force in our culture. One that presented itself as wholly good … even as it not only failed to adequately take care of those who were already physically suffering; but which actively lead millions, billions into ignorance, then poverty, and then disease and death. Even as it presented itself, as the essence of all that was absolutely hold and sacred.


All this has been said before of course; but it has been ignored by the churches. Who proudly see any and all criticisms of their own alleged “perfect”ion, as simply the snares of a devil. But can we here and now, at last, bring this to the attention of the churches themselves? By phrasing all this, in a way noticeable/acceptable, to preachers themselves? Indeed, it turns out all this can be found in the one document most preachers revere: the Bible itself. The Bible itself warned that 1) “all have sinned,” even our holiest men and angels. And that 2) therefore, we should not trust or “have faith” in them, or their vision of God too much. Instead, 3) we should carefully, have respect for material things, and “science.” And use that Science of God, to critically examine even holy men. To examine them personally, and all their holiest doctrines. Like, we now add, “miracles,” and “spiritual” things. And 5) if one “day,” we find from all of this, that nearly all priests and ministers, have been “deceived”? Have been following a “false spirit,” a false idea of Christ? If today in fact we find that they have deceived themselves, and the whole world, and its “worship”? Then the Bible itself said that one day after all, we are supposed to discover, precisely that.


Could essentially all our very, very spiritual preachers, even our holiest men and angels themselves, often have been making a serious, literally fatal mistake? At first this seems impossible; impossible to believe; impossible in any case, to face or bear. But finally, we will have been finding out here, there is an approved, biblical way for even very spiritual preachers to simply face all this at last: by 1) showing here and now, that uncovering sins in our holiest men and their more “inspired” “doctrines” – like “miracles” or “spirituality” – was foretold, authorized … by the Bible itself. By showing none of this really contradicts the Bible itself; God himself. Since all this was actually, foretold, authorized, by the Bible itself. And then too, 2) even preachers and churches might be able to at last face sins even in their most allegedly holy traditions and doctrines … on discovering with our present books, that this apocalyptic, painful, disillusioning exposure, is actually, all to the good. Not only in that it is absolutely faithful to the Bible itself; but also in that it has good, practical effects; it brings material prosperity. Just as the Bible said: those holy men, who at last find the honesty and strength to simply face and “confess” the sins within not just their own persons, but also their holiest traditions, will at last be able to a) address those sins more effectively – and b) fix them. While in this case, c) over-spirituality is fixed, by preachers learning far, far more about (classic, well proven; not speculative or recent) science and technology; and integrating that knowledge and orientation, as the very heart of Christ and Christianity. And d) when we at last see Christ more fully; and specifically, as advocating even Science, over spirituality and faith? Then at last, we have the full and accurate outline, appearance, of Christ. And Christians have the right balance of knowledge, to guide them to the promised material prosperity, and material kingdom.


Long ago, the apostle/St. James and others, began to faintly see some massive problems, sins, evils, even within the very heart of what was to become, for centuries, the major religion of the world; evils in the heart of the religion that was to largely, rhetorically dominate the whole earth, the whole world. But the churches, the preachers, were to largely ignore these warnings from James; or were to fail to really, fully note their wider implications for the ascetic monks, and even ordinary clerics. For thousands of years, therefore, our clerics have presented to the world, a false image of Christ; a rhetorically-exaggerated, over-spiritual vision, that was designed to counterbalance the to-be-sure at times over-materialism of the world. But that was in itself, never exactly entirely true or balanced; not in itself. So that our religion said polemical, exaggerated – and in effect, false things. Indeed, it presented a false Christ to the whole world. And the effect, when preachers were in power, was often fatal. (Cf. the “dark period” of Egyptian history? When priests took power?).


No doubt to be sure, preachers love to note sins in a) everyone else. Or b) in themselves personally – but not in their own ideas of holy “tradition,” “dogma,” inspired “doctrines.” So that discovering their own sins, or sins deep in all they thought was holy and true, will be extremely difficult, and painful. But after all, though painful, it is purgative; it is purgatory.


Finally, this shattering, apocalyptic, immensely painful, disillusioning exposure, is 1) fully authorized by God; every step of this we will support with seventy, a hundred and a thousand more quotes, from the Bible itself. Especially furthermore, 2) painful as it is, it is all to the good. Indeed, it is the beginning of the fulfillment of prophecy. What we are about to see here and now in part, are the first glimmerings of the foretold “second” and better, “fuller” vision, “appearance,” of Christ. Gained from a closer examination of the biblical text itself. And it is this second and better appearance of Christ, that reveals the solution to many longstanding problems in our “Faith.” Indeed, our second and better, Scientific understanding of Christ, begins to explain why we don’t see so many “miracles” today; and begins to explain why after all, most people don’t quite want to become priests, with their “spirituality.” It begin to in fact, realize prophesy; as we see that exactly as foretold, we now see sins and errors in our holiest men and angels; as we move beyond blind faith, to seeing at last a more concrete, better appearance of Christ. One that sees Christ far more involved in – indeed, re-embedded in – this material “flesh,” and this material world.


Thus re-linking “word” and “flesh,” spirit and flesh, heaven and earth, once again. Precisely, as foretold in the Bible itself.


In partial fulfillment of prophesy, after all.







What’s wrong, with a spirit, that floats eternally above the earth … but never comes down to earth? What is wrong with a spirit that is not as fully involved with the physical, material life, as it concerns most working people? Today, the Christianity of many preachers, is very “spiritual.” Originally though, our religion was very materialistic. Not just “the Jews,” but also the Old Testament too, and many parts of the New Testament as well … often promised huge, amazing, very material, physical benefits – “wealth” and material “prosperity” – to believers.


For some time, religion has been very “spiritual.” But at one time, promises of material prosperity – and say, very big physical miracles – were the very heart and core of Judaism; and even, the heart of much of Christianity too. Many preachers try to suggest that the materialistic side of Judeo-Christianity, is outdated and evil; and belongs just to “the Jews”; and that Christians and Christianity went past that, with Jesus Christ, and Christianity. Yet even in the New Testament, Jesus himself is actually described in the gospels, as working lots of big, very physical miracles: walking on water; making bread appear out of thin air; healing the sick and raising the physically dead, back to walking, talking life (as we was said to have raised Lazarus). Though some preachers might like to say such things are just metaphors for spiritual things, there seems little doubt, from the way that the Bible described miracles and prosperity, that something very, very concrete, physical, and material, was originally promised us by God. And in fact, even the rather spiritual Jesus, often promised lots of very material miracles and miraculous powers to his believers and followers. Promising even, by many accounts, “all” and “whatever” followers “ask”; even the ability to move real, actual, physical “mountains.” And so forth. (As we will have seen in our writings on No Miracles).


Religion, even Christianity therefore, was originally based on promises of big, physical benefits, prosperity, and wonders. In fact, the core idea of the Old Testament and its central “covenants” – or contracts between man and God – was that if we were good, if we followed our preachers or our Lord, then the Lord would give us lots of very material “prosperity”; “land,” “fruit” or better crops; long physical life; victory in material battles; etc. (see Job 42.10-12).


Many preachers try to suggest that the promise of such material gains from religion, were finally dropped in the Bible itself. In the story of the “sufferings of Job,” or the “suffering servant,” for example. Where – as we are constantly assured in countless sermons and homilies – Job was good … but did not get material things. Instead, he got “suffering” as we are told. So that priests finally tell us that material “poverty” and suffering is good.


And yet however, this common priestly moral – the wonderfulness of material suffering – is not true to the overall Bible. And it isn’t even true to the story of one of the original “suffering servant”s, Job. Though Job for a short time suffered material deprivation, poverty, Job originally was very materially wealthy; rewarded materially by God for his “righteousness.” And though Job’s wealth was taken away from him for a time, eventually, Job was given even twice as many material goods as he had in the beginning:



“And the LORD blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning; and he had fourteen thousand sheep, six thousand camels, a thousand yoke of oxen, and a thousand she-asses…. And after this Job lived a hundred and forty years…. And Job died, an old man, and full of days” (Job 42.12, 16, 17).



In spite of occasional bits of anti-“world” sentiment, the fact is, the Bible itself is rather materialistic. Not just “the Jews” – as some ministers say, rather anti-Semitically – but in fact, our own Old Testament tradition – and for that matter, our own Christian God, and even Jesus himself too – were often quite, quite materialistic. 1) God indeed, made the entire material universe – and said it was “good,” not evil (Gen. 1). God was furthermore, 2) said to be imminent in, to “fill,” all things, in heaven … and in the material “earth” (Jer. 23.24). While 3) as become obvious, overwhelming – when you look at the Bible’s constant promises of “prosperity” and material wonders – our God constantly promised very, very material things. To all those who follow him. Indeed, his central, core promise and covenant or binding contract with his followers, with believers, was that if we are good and follow him, our Lord will give us … real material rewards. Prosperity, wonders, long physical life. Even the rather spiritual Jesus himself too, was often said to be working huge material miracles. And furnishing material, physical “loaves and fishes” for his followers to eat.


God in fact, was overall, quite materialistic. So our question here is: where and how and why, did all our preachers, our clerics, turn away from this, the major promise and command of God? Where and how and why, did our priests and ministers, become so over-spiritual; and to disobey the material promises and commands of God? And what finally, have been the consequences of the heretical over-spirituality of nearly all our priests and ministers? As it turns out, 1) the great, massive over-spirituality typical of almost all preachers, is actually a betrayal, a disobedience, of God and Jesus. And 2) furthermore, it is a betrayal, that has had massively evil effects. Indeed, the horrible over-spirituality that is typical of preachers, in spite of whatever good it has done, has also done a massive amount of heretofore unappreciated, real, massive physical damage, to all of mankind. The massive over-spirituality that is the chief characteristic of most preachers, is not only a) heretical; a disobedience of God. But also, it is a disobedience that b) has had real material consequences; that has actually caused a huge amount of physical poverty, disease, and premature death. In ways that we will at last unveil, here and now.


The fact is – as the Bible itself foretold (Rev. 13, etc.) – essentially “all” our holiest men and angels, have been deceived, even in their allegedly holiest doctrines of spirituality and so forth. And our holy men, our priests and ministers, in turn, deceived the whole earth. With a false, fatal over-spirituality. In a way that we now need to expose. In order to see at last, the Second Coming; a second and better vision of God and good. A “second,” better, “full”er, more “mature” vision, understanding, appearance of Christ; which sees him not as a spiritual being in “heaven,” working only mental or “spiritual” effects; but as a real entity, here on this physical, material earth; getting real, material effects. Bringing real material wonders and prosperity, after all. For those who learn not the traditional, false, over-spirituality of preachers; but who pass on beyond that, to learn the Science of God.


For those who learn to “see.”




What Happened?



Clearly, Judeo-Christianity started out, by promising lots of very, very material, physical things. And yet, in spite of all this, still somehow – for mysterious reasons never quite clearly explained in our churches, in a moment our churches never really make clear – suddenly, there was a huge and drastic change in our religion. After centuries, millennia of telling us that God would give us real, earthly, physical, material rewards for being good … suddenly, all that was all but taken away. Suddenly, the words of God were apparently abandoned, or even reversed. And a new or alternative option, was posed for us; in parts of what Jesus said, or in parts of the New Testament.


Clearly, most of the Old Testament – and for that matter, much of the New too – had been centered around the promise that if we were good, then our Lord would give we, his faithful followers, real material, physical things. Long material life; houses; livestock; material victories in material battles; even at times, “riches.” And yet suddenly, around the time of Jesus – or especially, Paul – suddenly, the words, the promises of God were dramatically shifted. Suddenly, elements of the New Testament and of the new faith, Christianity, began to shift and change the word, the promise of God, strongly. Suddenly, the New Testament – especially, the half of the New Testament written by Paul – began to shift the emphasis of God, from promises of real, physical, material rewards, in our lifetime, here on this physical earth … to promises of mental or “spiritual” things, only.


God, in the Old Testament, had often promised lots of big material things to those who followed him. But suddenly, the New Testament, while continuing to speak of, and promise, big material benefits and miracles, suddenly shifted the emphasis, radically. Big 1) physical miracles and real physical “bread” were still marginally offered, to be sure. But 2) suddenly elements of our religion, began to emphasize the possibility that “greed” and “lust” for material things, material “possessions” and riches,” after all, might be bad. To suggest that 3) the “world” of over-materialistic persons, and even our own 4) perhaps material “body” or cravings of our “flesh”ly desires and passions for material things … were suddenly, all but bad and evil.


What was happening here, in philosophic, theological terms? Here, in this way, 5) suddenly, religion, Christianity, became “dualistic.” That is to say, it was implied that the whole universe was divided rather dualistically into two things: material things, and spiritual things. And the whole of life, it came to be thought, was a sort of war between “higher,” better, more spiritual, immortal “spiritual” things; vs. bad, evil, black, dark, material, “worldly” things. In this – which is in effect, the view of spiritual priests – the whole universe was dualistic; divided into two parts: spirit – which is thought to be immortal, “everlasting,” and good. Vs. matter – which is thought to be “perish”ing, and evil. While indeed, the whole of history of the universe, came to be seen semiconsciously by priests, as essentially a fight or war, between good spirit, and bad matter: “spirit” versus “body” and “flesh”; “word” vs. the evil “world”; “heaven,” vs. the evil “world” and “earth.” “God,” vs. “mammon.” Thus, (ascetic, spiritual Christianity. following various philosophical dualisms, like hierarchical Platonism, Manicheanism, Gnosticism, etc.) the whole of the universe became conceptually split in two (cf. the “mountains”). The whole universe was thought to be in a “war” between spirit and matter, body and soul, ideal ideas and low “lusts” and “passions” for material “possessions.” And of these two, it was said, material things and riches were inferior, and fated to “perish” … whereas, it was said, we had a spirit or soul, that could be somehow, immortal. That could live on after death, immortally; in spirit land, or “heaven.” If only we were good … and spiritual.


Thus, “spirit,” “spirituality,” a radical anti-materialism, came to predominate, if not in the Bible itself, then in essentially all priesthoods. Including the Christian priesthoods. Which became quite spiritual, or “ascetic.” Even though God himself, in the Bible itself, had not given up on the material “world” at all.


Thus, some key persons tried to change the Jewish and Old Testament religious tradition – the tradition of “God” – in fact. And yet however, that change we will show, was a radical heresy; a move away from the real nature of God. The fact is, we will have shown elsewhere (in our writings on the science of God), God had originally been quite, quite materialistic. Though to be sure, God is in part a “spirit,” and might be worshipped in our spirit, he is however a spirit that made – and is found in all parts of – the whole material universe. God indeed, often became “flesh” and dwelt among us, on this material earth; which indeed is precisely the accomplishment of Jesus, it is said.


God in fact was quite materialistic. And yet for a time, our preachers left God, to become quite spiritual. And so what we need now in fact, is for another resurrection of Jesus Christ … on earth; in material form. What we need now, is a balanced theology; a revival of the true sense of God; as unifying both spirit and matter; eliminating the dividing line between word and world, spirit and flesh, religion and science, God and Man. We need in fact, a “Second” coming of Jesus. One which in fact can begin to emerge in part, even here and now. As we show the sins and errors of our spiritual holy men; and pass on, beyond their radical and heretical over-spirituality; to a “second” and better, “full”er, vision of God. Offered by the more balanced theology, not of essentially one-sided spirituality, but the rather more balanced, science of God.





Over-Spirituality is Heresy



To get to the second and better appearance of Christ, we need to note errors, sins in the idea of God that current dominates priests and ministers: that God or Christ were overwhelmingly, “spiritual.” And this should be easy enough to do: it should seem evident to even the most casual look at the Bible, that 1) spirituality is not exactly entirely true to all of the Bible. In the Bible, God clearly, really did promise very material wonders and prosperity, to those who are good. So that ironically, the first great sin, or spiritual holy men, is that their spirituality, the very one-sided spirituality that is commonly thought by most preachers to be the essence of all that is good and true and holy … ironically, goes against the Bible, and God. Ironically, spirituality is … heresy. Or to put this even more simply and forcibly: spirituality, which currently predominates in all priesthoods in Christianity and elsewhere, is actually, ironically … against God. As foretold, essentially “all” our holy men and angels were deceived, or deceptive. The very thing that priests thought was the essence of all that was good and true, was actually, false. The very thing that was presented to us as the essence of all that is good and light … was actually, as foretold, Satan himself; come to us disguised as the very angel of “light,” goodness, itself. Just exactly as we were warned, after all (2 Corin. 11.14, etc.).




Section 2


St. James Says …

Spirituality is … Physically

Debilitating and Fatal



Therefore, the 1) first problem with – or better said, sin in – spirituality, is that … it is heresy. It is against God. A God who was often much, much more materialistic than our priests. And furthermore, if priests think that the old God needs to be abandoned, that his materialism was just old and outdated and impossible (due to the lack of material miracles?), we will be finding out that however, this was not the case. The fact is, perhaps our preachers could not get material miracles; but that was not because the old promises of material things were false; but because our spiritual ministers were bad; were incapable of understanding what the Bible really offered, and how to get it.


All that however, we will need to put aside for a second. Even though that is only the first tiny hint, of just how bad the spirituality of priests really is. The next sin in the radical, heretical over-spirituality that is massively typical of preachers, is much, much worse than just going against God himself. The fact is, the typical over-spirituality of preachers not only goes against God; it is also 2) an action with horrible – if heretofore unnoticed – practical material consequences. It leaves many people without the knowledge of how to get material necessities and so forth. And thus, spirituality leads the people to physical poverty … and premature physical death.


Is the spirituality of priests, actually, evil? Does it actually lead people to real, material suffering and death? Even as it presents itself as all that is good and holy? This seems impossible. But it was the apostle St. James, in the Bible itself, that began to notice this fatal side, to spirituality. James noting that if a priest gives a physically starving person only kind thoughts, “spirit,” but no material food … the priest is leaving the man to physically die, after all:



“What does it profit, my Brethren, if a man says he has faith but has not works? Can his faith save him? If a brother or sister is ill-clad and in lack of daily food, and one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace, be warned and filled,’ without giving them the things needed for the body, what does it profit? So faith, by itself, if it has not works, is dead” (James 2.14-17).


“You see that a man is justified by works and not by faith alone” (James 2.24).


“For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead” (James 2.26).



What James began to notice, was in effect, a literally, physically fatal side to spirituality. Preachers are fond of noting that many people in the world, are over-materialistic; they just think in terms of short-term material gains for themselves; thinking that the next technological gadget or gimmick or gewgaw, toy, will at last make their lives good. But what preachers now need to see, is that in the same way that it is possible to be over-materialistic, it is also possible to be … over-spiritual.


If “man does not live by bread alone,” he lives by bread in part. Man is not just a spirit; he is partially a body, in a physical world. And we must take care of our physical bodies, and the physical side of life … or else, as St. James began to tentatively notice, we starve to death, physically, for instance; we come to grief.


James himself to be sure, was often spiritual. But it was especially the above passage in James, that began to notice that if there is some good in spirituality, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. The fact is – as James began to belatedly note, after Jesus – Life is not just “spiritual”; there is also a physical, material side of life. Human beings are not just 1) disembodied spirits; we are minds, spirits …
2) often, living in a physical body. And our physical bodies, have material needs; we need a) physical, material, real food, bread, for example; or else we starve to death. We also need b) shelter. And c) many other material things. And in fact, we need them so completely that any “spiritual” person who denies or neglects these things … is a “false shepherd.” One that proudly thinks he is leading many to God … but actually leads many in effect, (even without knowing it) to material poverty, and finally, premature death.




Section 3


Beyond What James Saw:

Massive Damage, Death, Inflicted on Mankind,

By Spiritual Priests



The fact is, man is not just a spiritual being; he is also a physical material one. We need both things to live and prosper. Therefore, any spiritual credo or religion, that claims to be “all” we need to know in life, or “all” that we should consider, that does not give us realistic and effective help and guidance in the material side of life … is one-sided, narrow, and literally, fatal.


The fact is, any spiritual man or credo, that claims that spiritual things are “all” that are true, or that tells us to follow only it, and to make no “compromises” with any other way of thinking, with the material “world,” is … false. The fact is, spirituality we will find, is less than half of what life is about … even according to the Bible itself, and God, himself. And therefore, any spiritual person or system of thought, that claim that we should attend “only” to their demands, the demands of spirituality, and never “compromise” with the “world” of practical materialism, is actually, going against God and Life. The fact is, man is both spiritual, and physical. Even according to the Bible itself. And thus, to be non-heretical (as defined here: true to the Bible and God), and non fatal, a really true, adequate theology, should always be able to effectively guide both the spiritual, and the physical side of life. Or else – as St. James began to see – it leads us to a radical – and ultimately, fatal – neglect of the physical side of life. Leading the masses to … material poverty and death. All as it believes itself, vainly, to be the very essence of all that is good and holy.


Today, everyone thinks that “spirituality” is the essence of all that is good. But St. James, in the Bible, issued an early warning flag against Spirituality itself. Telling us that there is something demonically destructive about this very creed, that seems at first to be the very angel of light; the heart of all that is good and holy. What use is it, said St. James, if a preacher gives you all the nice words and sermons in the world … if he cannot also help you take care of your physical material needs? If he can’t take effect care of the material, physical side of life? If he offers a person in need of physical material food, only “empty words” or “empty consolations” – or sermons – and leaves that person physically starving to death?


Surprisingly then, and exactly opposite to what we were taught, “spirituality” itself, is not the last word in what is good and true. In fact, our typically over-spiritual preachers are demonically bad and evil. As St. James began to faintly see.


Shockingly then, there are evil things even in spirituality. St. James – who elsewhere considered in fact, the very spiritual position that mere material “possessions” are unimportant – also apparently, through carefully examining this ascetic, anti-materialistic, spiritual ideal, discovered the fatal flaw in over-spirituality: that man is not just a spirit; he is also a physical material being. And that those who neglect to take effective care of the physical side of life, lead others even to their physical death. Through radical, chronic neglect, of say, physical necessities. Like real, actual, material food.


And what is more, as it turns out, James only began to see how bad spirituality is; James only saw the tiny tip of the iceberg. As it turns out, 2) a few “good works” and soup kitchens, even hospitals, cannot make up for the massive material damage that spirituality has done to mankind.


The fact is, James only began to see the smallest part of the massive damage done by spiritual priests. Spiritual priests not only merely occasionally failed to help, already physically starving people. Furthermore, whatever small good works priests often did do – the occasional food hand-out for example – was by no means enough. In fact, 3) the few material good works done by priests, was hugely outweighed by the massive damage done to all of humanity, by their constant attacks on material sense, and science. Which otherwise, would have permanently lifted people out of poverty. By teaching them to take care of themselves.


The fact is then, by their constant attacks on practical “work” and “knowledge,” our priests did not merely fail to help already starving people; the fact is, even when they did finally feed them with a few handouts, in the meantime, our priests were – without knowing it – actually helping to create the very poverty they thought they were actively alleviating. The fact is, as they say, if you give a man a fish one day, you feed him for a day; but if you teach a man to fish for himself, you feed him for the rest of his life. Likewise, if you tell him that real material fishing is useless then … in fact, you actively lead people, who otherwise might have taken care of themselves, into poverty and death.


Most a) preachers today, think of themselves, as trying to take care of people who are already poor and ignorant; helping them, by giving them spiritual consolations and so forth. But b) what we will be seeing here, is that actually, by their constant attacks on for example, aa) Reason, bb) practical “knowledge,” and cc) our own “work,” preachers actively attacked and seriously weakened the greatest gifts from God. And thereby, they ironically, played a major role … in actively ensuring that the poor would never learn the skills that would lift them out of poverty. Ironically.


Experience, the record of what has “come to pass” in real life, has taught us that those persons who learn practical job skills flourish and prosper; but those who do not, do not. Yet preachers have historically, to this very day, often attacked these gifts, that would have otherwise, be acquired by the poor, the underclass. Preachers have often attacked practical knowledge – of farming, mechanics, medicine – as being “not spiritual”; as being “false knowledge” of “worldly” persons. Therefore, preachers actively prevent the poor, from getting the practical knowledge … that otherwise, would have lifted them out of ignorance and poverty.


Therefore ironically, the very people – our priests and ministers – that presented themselves to the earth, as our saviors, that offered long “life” and “prosperity” and “salvation” to us all – actually, ironically, have just as often had the exactly opposite effect. By their over-valuing of “spiritual” things – and especially by their constant, concomitant attacks on material sense and knowledge – preachers seriously attacked and weakened, the very practical gifts, knowledge, that would have otherwise have helped the poor. That would have helped them learn how to deal with practical life; to get better, more materially productive knowledge and jobs. By their constant attacks on “world”ly “knowledge,” and the “works” of our “arm,” and so forth, preachers disemboweled for billions, the very forms of knowledge that would have allowed the poor, to get better, more productive jobs. And to therefore, get a bigger paycheck, a bigger crop. And to find the prosperity that God promised.


4) So that ironically – just as foretold – our preachers, who thought of themselves as the very voicepieces of God and Good, and as God’s gift to the poor, actually, ironically, are, without knowing it, among the major agents that actively prevents the poor from getting out of poverty. Our very spiritual preachers, who thought they were “first” with God, and much more intelligent and “wise” and “spiritual” than mere “worldly” men, turn out in the end, to have been … merely “vain” and “proud” and “evil.” The very gifts that they thought were God’s greatest gift to mankind – “spirit”uality or philosophicality – turn out to be not only rather less useful than they proudly thought; but to have often been an active disaster. Helping to prevent poor people from acquiring the very knowledge that would have lifted them out of poverty and ignorance. Indeed, ironically, the very spirituality and preachers (and its flip side; attack on material sense, science), that preachers presented as saving consolation to the materially poor, was not only not an aid to the already-poor; but actually, was a major factor in actively keeping the people, poor. The very doctrines that presented themselves to us as the very angel of light and goodness … turn out to have just as often, have created the very poverty and suffering, that they were supposed to end.


5) How can this be true? Can we say this without abandoning the Bible itself? In fact, God warned us constantly, that there have always been many false and evil things in our holiest men and angels; and therefore, instead of following them “faith”fully, we are supposed to carefully examine them and others, by their real material “fruits,” “works.” (As we found in our previous writings). While, those of us who have actually heard and followed this neglected, denied side of God, found that science and practical “work” and “knowledge” – things often attacked by priests – were actually, immensely fruitful. Over the centuries, many millions of people prayed for bread to appear out of thin air; but rarely does bread appear out of nothing. Instead, God, life, favored, prospered far better, those who learned practical agriculture, for example; who learned agronomy, farming. Which fed billions. While likewise, science and practical knowledge – farming, engineering, house-building, medicine – have saved billions of lives. Indeed, history, the record of what has “come to pass” in real life, has found that, judged by their material “fruits,” “works,” “signs,” “deeds,” “proofs” – the real standards of God – ironically, the very rational scientists and practical persons and their knowledge, that priests constantly attacked … were actually, far more fruitful – and therefore, far closer to God, ironically – than our priests. Indeed, those who followed the practical “work” and “knowledge” and “wisdom” that spiritual priests constantly attacked, we will have found in History, got God’s prosperity; the prosperity that proves them good. Whereas, in contrast we will find – after James and others – that those who followed spirituality, not only did not show signs of favor from God. But now are exposed as having been, often, positively evil. As they constantly attacked – and seriously weakened – the very gifts from God – science and practical knowledge and work – that otherwise, would have enabled poor people to get the practical education and practical jobs, that would have alleviated, lifted them out of, poverty.


But how could all our holiest priests have done something so bad? In fact, the Bible itself warned us all along, that this would happen. The Bible warned us constantly, that a) there have always been great sins in our holiest men and angels; b) particularly because of their “vain”ity and “pride” and “hypocrisy”; and c) because of their tendency to follow “false prophets,” a false idea of God. Especially, d) their tendency to follow false “spirit”s. And empty “wind,” “words”; e) instead of “observing” real material “fruits,” “works,” “signs,” “deeds,” “proofs,” as verified by “science,” and the observation of material “things” here on this “visible” “earth.”


This is the material side of God; the side that so many of our prophets and then our preachers, assumed was being taken care of by secular society perhaps. The side that in any case they forgot … or deliberately, systematically, disobeyed. Thus fulfilling prophesy: all our holy men have sinned; f) our sinful priests fooling themselves, with their own sinful, false thoughts; or g) following other “false prophets” and bad holy men and magicians. And following in effect, a “false Christ”; a false vision of Christ as “spiritual” person. Following them so faithfully, that finally h) all these false things in religion, in turn, took over the entire earth. Thus fulfilling prophesy (Rev. 13).


But while the whole earth has long been dominated by a false Religion, a false idea of Christ – Christ as both miracle-worker, but also as “spiritual” person – and if our priests huge sins and errors, resulting in a half-witted, unbalanced, radically over-spiritual, merely polemical priesthood, obeying only half or less, of what God really wanted, then finally – also as prophesied – we are about to show the first glimmerings of the “Second Coming”; the second and better, more mature vision, appearance, of God.




Far Beyond What St. James Saw:

The Immense Damage

Caused By Spirituality



No doubt a mild spirituality is useful. But it is possible – and indeed common – to be too much of a good thing. A little sugar is good; but a diet of nothing but sugar … leaves us starving, for lack of other nutrients.


Our major point here then, is this: too much spirituality – which in effect is what preachers constantly prescribe to us, as the word of God – is actually, very, very evil. The amount of spirituality that preachers constantly urged us to have, in billions of sermons worldwide, not only a) fails to help many already poor and starving people; but b) it has undoubtedly actually prevented billions of people from finding their way out of material poverty, and starvation. Indeed c) the over-spirituality, radical anti-materialism of most preachers, has even actively impoverished people who were otherwise doing fairly well; even actively physically killed people. As we will see.


Thus James’ early warning, on the dangers of spirituality, only began to see a tiny part of the massive evil in spirituality. Bad as what James began to see, James however only saw the tiniest tip of the iceberg; only saw a first, tiny piece of the massive evil done by spirituality. James only saw a case where a spiritual priest, merely failed to help people who were already starving physically. Such problems are partially taken care of by soup kitchens and so forth: just handing out food. However, James did not go on to notice the far, far worse aspect of priestly spirituality: where it actively attacks practical material sense. And thereby, actively holds people back, in poverty.


Today and for some time, people have unfortunately read St. James, as describing just a rather small, specific problem: over-spiritual priests give us only words, sermons, when many need material food and shelter (James 2.14-26). And, noting this, most churches have made some effort to try to correct for this specific problem he note:, many churches made some cursory efforts, to help, say, starving people. With many typical church “works” of “charity”; like soup kitchens, and so forth. And many even more slightly beyond that problem: beyond running soup kitchens to feed people, the Catholic Church they say, underwrites 1/4 of all hospitals in America.


Precisely to try to heed St. James’ warning … and make some effort, not to be radically over-spiritual; to take care of our bodies, and the physical side of life, to some extent. However, the really massive damage caused by over-spiritual priests, has another, far more destructive side, that no one has effectively noticed. There is a massive evil to very spiritual priests, just beyond what James noticed. A massive evil … that has been largely responsible, for much of the suffering and poverty of the world.


There is in fact, a massively destructive element in Spirituality itself, that our churches have never adequately noticed; and that has done huge, immense, and very real damage to humanity; in ways vastly exceeding what St. James had begun, only tentatively, to call to our attention, at the end of the Bible. The fact is, we are finding out here and elsewhere, the problem, the evil in spirituality, is much, much greater than what anyone thought; even St. James. As it turns out, billions may have been prevented from saving their lives, lifting themselves out of poverty … by bad Religion, with a capital “R”; an excess of Religion (as the catechism calls superstition); an excess of spirituality. By the false Christianity, that has dominated the whole earth … until now.


In less obvious – but far more dangerous – ways that James noted. (See our chapter on Excuse Sermons, and other writings on Over-spirituality). The problem is, that spirituality does not just passively fail to help those who are already in material poverty; the situation noted by St. James. The fact is, the damage done by churchly over-spirituality was much greater than what St. James notices. The great, massively destructive sin in spirituality, is that it does not merely fail to help others who were already in bad straits, physically; the massive evil it has done was that it actively prevented billions from learning the practical gifts, that would have allowed them to lift themselves out of ignorance and poverty. to material neglect, poverty, and death. (While in some cases, spiritual priests may even have actively lead already-successful persons, back into ignorance and superstition and false Religion; and thus, made their lives even, actively worse from what they had been. Indeed, the priestly oath of “poverty, chastity, and obedience,” seems to reverse the promises of God, giving up on the “prosperity” that God promised, to actively embrace poverty itself. (And with “chastity,” unfruitfulness in population too). While then too, the priestly embrace of “dying” to our material passions – and even of material physical “death” itself (Phil. 1.21 ff), testifies to a significant role by priests, in actively, even consciously, leading otherwise materially functional people, actively, into material poverty, and death. As if they were positive goals (as in Phil. 1.21 ff). Which would make spirituality therefore in fact, the very Satanic essence of evil, disguising itself in the heart of all that was presented to us as Good and God; the very evil, foretold in the Bible itself, after all.


The problem with spirituality, is very closely related to that of promises of miracles: it tells you to rely absolutely on it, and to neglect all other forms of knowledge and work … even as however, it in itself, is not capable of taking care of the physical side of life. Spirituality tells you to follow it and only it – but then, it does not put physical food on the table today, as we were promised it once did. It tells us then, to follow only it, its narrow idea of “part” of God … while unfortunately, it is not giving us, all we need: notably, the knowledge that would enable us to help ourselves, to get food and shelter, and machines and so forth. Then, by insisting that we follow this narrow and insufficient “part,” it leads us to neglect the rest of what we actually need to live. Whereas, a real, more “full” and balanced Christianity, would teach us what is actually “sufficient to all our needs”; which is a balance of spiritual things … constantly balanced however, far more practical material knowledge.


Something that society as a whole roughly does already to some extent; society offering a practical grades 1-12 education, but also allowing some religion. Yet to be sure, our priests are constantly polemically asking for far, far, far more than that. And often, unfortunately, get what they are asking for. Leading people into wildly unbalanced and impractical – and, outside of the limited context of monasteries – often literally fatal lifestyles.



And so finally, just as God warned, essentially “all” our priests and ministers, have been huge sinners. And – just as God also warned – they have misled themselves, and finally, the whole earth. As a false, over-spiritual Judeo-Christian Islamicism (alternating with an equally false and fatal, magical miracle-promising Christianity), has long since come to dominate the major powers … and through them, the whole earth.


But if a False Christ has long dominated all of Christianity, here and last, we are about to come to see the first glimmerings of the foretold “second” and “full”er, more “mature” vision, Second Coming, of God. The more balanced, fuller, heaven-and-earth theology, that at last enables us to be truly whole, and holy. The theology that joins the best of Religion, to the best of science; joining heaven, to earth again as foretold, in effect (Rev. 21). Through the … Science of God.


Essentially all our preachers, and the whole earth, have been deceived, as foretold, by a false, over-spiritual idea of God and Christ. But here and now at last, some of us are – as foretold – coming at last to work our way out of that. To see the first outline of the foretold second and better vision, appearance, of God. Not in priestly “spirituality”; but in the … science of God. As we will see.


In the meantime, let’s continue to note serious sins, in spirituality itself.


What happens to a man in the hands of preachers? When for example he is told not to bother much with a practical, “secular” education? Since – as we are often told in church – mere practical “worldly knowledge,” is useless and bad? A few will … simply stop going to school. Or, less drastically, many millions will not have pursed a practical education as far as they might have. But then, of course, having no education … they cannot get a good job. Then, without a good job, they cannot get a good paycheck. Therefore, ironically, people are led into poverty. And in marginal economies, to starvation and death. By the very Religion that once claimed to 1) lead them to “prosperity”; or 2) to be the essence of all that is good and true. All in most cases, without the victim ever knowing it. Never suspecting that his poverty and death, were caused by … the very thing he thought, he had always been taught, was the heart of all that was good and holy. By spirituality, itself.


It is no accident that India, one of the most spiritual nations in the world, is also one of the poorest. Even though it is one of the oldest nations in the world, and a democracy. The reason that it is poor, is easy to guess: they, like our own ascetics, have been taught for centuries, millennia, that “mere” material things, our “flesh” or “bodies,” and this whole material “world,” are “unimportant” or “useless,” or even “evil” “illusion” (Deceptive “veils of Maya”). Such people are often taught, fatalism, through the idea that their own practical education, and “works” have no bearing or good effect, on their own salvation, or improvement. Therefore, they have no motivation to get an education, or practical work. And therefore, having no education, no job, they have no possessions … and have been lead by their “good” ascetic spiritual leaders, straight into 1) ignorance, 2) poverty, 3) and death.


Ironically then, the very compassionate and spiritual priest, who presides over our premature funeral, was actually, often, unbeknownst even to himself, the cause of it.


St. James then, was partially right; but St. James just scratched the surface of a much larger – in fact massive – fatal virus, in our faiths. Dysfunction and death by spirituality, turns out to have been far, far more massively prevalent than St. James thought. In fact, as it turns out, the over-spirituality may have been literally the most massively, currently hidden evil, ever, in the history of mankind. Overspirituality undercutting, weakening, and even literally destroying, the lives, of millions, even billions, of people. Even as the people sang praises to it, it was, unknown to them, undercutting and destroying their ability to deal with material reality.


Can this really be true? Could the very thing we were always taught is the essence of all that is good, be the essence of evil? Remember: we were warned by God in the Bible, that one “day,” we would find that the whole world would be found to have been “deceived,” by the very thing that it “worship”ed (Rev. 13). We were warned that even prophets and saints would be found to be bad.* We were warned that “Satan comes to us, as the angel of light” (2 Corin. 11.14); appearing within Christianity itself, working on the same terms, using the same language:



“They work on the same terms as we do [!!]. For such men are false apostles deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is not strange if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds” (2 Corin. 11.14-15)



If there is massive evil in the holy places though, God gave us, of course, a science to uncover it at last. The science of observing their actual, real, material fruits and deeds:



“Their end will correspond to their deeds” (2 Corin. 11.14-15).


“You will know them by their fruits” (Mat. 7.16).



Our spiritual leaders, of course, have assured us that by “fruits,” the Bible just mean mental or spiritual “fruits of the spirit.” But we have made it clear in our present book, that God meant mostly, that good religion should get real, material, physical results, material prosperity, here, on this earth, in a timely way. Often in fact, originally in the Old Testament, promise of “fruits” were very, very, very literal: God meant that if we are good, we should get bigger food crops; more grapes and wheat. Real, actual, literal “fruit.”


Or, at its most metaphorical, we are supposed to get material fruitfulness – prosperity – from those doctrines that are really, truly, good, and really, truly, from God. While a brief look at the radical over-spirituality of preachers, in contrast … shows that it not only lacks material fruits; it actually has done massive amounts of very real material damage to billions of people. So that finally, we can only conclude that … the over-spirituality of preachers, was part of the foretold great, hidden evil, that was ultimately to be found, even in holiest fixtures in heaven itself. That the Bible itself, after all, always warned us about.


How do we fix this? It is simple enough. If a woman comes to you, a preacher, complaining that she is poor, rather than just teaching her to pray constantly, teach her some practical job skills. Or direct her to such a “counselor.”


Can our priests see this? Can they do it? Those who do not, can be proven to be un”fruit”ful. And therefore, can be publicly chastised, and rejected as being priests, to us.





Section 4?



Spirits Can Be Evil;

Therefore, Likewise, Spirituality



Could there have been great evils, even in the very heart of the things that priests thought were from God himself? Even in spirituality, itself? At first, seems impossible; our preachers have always presented “spirituality” as the very essence of all that is good and true. And much of the world at least partially believes them; while many of the poor believe this, all but completely. But remember what the Bible warned about holy men and priests. Or for that matter, consider the many times the Bible warned about “spirits,” for example. Warnings which pertain directly, to “spirituality.”


What did the Bible say about “spirits”? Typically, preachers constantly quote to us, over and over, a few misleading parts or fragments of the Bible; parts that seemed, taken by themselves tell us that the Apostles were absolutely protected from error, when they wrote the Bible, by being “inspired”; which means, by having the Holy Spirit protect them and guide them, at least in their writings.


That is the famous theory of “inspiration.” Yet in fact, we found earlier, that theory is false. Among other things, we might remind readers now, the Bible constantly warned about bad and false things – even in “scriptures,” and even in “spirits.” Warning us in effect, that even those who genuinely had the Holy Spirit, still made errors after that (Gal. 2.11). Or even lost the spirit (Lamentations, above). Or, we add here, those who thought they were “inspired” and protected by the Holy Spirit … may have gotten instead, a false spirit, posing as the Holy Spirit. Since indeed, often, God warned, the very things that appeared most good and holy to us, are actually, the devil, Satan himself. Even all kinds of “spirits.”


Shockingly then, there can be – and there are – massive evils even within spirituality itself. In part, we should have known this not only because of 1) their lack of material fruits; but also 2) since the Bible often warned about “spirits” in general; warned that spirits are often bad.


Some spirits are good. But the Bible warned, many are not. And it is hard to know the difference. We cannot be sure even the Apostles themselves, got the right spirit, when they thought they were getting the Holy Spirit. So, as the Bible itself warned:



“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God; for many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4.1; see also ref. to “men of Spirit” deceived, n.s.).


“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end therefore are the ways of death” (Prov. 14.23 KJE).


“Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Corin. 11.14 RSV).


“The heavens will be kindled and dissolved…. But in accordance to his promise we wait for new heavens and a new earth….” (2 Peter 3.12-13, RSV).


“For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against … the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Eph. 6.12 NRSV).


“An evil spirit from the LORD” (1 Sam. 16.14).


“All drank the same supernatural [“spiritual“] drink. For they drank from the supernatural/spiritual Rock which followed them, and the Rock was Christ [cf. Peter as rock, Peter, petroglyph; Cephas, head or boulder]. Nevertheless with most of them God was not pleased; for they were overthrown in the wilderness. Now these things are warnings for us…” (1 Corin. 10.4-6, modified from RSV).



Many preachers will try to say, typically, that all these spiritual errors, are in the past: that these errors and bad spirits, 1) are “just in the Old Testament”; or 2) in Judaism or in “the Jews.” That 3) they cannot be in Christianity. But in fact, 4) Jesus himself, among others, constantly warned of “false” and bad things, that “will” come, even after him. Including false spirits (above). Many that will come, even in his “name”; crying “Lord, Lord.” (Q.v.).


Many preachers will also say, that the sometimes bad Apostles (Mat. 16.23; Gal. 2.11 ff; Phil. 3.12; Rev. 3.2 ff; James 3, etc.), though they were human and sometimes made mistakes, were protected by the Holy Spirit, “inspired” by it, when they wrote our Bibles. Yet it is possible that a false spirit came to them, disguised as the Holy Spirit. Since indeed, it is one of Satan’s favorite disguises to appear to us as whatever is the essence of what is good and true. So that finally, the doctrine of “inspiration” is false; there is no guarantee that even what the Apostles or others thought was the Holy Spirit, really was, all the time. (To be sure, it is said that Jesus “breathed” the authentic Holy Spirit on his Apostles; yet even after that, apostles like St. Peter/”Cephas,” made huge mistakes in Gal. 2.11 ff; while indeed, human beings, Catholics, are said to get the Holy Spirit or the body of Christ every week or so in the Eucharist; while some say the Holy Spirit is always around us; … and yet somehow, we still make mistakes. The Holy Spirit will “never leave us” … but often it seems, we leave it. Or let in other false thoughts, false spirits, thinking they are good. So that for many reasons, we cannot ever be sure at all, that what seems to be the “Holy Spirit” continuing to guide us and the Apostles … is not, after all, a false spirit. A false spirit, posing as the Holy Spirit. One might say or hope that “God would not allow” something so evil to happen; yet God allows many things you would think he would not allow. He allows the existence of evil, for example; though you would think that a good God would exterminate it. (The problem of “Theodicy”).


So it is possible for evil to exist; even in the heart of heaven itself. Further, we were warned that it would exist there; in heaven.* We were warned that evil would exist, in almost everything that we thought was holy and true. And now were are finding, that and how, it does indeed, exist there.


There is evil even in spirits; even in “inspiration”; even in “spirituality.”




Section 5


Hate for the “World”:

The Dark Underside of Spirituality;

Then the Remedy



As it has turned out then, there is a very, very dark underside, to spirituality. First, 1) there are evil spirits. (Or bad ideas, bad thoughts?). While 2) even in the highest “good” spirituality, Christian spirituality, there a) has often been a disregard, even “hate” for, the physical side of life. While b) we found that in actual practice, the radical over-spirituality of preachers, actively attacked and weakened practical material sense … to the point that it has not merely left already-starving people without food, but far worse than that, it actively lead billions, to be ignorant of the practical “secular” knowledge that would have fed and clothed them; thus actively leading billions, to one degree or another of more ignorance and poverty and death, than they would have found on their own.


So that there is something in nearly all spirituality, that is ultimately, more detrimental than helpful, to humanity.


Worse, this is not all just accidental; at times you can find an fairly consciously malign, hateful attitude in spirituality. Behind “loving” spirituality is often – a fairly conscious “hate” for the (in dualism, material) “world” and, those in it.


First, there is a secret “hate” in spirituality and religion, that our preachers have hidden from us:



“He who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life” (John 12.25).


“If any one comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14.26).



Next, we have begun to describe what the dark hate, in preachers, has then gone on to do. Spreading a dark philosophy that poses even to itself, as the angel of light and life … even as it has lead billions to ignorance, poverty, and death.




John 3.16:

The Answer?



Fortunately, there is an answer to the violent dark “hate” and murderous spirit, in most of spirituality.


First, 1) there is in fact, another higher, better voice even than spirituality; one that tells us that those spiritual persons who “hate” the “world” and so forth, after all, are not as good as they appear:



But I say to you that every one who is angry with his brother shall be liable to judgment...” (Mat. 5.22).


“Any one who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him” (1 John 3.15).


“He who says he is in the light and hates his brother is in the darkness still” (1 John 2.9).



Further, because of bad things in it, spirituality itself, was eventually, supposed to be supplanted 2) by a higher better, material sense of God and Good. One that finally allowed that if the “world” and/or “earth” had ever been “cursed” and were bad, they have long since been washed clean by the Flood, and by Jesus. So that we are not to “hate” the world, but learn to love even our “enemies”; and even love the world, like Jesus himself, God made “flesh”:



“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son … not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him” (John 3.16-17).





Continuing Problems Though,

In Spite of John 3.16



There are attempted solutions to the bad side of spirituality, therefore, found in parts of the Bible; solutions 1) in other parts, of the Bible itself. Where St. John at least, told us that Jesus really “loved” the world; in the passage that became famous in the 1960’s. Solutions had also began to 2) emerge in part, in the past, when God became physical once or twice before. 3) Unfortunately though, much of the solution has long since been functionally forgotten; or was not allowed to persist. a) Jesus himself, said to be God “made flesh,” was killed; and b) after that, more often than not, and in spite of John 3.16, priests could not see God in the physical “world” at all; but only in books, in a “Word” (John 1). While c) spirituality was to dominate the way of life, called “asceticism.” And then too d) spirituality to this very day, is a major synonym for all things religious. While e) we find it remains very much alive, and destructive, to this very day.


So that, f) though the spirit of good at times attempted to get past spirituality, to become physical again, it has not been successful to date; and so all of humanity needs to see it dramatically, again; for a “second” time.


Something which we are at least though, outlining theoretically here. Showing how it is possible.






Section 6


The Deadliest Example:

Medium Spirituality



In the meantime though, until humanity really, fully sees this … we are stuck with a radically magical and over-spiritual Religion … that continues to do much damage; undiscovered and unseen.


Curiously, both of the two major doctrines in popular, priestly religion, fail in similar ways. Though they at times appear to be opposites – promises of miracles promising physical things; spirituality denying them – in the end, because promises of miracles don’t come true, both fail in the same sphere: both of the major elements of Christianity, fail to take effective, reliable care, of the physical side of life. We saw that attacking our own practical work and knowledge, or just stressing faith, and miracles, was not enough, in itself, to guide us to prosperity; especially if 1) miracles, bread out of thin air, does not arrive regularly, to feed all those laid off practical work, to just pray. While 2) as St. James began to see, spiritual Religion also often a) passively leaves us physically starving to death; as he did not quite see yet in his time, it b) has even actively led billions to ignorance (of the true nature of God and life); to physical pain and suffering; to poverty and disease; and to premature physical death.


Both promises of Miracles and Spirituality, then, have been hidden killers, in the ways described above. However again, were have presented only a few, obvious examples, of the kinds of disasters that have been caused. Caused by preachers who taught their people, all too well, to follow, all-too-faithfully, all-too-religiously, their all-too-simple and false, miracle-based sense of religion. Far, far more important and destructive than these obvious examples, though, was the subtle, unseen – but in the end far more devastating – disaster, that was undoubtedly caused, when the people did not quite follow the preachers, to the full, obvious, fatal, reducto-ad-absurdum end, of their fatally too simple sermons; but when the people merely adopted some of the preachers’ demands.


Many millions have probably been killed by these to-many obvious pitfalls, “snares,” in Religion. Indeed, they are so obvious, that it has been possible for many people to see them … and avoid them. When 1) you notice that the ascetic monk, that told you that physical food is unimportant, just died of starvation, it has been fairly easy for many people to come to the conclusion that extreme asceticism is not material fruitful, or good … and not imitate it. However, 2) what most people don’t realize, is that even more subtle, minor examples of lesser degrees of spirituality, can be even more deadly. Since they creep up on you, and undercut your life subtly; unseen. Doing more damage, ultimately.


Consider the case, where you more-or-less see or intuit, the obvious problems with the extremes of radical, priestly over-spirituality, and you rightly decide to avoid them; but you then, in spite of that, suspecting there might be some good in spirituality, attempt to take in, say, just a moderate amount of spirituality, at least; to compromise somewhat with spirituality.


A compromise between practicality and spirituality, might work in some ways. But even compromise has pitfalls. What often happens for example, here, is that sometimes the people, for example, do compromise; they do not entirely give up all “mere” practical work and education; but they compromise with the preachers and take on only a moderate amount of spirituality. But the problem is, even a small compromise, can be fatal.


Suppose for example, you do not entirely follow the hermits and ascetic bookish priests, and do not give up entirely on practical education, “work” or practical, non-religious “knowledge” … but you merely, say, quit practical school in the 8th grade. Instead of the customary minimum, 12th. You quit school – to just sit around and pray; as some women do; and as the spiritualists tell you to. In such a case, you will not have been entirely spiritual; you did something practical, to grade 8. So in some way, you have tried to balance spiritual and practical education, too. Yet still here, even though you are not wholly spiritual, your life is still going to be undercut, even by a moderate spirituality, and an excess of Religion. (Cf. the Catechism by the way; para. 2110; which tells us that superstition is an excess of religion). You have given up a High School degree, to become a “prayer-warrior” say; and with no High School education, you may well spend the rest of your life in ignorance and poverty.


At first then, apparently medium-sized compromises between spirituality and practicality, spirituality and materialism, might seem OK. Yet often, the damage here is even greater. The snare is that the problems with extreme spirituality, are often more obvious … and so people will often see them, and avoid them. For example, it is obvious that extremely spiritual people, who disdain to eat “mere” material food or “bread,” are often very thin … and often, history and the newspapers told us, they literally starved to death. Therefore, the abuses and dangers of extreme spirituality, are fairly easily seen by many … and therefore, avoided. However, the more seductive and subtle and slight damage, done by a milder spirituality, though less noticeable, is often, in the aggregate, harder to see and avoid … and therefore, more successful in doing huge amounts of damage.


The long-term damage done by some moderate forms of spirituality does more danger – because their damage is more subtle, and less obvious. And therefore, people will pursue subtly destructive forms of mild spirituality, without its detriments ever becoming obvious to them. So for example, many people who might have gone on to college, to get a practical degree, and a good job for good money, might well give it up; having been mildly discouraged from doing that, by the “world”-hating priests. Such a person, will live the rest of his life in more poverty that he might have liked; while then too, since this is a “subtle” form of corruption, millions take it in. And so the lives of millions of people, re subtly undercut. By an enervation, that they cannot quite entirely see. Indeed, by an ailment that thinks of itself as, is presented as, as is widely thought to be, the essence of all that is good and holy.


So a medium amount of spirituality, has been in the aggregate, probably the more serious. It is fairly easy to avoid the obvious down side, or a very strict, ascetic spirituality: it is easy to see that many monks who practiced it, starved to death. Less noticeable though – and therefore, even more damaging – has been the damage done by milder forms of spirituality. Which live on longer, and are more widely adopted; so that their damage, though mild, adds up to massive amounts. A spirituality that for instance, does not outright kill anyone at all, but prevents say, just 40% of your population, from reaching their full educational and job potential, would cost the American economy, probably hundreds of billions, even trillions of dollars, annually. While in a more marginal, subsistence economy, even a mild dysfunctionality of this type, would mean the difference between life … and death, for millions.


Persons who adopt some medium forms spirituality, are often destroyed in a slow, not easy-to-spot way; not by obvious starvation, but by subtly creeping rot. Such persons do not run into the obvious problems caused by over-spirituality; but they merely undercut their entire lives in subtle ways that they never learn to spot. Consider for example, the young woman who does not give up “everything” to be just spiritual, who does not give up all his practical education early on – in the 8th grade, say – but who say, quits school in the 12th grade; at the end of high school. Passing up college … to become a full-time member of a young Christian society. Such a person has, actually, made a slight compromise between spirituality, and practicality – a practical education. She has continued with practical education, at least through high school. Before becoming a full-time, say, “prayer warrior.” (Cf. Colorado). And therefore, such a person might not seem to be an obvious victim of over-spirituality; with a high-school education at last, she might be able to continue in moderately-paying jobs for churches, for instance. She would not be totally uneducated; and could get some kind of job. To support herself materially. And yet however, note that even this seemingly moderate compromise between practicality and religiosity, can have subtle and debilitating effects, on the young woman’s life. With a High School education, she can get a job – but not a good one. And without some college, her employability will be subtly undercut for the rest of her life, in ways she might not see. Not having enough education, the High School graduate finds it harder to get a really good job; not having a good job, she cannot get a good paycheck; and not getting a good paycheck, she lives in poverty. Or dependency on others. Perhaps, she will go on Welfare; and other more practical persons, will have to pay taxes to support her, all the rest of her life. And if there are many like her, then all of society is dragged down. One might hope she might contribute some “spiritual” good; and yet, as we have seen, often evil comes out of spirituality, as much as good. So that she is not only a net liability in herself; she drags others down with her. And this is not just a hypothetical case; no doubt, many women particularly, on Welfare, got there by following preachers; their disdain for practical “secular” education and so forth.


Indeed, this very phenomenon has probably contributed massively, to the Welfare roles. And once again, the occasional soup kitchen or jobs program, offered by a church, probably does not correct more than 1/10 of the damage the church’s spirituality already caused. So that we get a net loss, from many churches. (Whose overall effectiveness, cost-benefit analysis, would probably find them at best, only very slightly more constructive, than destructive. Indeed, most churches today, probably do more harm, than good. So that we need a massive re-organizing of our churches, to make them far, far more productive).


It seems likely, that over history, and even today, millions, billions, have been driven into 1) ignorance; 2) underemployment, 3) poverty, and 4) premature death. By the very spirituality that presented itself as the essence of all that is good and holy.


Such examples are real. Today, many elements of many racial minorities – a) Hispanics and b) black Afro-Americans particularly – are very heavily religious; Hispanics are heavily Catholic; some blacks are very Protestant. Yet while a mild amount of religion is good – teaching people some kind of Morality or Ethics – still no doubt, the poverty of our minorities is due in part to, the fact that our preachers do not stress education, and the development of our mind, and work; that our preachers, even, attack useful things.


Many preachers told us constantly, that 1) the only things that were important, were faith in God; and related preacherly virtues, like spirituality, prayer, and so forth. In contrast, 2) our preachers at best neglected, and 3) implicitly or even 4) explicitly attacked, practical things. We were told we should not learn to develop our minds and think about things, but just accept things on “faith”; many told us not to bother with “world”ly things like a “bad,” “evil” “secular” education; which are “worldly knowledge.” And when this seemed bad to us, they told us we must have “faith,” and hate and not listen to, practical people, or the “world.”


And so our preachers ended up teaching, guiding our minorities, not to think; and not to get an education, or develop them minds. Which not doubt, helped to led millions into poverty; and to put millions of them, on the welfare roles. To be taken care of by others. Acts of “Charity” do something, but not enough to make up for the far more massive amounts of damage the church itself already caused.


Finally, what is the solution to this? Preachers have failed to see their own role in creating poverty; seeing poverty around them, they merely saw this as an opportunity to preach the wonders of grace and “charity.” Never noticing that they themselves, were a major cause of poverty. By discouraging people from developing a practical mind.


Such preachers need to note, that they have been attending to and understanding, or over-rhetorically stressing, just one part of, one voice in, the Bible. They need to note that St. Paul and others, finally stopped attacking the “world” and “works” and the “mind,” and “knowledge.” And that the Bible overall, in other parts, actually championed the “work” of our “hands,” “knowledge,” and so forth.


St. Paul, who at first stressed “prayer” and “faith,” finally began reversing himself, and telling us to labor and “work” for example. So as not to be burden on others. In for example, 1 Thess. 4.9; 2 Thess. 3.7-10; others in Eph. 4.28; etc.). While we are noting hundreds of other parts of the Bible here, where God told us to acquire “knowledge” and “wisdom”; which are not merely as many thought, traditional “religious” knowledge, but more than that, practical knowledge of “all” things. (Since indeed, a -not only did the Bible directly advocate such things (as in our chapter on Science; cf. the Wisdom of Solomon); but also b – if God is in nature, knowledge of nature, is ultimately also knowledge of God).


Will our preachers ever really do this? It is doubtful; without a dramatic revolution in Religion. Reform would be an Apocalypse. One which is, however, possible.





Spirituality, Causing

Hate for the World,

And Love of Death



In the meantime, religion – and therefore, the world; since most people say they value religion highly – is dominated by false things, that do perhaps more harm, than whatever good religion has done. Specifically, a great deal of damage has done by the radical over-spirituality of preachers has been, under its spiritual rhetoric of “love,” encouraging a secret “hate” for the “world”; and love of death.


Jesus himself, often spoke of the need to “hate” our life in this world (Luke 14.26?). But of course, the attitude of “hate” for others, and even the “world,” undercut our motivation to try to get along in the world, and is obviously destructive. So that eventually, elements of the Bible – a wiser, second opinion on this subject – began to suggest that Jesus really “loved” the “world” and came to “save” it, not “condemn” it. As in the famous John 3.16. Which was however, unfortunately, not famous until the 1960’s. While overspirituality and its flip side – “hate” for the whole “world” – had already done immense damage.


And of course finally, there is the damage caused by a spirituality that tells us that this material world and life and body are bad; and that therefore, comes to the conclusion that it is good to physically die; since that releases our spirit to go up into physical heaven. So that finally, spirituality ends up explicitly embracing, championing (as well as causing) physical death.


You can see St. Paul, particularly, coming to this final fatal, reducto ad absurdum, the final fatal conclusion of spirituality, in Philippians 1.21. To the conclusion that if (dualistic) spirituality is right, and only our spirit is good, and material things are bad, then logically, it is good to physically die. And so finally, St. Paul embraces, champions, (and thereby encouraged) death.


Though St. Paul often spoke of 1) a metaphorical death – “dying to” our physical desires, our passions, our “flesh”ly desires – here, 2) it is clear, from the way he uses “flesh” and so forth, that finally St. Paul comes to the fatal result of over-spirituality: indifference to physical lives; and even embracing, championing, physical death itself:



“To die is gain. If it is to be life in the flesh, that means fruitful labor for me. Yet which I shall choose I cannot tell. I am hard pressed between the two. My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better” (Phil. 1.21-23).



Some preachers might try to say, that Paul is 1) only talking about some kind of metaphorical “death” and metaphorical “flesh”; dying to, say, our fleshly desires. But here, clearly, Paul is speaking of 2) his material, physical flesh. Since Paul could not be saying that he has been living in the former; in a sinful “fleshly” life. Which a) he should not be advocating, since that would be to live in evil. Then too, b) could not really be “fruit”ful. Then too, c) it is clear if we read the whole passage, that Paul says that “depart”ing from this kind of flesh, means … leaving this material life, his material friends and followers, here on earth. Therefore, it is clear that here, Paul is not merely talking about some kind of metaphorical “dying” to some kind of metaphorical “flesh”; he is talking about physical death.


Therefore, Paul is for a moment, playing with the idea that our spirit is so important, that it would be all right, even good, to physically die; since that would free our spirit to go to heaven. And yet to be sure, a) Paul does not firmly demand this goal; he b) merely announces this as one of two things to “choose”; two things more or less equally weighed. While c) he more or less suggests this is a personal decision, not universal doctrine; since he speaks merely of his own “desire,” and not the will of God.


Yet d) for a moment, Paul hints that, since it frees the spirit, physical death is about as good as life. Yet … couldn’t there be something wrong with Paul or others, ambivalently almost championing, advocating, physical death? In some way, isn’t advocating Death, sound like … the very essence of evil? Love of Death?


Finally, to be sure, e) after constantly championing death both as a metaphor for “dying to” our excessive passions of greed and lust, and physical death itself, St. Paul at least finds an excuse to keep himself physically alive; he needs to stay alive … to lead the rest of us, living here on earth in bodily form; (leading us to love of death?):



“But to remain in the flesh is more necessary on your account” (Phil. 1.24).



Paul finally, at the last minute, backs away from the precipice of over-spirituality, gnosticism etc.; he does not quite advocate spirituality, hate for the material world and flesh, to the point that he says firmly, that is is good to physically die; to free the spirit from the material body. However, the problem is, that 1) most preachers – who typically quote only misleading, decontextualizied fragments of the Bible – will usually miss or leave out, Paul’s final demurer. And 2) so most ordinary Christians, will never hear, this final qualification on spirituality. Most Christians therefore never hearing the more balanced view of spirituality – that spirituality is not good, if you despise your material bodies to the point that you even embrace material death. Instead, all their lives in church, most churchgoers hear only one of the two equivocal sides of Paul’s message; they will hear from the pulpit, most often, the constantly, loudly, vociferously proclaimed – and we have seen, literally fatal – message: that only our spirit is good, while our physical body, and our physical lives, are bad (a popular sermon, through the Victorian era, till 1964 AD or so). (Or – 3 – if a preacher does quote this passage more fully, then St. Paul’s advocacy of the “flesh,” is given a very, very limited meaning; presenting life in this material world, flesh, as at best a necessary evil. Which is not a remark, note, sufficiently respectful of God’s Nature and world.)


In the text itself to be sure, we see – once again – a rabid spirituality that is veering toward extreme, radical matter-hating; leading to a hate for material things. To the point that this spirituality – and its deadly corollary, hate for material things – is embraced, nearly to the point not merely causing physical death due to lack of taking care of physical necessities (as James noted), but actually, to the point of advocating even, love of Death. Love of physical death; since it allegedly frees the spirit from the material body.


Indeed, the New Testament especially, veers toward extreme spirituality over and over; and many millions of preachers have followed it … right over the cliff. Not noticing the text itself, Paul itself, stop just short of the precipice. But for those of us who now read the Bible overall, more closely; we find that indeed, whatever preachers have done, the Bible itself overall, stopped just short of full blown, fatal, over-spirituality. Once again, there are faint qualifiers in the text itself, on just how wonderful spirituality is; regarding following it literally to the death (as many ascetics do; fasting to death etc.), St. Paul suggests choosing this path, is a personal choice left to the individual; the preference for physical death is “for me”; for Paul himself; and is not necessary for everyone. Then too, Paul at the last minute, finds some reason to embrace physical life after all. Yet again, to be sure, many spiritual priests will miss that … and just follow one small part of Paul, all-too faithfully … right over the edge. (Cf. the false spirits in pigs, causing them to run … over a cliff. Also Satan, tempting Jesus to ignore physical laws, like gravity; to jump off a roof or high place).


Most preachers will miss the last minute caution, qualification, warning, about spirituality. Indeed, many preachers will read and follow only parts of the Bible; especially the spiritual parts – and forget the material side of it all. And they will present – as they usually do – a fatally over-spiritual and unbalanced Religion. One that is note adequate to life. Once which in fact, leads us to physical death, we are beginning to see.


Which means that, in this way, the very Religion that presented itself to us as the essence of “all” we need to live, the very essence of “life” and “love” and “prosperity” … actually, ironically, leads us to narrowness, ignorance, poverty … and physical death. By embracing physical death, it encourages others to seek it.


Or elsewhere, we will have found, beyond all that, the religion that began as presenting itself to us as promsing “peace” and “life” and “prosperity,” has by a series of subtle shifts, ended up teaching love of poverty (“blessed are the poor”), and now, even love of physical death, itself. Incredible to say.


Further, this really effects many real people in real life; it actually teaches some to, at least partially, love death. It is common to see many people in this situation; particular the young and vulnerable. For example, in a recent radio show, a young mother came on the radio, to complain to our religious self-styled doctor, that her first-grade daughter, had been plucking out her eyebrows, and telling her mother that she wanted to die; so she could “go to heaven” to be with her dead brother, and Jesus. (“Doctor” Ray Geurendi’s show – SP? – on EWTN, “Eternal Word Television Network,” Oct. 13, 2004; broadcast internationally on WEB streaming, short-wave, 60 FM stations; archived on “radio”?)


One might also take another look at many very evil political and other movements too, often from very Christian countries, which ended up, loving death. (Cf. Nazism; Hitler was a Catholic choir boy in Austria; in a day when the “Jews killed Jesus” sermon or homily, was very popular).




Spirituality as Delusion



Until in fact everyone sees the Apocalyptic Destruction of Heaven – there continue to be many extremely deadly evils, deep in the heart of all that we thought and were taught in church, is the height of all that is good and holy. And among the others, here is at least, one more major evil in spirituality: the flight into the mind … and “delusion” and “illusion.” Things warned about in the Bible; but ignored by spiritualists. Though it is close to the essence of spirituality.


Close to the core of spirituality, is the philosophical doctrine or sentiment, that after all, the essence of man, is our mind or spirit; that we never even really know the material world as it is in itself at all; but only our mental ideas or thoughts or mental pictures of it. For that reason, many people have said, since the time of Plato (see Phaedrus; after the discussion of Boreas), that only the human mind or spirit, really matters; and we can forget about the material world. As long as our mind or spirit feels good, that is enough.


Following this ancient religio-philosophical doctrine, often spiritual parsons will tell us that it doesn’t matter whether we succeed in this material world or life or not; as long as we are happy in our mind or spirit. That is where happiness happens anyway. Some even say it doesn’t matter whether religion and its promises of an afterlife for example, are true or not; so long as we believe it, it gives us the mental sensation of “hope,” and so makes our minds feel better. And since the mind is where is all is, some say, then merely feeling better in our mind, is good enough. Thinking we are in a “kingdom,” say, is as good as really being in a real one.


That is an all-too-common extrapolation of some theories in philosophy and religion. That if all we really know, or the most important part of our life is our mind or spirit or thoughts, then thoughts and illusions or fantasies, of a material thing, are as good as really having it. But while this has some truth, on the other hand, there are many hidden dangers in this attitude. Because if we believe something in our minds, but it is not true in physical reality, then we are living in an “illusion” or a “delusion.” Which the Bible warned us about.


Some will say it doesn’t matter whether something (including Religion) is true or not; as long as it makes us feel good to believe it, then it has done something good for us. However, consider the counter-example, of opium. You take it, and you feel good in your mind. But the problem is, that you are living in an illusion. Your mind tells you everything is OK … even as your hand is in the fire.


In fact, the Opium Wars began in China, over this issue. The English allowed Opium to be distributed in China; and many Chinese were addicted; lost in dreams … while letting, precisely, their material lives waste away. They came to feel that only their opium dream was real … and that their physical body was unreal and unimportant; to the extent that they would lead their material body die from neglect.


And that indeed, is the great danger in being too spiritual and living too much in your own mind and “dreams”: you come to neglect this physical life, and to see its importance; you may even love your dream more than life itself … and in consequence of that, come to neglect, and eventually physically end, your physical life.


Here then is yet another danger, to those who over-stress the mind or spirit then. There are times when things seem real to the mind; but one should not be content with just that; but should always seek to have what one thinks, be verified (or dis-confirmed) by empirical study. Since if what we think or feel is real, is not however, true of physical reality, then we are living, in effect, in a mere “delusion” or “illusion” or “dream.” One that can cause us more misery in the end; and even, death.


While indeed, the Bible itself warned that one “day,” we would see that many “sorcerers” and magicians, will have enveloped the whole world in a delusion or illusion; and that others would trap us in webs of “empty words” and “deceits. While others are lost in “dreams.” Perhaps indeed, our spiritual parsons – that we might call “spiritualists” in effect – are really, unknown to even themselves – wizards or mental delusionists. Causing the mind’s imagination, that was made to represent external reality, to simply create fantastic illusions and opium dreams for itself. While neglecting material reality, the material body, again, to the point of causing physical death.


(Cf. Earnst Bloch, supporting “hope,” in this three or four volume study).




Section 7



The Destruction of the Heaven

of Miracles and Spirituality;

For the New Heaven on Earth



Perhaps a very mild spirituality, is useful; it is useful to experience a mild sense of philosophicality, and acceptance of fate; acceptance of being less than incredibly famous and rich. And in war, having many soldiers who love death – causing it, and not fearing it much either – might make stronger soldiers. But … in the meantime, what we have had from preachers is a radically unbalanced, fatal overdose of it all.


What is the solution for this? Sensing some of these acute, fatal, evil things in the over-spirituality of preachers, it is for these and many other reasons that, of course, finally the 1960’s attempted to turn religion around, from a fatal hateful spirituality, to a greater stress on “Love.” Even love for the physical “world.” However, even “love” and “hope” can be bad too; if they are love of death, for example. While indeed, “love” tends to become radical spirituality … thus beginning the cycle again. So that we will need to do much more than this, to fix this problem.


In the past, the solution has often been noted; in calls for a “theology of work”; for “science”; and for a wider understanding of “God’s materialism”; and so forth. Yet obviously, none of these has made any headway at all. Since religion remains overwhelming centered around spirituality, to this very day.


So what can fix this? Finally, nothing will do it but a very, very, very dramatic event, or announcement. That we ourselves, are going through at least a preview, and perhaps part of the very substance, of a foretold moment of the “Apocalypse,” as it has come to be called. Specifically, many of us have come to a moment of the Apocalypse that our priests and ministers have not seen or faced, though it is in our Bibles over and over again: we have come to … the foretold, Destruction of Heaven.


We need a very, very dramatic demolition of old beliefs; in order to clear the way enough, for the foretold new and better and fuller and more mature, second vision at last. And perhaps indeed, this very book is part of the catalyst for that. Not for any physical destruction; indeed the “world” has seen enough physical destruction; and that part of the Apocalypse can be said to have been completed or discharged. Rather instead, “our swords are arguments”; it is time for a moment of great spiritual upheaval. For a moment that, spiritual as they are, our preachers however never noticed, or could not face or bear. A moment that we have chosen to describe or call, the Destruction of Heaven.


It is only after all the world, all believers especially, have been told about, and have passed through, this moment … that at last, we will get a truer, better vision of God on earth.


Painful and Apocalyptic as this moment is, however, many more should be able to get through it; thanks to our finding here, that the Bible itself authorized, foretold, this very moment. And told us all how to get through it. Told us that even as our very Bibles, our very heaven, our very faith, our very righteousness, seem to collapse and be destroyed … actually, in an unexpected way, our Bibles guide us, selfdeconstructively, through their own self-demolition; to see a better, second vision, second coming, of God and truth, at last.


As we will see, next.




Looking Ahead:

The Solution?

Some Early Conclusions



What is the solution? The fact is, both of the two major elements in Religion today, are wrong. Both 1) promises of physical miracles – which once dominated religion, through to about 1960; but also 2) the “higher” and “better” emphasis on “spiritual” things like “faith” and “prayer” and “hope”; which currently dominates most of Christianity. These two seem to be rather opposite in their approach to life; one stressed the physical side of life, and the other stressed the spiritual. But both of them failed in the same way: they did not work in physical reality. They left our physical bodies to waste away and die, prematurely. Promises of miracles at least tried to address our material needs; but miracles proved to be unreliable, and failed us materially. Even in an age of great material affluence – the 20th century (and 21st?) – they undercut the lives of many. By failing to recognize the importance of 1) practical education, 2) work, and jobs; even in the Bible itself. (Which is why socialist activists have to stress these things?).


Our priests taught us that, or constantly spoke as if, 1) whatever material things we needed, would appear by miracles out of thin air. 2) Or, when that did not work out well, they shifted to telling us to be “spiritual”; assuring us that material things were not important. Which however, left billions depending – and starving – on two doctrines that after all, were not true.


So what should we say now, about our priests? It seems they fed themselves, and us, will delusions and illusions and false promises; and perhaps they are in fact, not really priests … but the foretold “wizards,” “sorcerers,” and demons. Our priests have 1) always offered us instead, in effect, magic: something for nothing. Miracles. Bread out of thin air. Which is ultimately, magic. A rabbit out of an empty hat. Or, 2) if we noticed that such things were not true, we were told that imagining that they were true, in our minds or “spirits” – being spiritual – would at least make us feel better. So that our priests were probably, false priests; were really, the foretold magicians … or illusionists; “delusion”ists. Demons leading us to a huge illusion. The opium dream; of false hopes of miracles; and to the false “dreams” of spirituality. Which believed that “imag”ing or imagining a thing in our mind or spirit, imagining we have it in our spirit, is as good as having it in physical reality. Never mind, that we cannot actually live on imaginary bread. Never mind that trying to live on the mere mental imagination of a thing, actively kills us, physically.


There are in fact, many obvious examples of people injured by false promises of miracles. Consider the occasional news stories, of those who have heard a thousand preachers commanding them to absolutely trust and believe in the “power of prayer,” and the absolute reliability of God – including his promises of miracles; that “whosoever” believes, gets “all” and “whatever” we “ask.” In the more extreme cases of disaster caused by this, sometimes the faithful will ask God to protect them, as they step out onto a busy highway; the papers are full of stories of people who died this way. (See “News of the Weird,” in various publications like The Austin Chronicle; c. 1999? The story of the man who walked out into a busy highway, in the believe that God would protect him).


Such obvious examples though, are only the most obvious and minor manifestations of a far, far more subtle, heretofore-neglected, but far, infinitely more massive injury, done to mankind by promises of miracles. There is a much, much greater disaster caused by the non-delivery of miracles, that the newspapers have not yet reported. Actually, false promises of miracles, have debilitated and killed a billion human beings, in a subtle, longstanding, but hidden cultural disaster, that no newspapers – and only a few scholars – have only recently begun to notice: the millions of sermons where our preachers told us that the way life works, the way we take care of our practical needs, is to pray, and wait for a miracle; for bread out of thin air and so forth. Where our preachers told us to trust in faith and prayer to take care of “all” our “needs” – and to forget about “mere” useless things … like a practical education – “worldly knowledge” – and jobs – mere “works.”


Consider the massive damage done to the millions, the billions of human beings; done by preachers telling the people to 1) rely absolutely on things that do not work – promises of miracles. And who 2) were even were told be be “spiritual,” to accept just metal “dreams” and sensations, as “all” they needed to worry about; while at times even explicitly been told to neglect the things that do work – practical work, medicine, jobs, and so forth.


Our preachers and holy men lied to us. And it was not a white lie. Our preachers 1) promised miracles that did not come; and then 2) they slyly inserted a ringer into the works; spirituality. Slipping in a suggestion that the old promises should be read as metaphors for spiritual things. But then it turns out, that this “higher” spirituality, was even worse than false promises of miracles; it radically de-emphasized practical things and practical sense, to the point that it actively weakened and in some cases even destroyed our economies. While also working independently on individuals, often slightly improving, but then fatally undermining, their lives. Often, fatally.


One prophesy in the Bible, at least, therefore, seems true: 1) as foretold, there have been bad things in our highest holy fixtures in heaven and on earth*; and 2) indeed, the whole world has “worship”ed a false image of God and Christ; an “antichrist”; “another Jesus” than the right one. But if so, then 3) the solution, another, better, fuller, second coming, second vision of God, is even now, beginning to emerge. In the Science of God; Scientific Christianity; Natural Christianity. Science-Based religion. Which has always been there, for those who could see. In the Bible itself. And in Theology and Religious Studies; the “science of God.” It is these sciences that at last, begin to reveal, unveil, enable, the new and better vision of God on earth. As we will begin to see, in our next chapter. And then far better, in our book section, on Immorality, and … Resurrection.


In the meantime, in common sense terms, those individuals who learn that miracles are not reliable, (and that prayers can build a delusional “life,” cause us to live in mere daydreams and fantasies), those people who want to see real, material prosperity or results, here, on this earth, will often instinctively cast off belief in miracles, and much (if not all) of spirituality; to be moral, but also to concentrate on practical knowledge and jobs. And as it turns out, this life style, of the ordinary good moral, man or woman with a practical, materially-productive job, is much closer to “God’s Plan” as they call it – to the life that God had in mind for us – than the preachers. Who were not honest enough to admit that their ideas were not working in physical reality very well. And whose retreat into the mind, into spirituality … was so dysfunctional in real material life, as to cause great pain and suffering, in anyone who really tried to follow it.


So that ironically, our preachers – who always secretly thought they knew more about God and good than the millions they sermonized and pontificated to; who always thought they were really “first” with God – actually, now, in the end, turn out to be … “last.” Exactly as foretold.


But seeing this, we now move on. To become the more productive adults, that can learn how to make real, good things happen, here on earth. And when there are enough of us, we can indeed, as they say in contemporary Judaism, work to make the world a better place. Even, a close-to-ideal kingdom of peace or prosperity for all, at last.


Can we even do more than that, with a world full of practical, knowledgeable people? Maybe we can. But to get there, we will need much better preachers than we have had; or not preachers at all; but rather, realistic “counselors,” indeed. Who do not even pretend, that the old false promises are true. But who can realistically guide men to a better future.


To get there though, will mean we have to break through centuries, millennia, of complacency and rote repetition of misunderstood formulas, in religion, in our “faiths.” Something very, very dramatic, even Apocalyptic is needed to do this. But physical violence is not needed any more much; and so we should all announce, that the old “world” was already destroyed, in the flood of Noah; so that it is time to announce, after all, the last, mental/spiritual part of the Apoclypse: not the destruction of our physical “world” – which was already destroyed and remade one already, with Noah; and again already, with Jesus. (in whom God was “reconciling” to himself the world).


There are enough physical catastrophes in geological and historical time, geological transformations and wars, to say that the world has already passed through much of the Apocalypse; through all the physical destruction that anyone could ask for. While the old world is already gone; and we already have the new world, that must be preserved; “world without end,” as they say in many doxologies.


So that rather in any case, it is time to dramatically announce, not the Apocalyptic destruction of the “world,” which preachers have always spoken about. But rather, now it is time to announce the moment of the End, that our preachers were never able to “false” or “bear”; even though it was announced over and over again throughout the entire Bible.


Now is not the time for the destruction of the “world”; which is already over. Instead, now is the time for the destruction … of heaven.


Which is even now, as many read this book, collapsing all around us. Yet even as it is, already, in the more natural and scientific sense of religion, of Christianity, we are seeing a glimpse of the “second,” “full”er, more “mature” vision of God and Good; one that knows how to develop and see, good, here on earth, again.


As we will see more fully, next.














END OF BOOK; of Volume 1?





Part VI

The Solution



What is the solution to all this? We have been saying to believers, that the solution is largely visible already, in the one place that they respect and are pledged to follow: the Bible itself. The holy books themselves. The Bible itself, often warned that 1) there have always been bad things in every aspect of Religion; even those who think they are following “Christ,” and who invoke his “name.” The Bible also added, that 2) one “day,” God would begin to expose this, and/or, begin to simply destroy our first heaven; 3) in order to show us something better. Something many of us are beginning to see, already.


Many ordinary people have seen this before; and many leaders too. Almost no preacher though, saw that this era of falsity and deception, throughout our faith, was not just in the a) past, or in the b) future … , but can be seen c) now. But if no one really saw this clearly, now some of us have come to outline for everyone, the indeed huge, massive evil, damage, done to mankind … by our very own preachers and holy men; the preachers of our own Christian age and era. Those who thought themselves to be the essence of all that was good and holy.


Now suddenly, we realize the old warnings about false things in religion, were really for all time – but especially our own. And especially, as it turns out, our own preachers’ and holy men’s … 1) promises of physical miracles. And their 2) spirituality.


We were told there would be bad things in “all”; and to test everything, examine everything carefully, in our faiths, to see what was good … and what was not. Comparing the promises made … to specifically, experience, and observation of what “comes to pass” from those who made those promises. And specifically, what has “come to pass” has taught us over the centuries, that in order to enjoy “prosperity,” probably the best way to get it, is not by faith and prayer; rather, it is to get practical knowledge, job skills; get a job, and produce something that you can use, or that others want to buy.


Plant corn … and you have food for yourself; and maybe some left over to sell to others, or exchange for other goods. Experience, what we have seen, is that what bears “fruits” best, are human “work” and “knowledge.” But, unfortunately, preachers have 1) taught the people to absolutely rely, instead, on things that don’t work. While 2) often systematically attacked these things that work. They have 1) all-too-often told everyone that “all” you need in life is prayer and faith, and miracles will come; which science and experience have told us do not work well at all. While in addition, to make things even worse, not only have preachers taught us to rely absolutely on promises that are not reliable; then, worse, 2) they have also often taught huge numbers of people, not to trust or value practical education and work; learning about better farming techniques, or medicine, or housebuilding. Such things are mere “secular” or even “worldly,” false “knowledge” and “works.” “Works” of our “arm,” and “flesh.”


They say, that God told us that the only kind of “knowledge” worth knowing, is knowledge of God; by which preachers usually meant, knowledge of things like 1) prayer, 2) miracles, d) faith, and so forth. But actually, the “knowledge” that takes us not only to prosperity, but also to God, is not that at all.


That 3) theology, that ignores, and even attacks, “works” and/or “work,” is wrong; as wrong as the preacherly theology and sermons, that told us to ignore the lack of material “fruits” from prayers for miracles. As it turns out, the ascetic priestly sermons, that attacked practical knowledge and work, misunderstood the larger message of the Bible; by focusing too much on parts of the writings of, particularly, St. Paul. Following parts of St. Paul (parts, only), his attack on some religious “works” and some kind of “knowledge,” many preachers came to assert that mere physical “works,” we were often told, even our own practical work in the fields, farming and so forth, were useless. We were told in many sermons, that a man who trusts in is own “arm” or “flesh,” to save himself either physically or spiritually, is deluded and wrong. The only thing that saves us “faith alone,” as Martin Luther was said to have said; the way he (mis)translated St. Paul. And following this bad idea of God and good, our preachers in effect attacked school; attacked 1) Education. And 2) Jobs. But now we find that the predominant emphasis and message of our preachers, over the last two thousand years, was unbalanced, and wrong. The real answer, the better part of God’s plan, was not endless faith and spirituality and belief in miracles at all. It was the part of life that priests thought was “secular” and bad: the emphasis on practical knowledge and jobs, and science.


Ironically, our preachers, who thought they were first with God – as evidenced by their taking it upon themselves to preach to, attempt to command, everyone else – turn out in the end, as foretold, to have been last. Actually, the correct, balanced, fuller vision of Good and God, of truth, was not what the preachers knew; rather, the correct vision was always held by the good but also materially practical working man, businessman, and “secular” leader; who is in part (1/7) mildly “spiritual” and philosophical; but who devotes the bulk of his life – 6/7 of it – to practical “work”; as God commanded. To practical work, and practical knowledge: to Business, and History, and Mechanics, and Agriculture; to Math, and Language, and Biology, and so forth.


Ironically in fact, the “secular” person, who is morally good, but also practical, is far, far closer to God, than the priest.


So that indeed, those that thought or implied, by standing before us to sermonize to us – as it turns out, vainly, proudly, “presumptuously” – that they were first with God – that is, our preachers and holy men – turn out ironically, to have been last after all. In the End. As foretold.


While we will find that it will be morally good, but also persons with practical knowledge, that will increasingly, lead us to the real, “full”er life of peace or prosperity, that God actually promised. In the field of Religion, particularly, it is those who know the science of God. Who are showing us finally, what Religion, the Bible, really means. Whereas, our preachers have not been good enough.














So What Should We Say To Preachers?



Preachers 1) have always failed to see this. 2) Preachers have always been in massive rhetorical opposition, to the rest of the world … and unfortunately, to the better part of God. All this then, will be hard for them to face or believe. And 3) many may go on ignoring all this, and sermonizing to everyone the same as always; promising miracles, and 4) spirituality. And 5) yet, those who have read this book and others like it, should remember this: that the Bible itself told us there would be bad things, even in the Bible itself; our own holiest apostles and churches and their writings. And in our priests. While 6) the Bible itself told us to move on, to more practical science. As indeed, some preachers do; becoming job and psychological “counselors.”


In the meantime, as foretold, our preachers have failed and misled themselves, and everyone else. For two thousand years, they have been promising miracles; and often “soon” and “at hand,” “presently,” “quickly,” in a “generation.”* Yet, after fully two – and in the case of Judaism, three thousand – years, still the things they promised “soon” are still not here. While then they tried to substitute an endless maze of mere sermons, mere “empty words,” and ideas or “spirits” – or delusions and the East Wind – for real results.


What finally, then, should we now say to our preachers, and rather forcefully too? First we should just tell them to be really 1) humble at last; humble enough to 2)look at the “beam” in their own eye. Or we might just tell them 3) they are false, deluded, and bad people. But today, suppose we first, just quietly ask our preachers, to be really, actually humble. Humble enough to read our book here. Humble enough to consider the possibility that there might be something wrong, not just with everybody else … but even with they themselves … and their religion. And we might ask our preachers – or command them – to learn a little more contemporary theology, and much more practical sense. If they do that, they will be far closer to God; … and far more effective in the real world, at the same time.


Inevitably though, the priesthoods are self-selecting communities; those who remain behind, are people who remain convinced that his miracles and spirituality, are good; who will ignore all “signs” that his tradition is not productive. The man who remains behind in the priesthood, is still there, because he has simply continued to hold to his guns, and continued to be absolutely dogmatic; repeating the same old fatally bad ideas, over and over again, in sermons. Convincing himself, if no one else.


And then he will try to command others to do this or that. To lay this or that “burden” on you. At that point finally, you have the option of 1) continuing to argue or talk with the preacher to try to persude him he is making a big mistake. You might give him this very book; and encourage him to promises less miracles and spirituality, and even less Bible … to be more practical (if he can be).


But if education does not work, if the preacher will not be “refined,” then try 2) telling other churchgoers that the preachers’ promises are false; or 3) … or simply, walk out of his church yourself; never to return.


Our preachers over the years, have a core strategy for coping with criticism, that their promises are not working: they imply that you only need to do just one more thing, and then the miracles he promised will arrive. But today we know that it doesn’t matter what you do – how you pray – still, the larger things preachers promised, never arrived.


So finally, when a preacher demands one thing after another of you, for instance, and he will not be “refined,” you might just quote a few things, like this, and simply walk yourself and all your friends, away from him and his church, forever:



“Am I a God at hand, says the LORD, and not a God afar off?… Do I not fill heaven and earth? says the LORD. I have heard what the prophets have said who prophesy lies in my name, saying ‘I have dreamed, I have dreamed!’ How long shall there be lies in the heart of prophets…. What has straw in common with wheat? Is not my word like fire, says the LORD, and like a hammer which breaks the rock in pieces? [Cf. Peter, the “rock”; vs. the “Dome of the Rock,” the sacred cornerstone of Judaism, in its Temple]. Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, says the LORD…. When one of this people, or a prophet, or a priest asks you, What is the burden [requirement; command?] of the LORD? you shall say to them, You are the burden, and I will cast you off…” (Jer. 23.23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 33).



Or, you might simply say this, to your priest:



“An appalling and horrible thing has happened in the land: the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule at their direction; my people love to have it so, but what will you do when the end comes?” (Jer. 5.30-31).


“Behold, I send my messenger to prepare the way before me…. He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and he will purify the sons of Levi [the priests] and refine them like gold and silver, till they present right offerings to the LORD” (Mal. 3.1, 3).


“Speak the truth” (Zech. 8.16).



You might remind the priest of the necessity of being honest; of not promising miracles that don’t come true; of not advocating a spirituality that is fatal. If he still will not relent, if he thinks he is never supposed to change, remind him of the End:



“On that day every prophet will be ashamed of his vision when he prophesies; he will not put on a hairy mantle in order to deceive, but he will say, ‘I am no prophet, I am a tiller of the soil; for the land has been my possession…'” (Zech. 13.4).


“Once again … I will shake the heavens” (Hag. 2.6).


“Then I will draw near to you for judgement; I will be swift witness against the sorcerers, … against those who swear falsely” (Mal. 3.5).



If your priest will still not relent, then among other things, you might simply read the following to him, and his congregation, out loud, in church. And then leave:



“For the time has come for judgement to begin with the household of God” (1 Peter 4.17).


“And now, O priests, this command is for you. If you will not listen, if you will not lay it to heart … says the LORD of hosts, then I will send the curse upon you and I will curse your blessings; indeed, I have already cursed them…. Behold, I will rebuke your offspring, and spread dung upon your faces, the dung of your offerings… ” (Mal. 2.1-3).


“…With you is my contention, O priest. You shall stumble by day; the prophet also shall stumble with you by night, and I will destroy your mother. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me” (Hos. 4.1-6).



Preachers of course, will find clever arguments to try to say these things don’t apply to them. But don’t believe them.




The Problem, & Conclusion



One might hope that one dramatic day, perhaps “soon,” many of our priests will notice and repent of their sins – specifically, their neglect of practical sense – and become good, practical men. People truly favored by God. In the meantime though, there are many false priests out there; indeed God warned, one “day” we would see that, unknown to everyone, they dominate the whole world; nearly “all” are bad.


So what can we do? How can ordinary people – and whatever preachers there are who want to be honest – find out what is true in Religion? God told us to listen to the promises and claims made by holy men … and compare what was promised, to their actual, material, “fruits,” “works,” “signs, “deeds,” “proofs.” Yet our preachers will, some of them, continue to disguise this.


Preachers are expert, clever rhetoricians or talkers; today in fact, most of them merely speak, talk for a living; delivering sermons every week is the main part of their job. And, clever as our preachers are with words, they will of course, generate many arguments, sermons – many might well say, excuses or mere “empty words” – instead of producing real, actual material results. But remember what God said, in the parts of the Bible that we have at last, read here. That those who promise material miracles for example, should be asked to prove it, by working one, more or less on demand; here and now; in front of us:



“Set forth your case, says the LORD; bring your proofs….” (Isa. 41.21).



Preachers will often say, that only the bad evil Pharaoh asked for preachers to prove themselves materially. But it was God himself, above, that asked such a thing. And likewise, elsewhere, when asked to perform a miracle by the Pharaoh, God told Moses and Aaron, to do it:



And the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “When Pharaoh says to you, ‘Prove yourselves by working a miracle,’ then you shall” (Ex. 7.8-9).



Likewise too, even those wiser, more moderate preachers that do not promise “miracles,” but rather “prosperity” from morality, should also be asked, commanded, to show good material results. And if they cannot, then God himself says this to such preachers:



“Behold, you are nothing, and your work is nought [nothing]; an abomination [a horrible thing] is he who chooses you” (Isa. 41.24).


“But when I look there is no one; among these there is no counselor…. Behold, they are all a delusion; their works are nothing; their molten images are empty wind” (Isa. 41. 28, 29).



Those preachers who cannot either 1) get material miracles on demand, if they promise miracles, or 2) demonstrate, scientifically, objectively, that they have some of good (even if non-miraculous) material results, are to be declared “false prophets,” false or bad priests; and, the LORD says, “an abomination.”


Then we go looking after all, for an honest and good preacher. Or, if every preacher in the world is a mere sophist, and verbal spin-doctor, offering mere hot air or sermons, instead of real material results, “spiritual” “fruits” instead of real goods, then after all, we should go looking for a honest, balanced, materially productive man; one who knows moral good … but who also knows practical things. One who can get, and guide others to the real, promised material “prosperity,” here on earth.

As promised by God.


And who shows the best “signs” and “proofs,” of doing that? a) Actually, our priests today, having lost the material sense of God, think that if material things come at all from following a Lord, they come from supernatural “miracles”; merely praying … and seeing the material things we need appear as if out of thin air. Yet we find that today, we don’t see many miracles; there is every indication that this view of how material things happen, is mere superstition and ignorance.


b) No doubt in fact, the secret collapse of belief in “miracles,” led priests to try to all but entirely abandon all promises of material things from religion or Judeo-Christianity. To suggest that perhaps religion was never supposed to furnish real material things at all; but only mental or “spiritual” sensations; like “faith” and “hope.”


c) But we will have found here, that a good religion, must be able to take care of both the spiritual and the physical sides of life. And that indeed, any religion that does not do that … is a false, literally fatal, Religion.


d) But in that case, who follows the real doctrine of God? Which segment of society is most materially fruitful? In the last many centuries, we have found what really furnishes real material things best. It is not praying and waiting for things to appear out of thin air; praying for miracles. Ironically, our good “secular” leaders, seem to be far closer to finding the right balance between morality and practical working results, than any of our preachers.


Indeed, they say, God comes to earth again, the second time, not as just a preacher; but as a “king.” A man who knows, and can get results in, the world, after all. Who can help realize heaven, on earth at slat. As foretold. Or if kings are often bad, then after all, the good honest practical working man, or woman with a practical job. Such persons are far more than the “salt” of the earth; (cf. salting the earth); they are far closer to God than the preachers. Who promise many things, but who deliver only many excuses, many sermons; many “empty words” or hot air. But no real material goods.


The practical but honest working person or businessman, is finally, actually closer to what God wanted, than the preachers. The man or woman who promises material things; no more or less than he actually, provably, reliably can deliver; and who then delivers, in a timely way. Something our preachers cannot do, today (if ever). Indeed, our preachers have promised the moon for thousands of years; yet in thousands of years of praying and faith, they have not delivered it. So that we need indeed, something very different today. A new and better vision of God and of good.


One that is beginning to emerge, even now, today; here and now. As many are moving on past blind faith in ancient authority … to practical sense; or in some cases, to Theology; the “science of God.”


On moreover, to a new earth, and a new heaven; a second, fuller, more mature vision of God and Good; one that finds good here on earth, in the material universe, again. As foretold, at last: God, good, on earth, again.

























Optional Chapter 2:



God’s Material Science

Demands Material Results from Priests;

Or Else




The fact is, God originally demanded real material results; and those who cannot produce them, are to be declared to have been simply, after all, not really from God.


Specifically, God even says that those who promise miracles, should produce them visibly, even on demand, God at times said (Isa. 41.2 ff; Ex. 7.8-9). A if they cannot produce them, God commands us to tell such preachers and would-be holy men this:



“Behold, you are nothing, and your work is nought; an abomination is he who chooses you” (Isa. 41.24).



And so: ask your preacher, if he says the Bible and its apparent promises of physical miracles are true, to make real, actual, physical bread appear out of thin air; as the LORD commanded people to do. Then see what happens. If he makes miracles appear, live, on demand, in front of your eyes and before trained observers (cf. 1 Kings 18, Elijah and his fire), then he is as good as his word. If not then his promises are false. And you should think of such a preacher, God told us, as an “abomination.”




Facing This –

As Maturing …

Or As the Apocalypse



Can we face this? If our preachers and holy men, were that wrong, then it seems like they participated in an unbelievably demonic scheme. And to fact that, is Apocalyptic; all our beliefs, our heaven itself, are shattered. And yet however, if all this strikes you as Apocalyptic, then after all, the believer should be able to face this; knowing that 1) the Bible itself told us that one “day” this would happen; and God himself, authorized it. Or that 2)painful as this is, even as we pass through it, we are supposed to come to see something better; a “second” and better vision of Truth. While 3) to be sure, all we are talking about here is a metaphorical Apocalypse; a trying moment for our mind; not any giant physical catastrophe. We are talking indeed, about not even so much the destruction of the physical “earth” – which was already destroyed and remade already (in the Flood ), but rather the destruction of a more remote “heaven.” Which was in the past perceived by many of us vaguely anyway, in our minds only. So that its demolition is a largely mental “event” only. While indeed, 4) many might well choose to read the Bible’s Apocalypse after all, as a mere metaphor, for a mental or “spiritual” event: the moment you grow up, painful as it is; the moment when you discover that your childhood heroes were made-up fiction, or not as good as you were told. But when you are able to face that after all. To be a more capable, productive adult, here in this world at last.


Those who have to see any deception in Religion though, as the action of demonic powers, might take comfort in knowing that when we see that, the Bible is there with us, to help us through that. The Bible forewarned us; and it shows the way through this incredibly dark day, too.


Today, nearly all preachers assure you, that they, or their church – your church – are holy, sacred, and true; protected from serious error; that they are the voicepiece of God, and ultimate truth; reliably enough for us to listen to them, and obey their picture of God. However, in fact, the Bible itself warned about that. While the newspapers tell us our holy men are molesting little boys. While deeper problems with our faiths, being un”veil”ed by contemporary Theology and Science, and Biblical Criticism.


Can we face this? In fact, there is a way, consistent with the newspapers … and with the Bible itself. Because … the Bible itself warned that one “day,” we would either “mature”; and/or discover that the whole religious faith that we “worship”ed, was actually, wrong; a deception. That even our priests, all over the world, were deceived. By false things.


So actually, there is a way to face signs of bad things in our faith; actually, there is a way … from the Bible itself. Which told us after all, that one “day,” the Bible said, you are supposed to discover, that the whole world is deceived, even in its religion, its faith. The Bible warned that one “day,” God is supposed to reveal, unveil, uncover, the fact that the whole planet, all “nations,” every “tongue,” every “peoples” – and in effect, probably, practically every single church and believer – have been deceived, even in their deepest religious faith. Even our “image” of “Christ,” might be a false image of him; or in effect, an “antichrist,” or a false Christ, or “another Jesus” than the right one. But if we can have the courage and strength to face this, rather than going into Denial … we will be rewarded.


And it will help believers, immensely, by knowing that our own holy books themselves said this; over and over. That even as our religious traditions seem to be destroyed, actually, the old promises are being “fulfilled.”


It seems impossible or heretical at first: could even nearly all Christians, have been at least partially wrong? It seems impossible at first. But this is what the Bible itself said; that the “whole earth” is to be found to have followed a bad and false image of God and Christ, and religion; something they “worship” and “follow”:



“And the whole earth followed … with wonder” (Rev. 13.3).


“And they worshipped” (Rev. 13.4).


“And authority was given if over every tribe and people and tongue and nation, and all who dwell on earth will worship it” (Rev. 13.8).


“So now many antichrists have come…. They went out from us” (1 John 2.18, 19).



To be sure, a few hundred thousand people or more – out of the entire world’s population of billions, living and death – are supposed to have escaped deception in their religion, in what they “worship”:


“Whose name … has been written before the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb” (Rev. 13. 8).



Yet some say the number of such people who are preserved from deceit in Religion, in what they “worship,” in their faith, is as small as 144,000 worldwide (Rev. 14.1). While in any case, though every minister will assure you that he and/or his church, or you, are or can be in that number, finally, no human being is good enough to make that determination, or to “judge” (q.v.); since God alone in fact, judges, and separates the sheep from the goats, in the End. Then too, as for how long this will have been allowed to go on: some say the time of this false image of Christ is “short” (cf. Rev. 12.12); some might say as short as forty-two moths (13.5). But remember that with God, a “day” is as a thousand years; and a thousand years, as a day (said St. Peter, 2 Peter 3.8)). So that the period of time that a beastly and false Christ, will have been allowed to dominate the planet, could be any length of time; even as long as the entire last one or two thousand years.


So that, even your very own image of Jesus Christ, might have been a deceiver; not the real Christ. Even the image of Jesus Christ, that has dominated Christianity – and through it, the entire world – even for the entire last two thousand years, can be wrong; could be the wrong image or idea of Christ.


Is that possible? Is it not somebody else, in the ancient part, or isn’t it somebody else, in the future; or everybody else around us, that has been deceived … but in fact, you too?


It seems impossible. But God told us to be “humble.” And to look for the “beam” in our “own eye.” While humility requires us to consider the possibility that it was not everybody else’s religion, that was bad and evil and dumb and deceived; but your very own faith; your own Christianity. Your own church. Your own pastor. And your own vision of Jesus Christ.


This seems impossible. And yet, amazingly enough, the Bible itself said it. Over and over. That there would be in fact, bad things, even among those who came in the name of Jesus, crying “Lord, Lord.” That those who thought they were “first” with God will turn out to be “last.” That those who thought they were wise and good and noble – and holy – are found out to have been “fools.”


But if everyone in the entire world is deceived – by Satan, the great deceiver and father of lies – deceived even in their holiest beliefs and “faith,” if many of the very things they thought were most holy and true, and from God, or the “angel of light,” or the good “shepherd,” or even “Christ,” are actually, from deceivers … then what can we do? How can we pass through this … and discover the truth?


Fortunately, there are at least two ways, the Bible itself told us, to get through even this Apocalyptic moment; the moment that God or good reveals to us that we ourselves have been deceived, in our very religion and faith. First, the Bible itself confirms that 1) indeed, there are bad things in even the holiest apostles, saints, churches, prophets, churches, doctrines, priests, and so forth.* However, knowing the Bible said this, allows us to face or “bear” this. While second, 2) in fact, having been told in the Bible itself, that our childhood heaven itself, is supposed to crumble, be dissolved, should give us strength to face this “fire” and pass through it. And related to this, 3) to see a more “mature” vision of God at last.


While finally, 4) the Bible also guided those who could see and accept it, to a better, higher vision of truth: it guides us to discover and use, a science; one that allows us in part, to act with God, as he helps separate our the false prophets and angels, from the good ones, at last. (While if there are almost no good ones, then that is as foretold, as well).


And then 5) finally, those who have passed through the “fire” of this Apocalyptic destruction of our first heaven of prophets and angels, miracles and prayers, spirituality and faith … are supposed to come to see, something “full”er and better; a partially “new” but also very traditional, “second” vision of God. The “new heaven” … which is becoming visible even now, to many of us. Thanks to the science of God; and contemporary Theology and Religious Studies. As outlined, as prefaced, here.


Simply put, most people indeed will already be halfway there; halfway to the mature understanding. The vast majority of people in ordinary life, in fact, are not preachers, focused obsessively on a tiny set of “virtues.” Rather, the vast majority of ordinary people, have always already been slightly less devoted to the too-narrow religious vision; the vast majority of ordinary people, have practical jobs five days out of the week at least; while they take care of other obligations on the sixth. And so, the ordinary people, are usually in some ways, well ahead of the preachers; they have usually partially done the right thing, already; combining a sense of morality, Religion … with a practical job … and practical sense. So that where you already are, is already halfway to where you are supposed to be after the Apocalypse; with only some minor changes, so far as your awareness and attitude.




The More Mature Vision of God



For those who are not quite prepared to face a full Apocalyptic destruction of their childhood heaven, or who know to take such things metaphorically, there is a gentler conclusion: to say this is really about growing up, beyond childhood dreams (cf. the Disney song, “The Age of Not Believing”); and many of done much of this, already.


Today, all over the world, billions of people still more or less faithfully follow one faith or another; following in the way they were taught, as “child”ren or trusting adults, in church. But many of them already, do not believe in miracles. And nearly all of them already, mix their sense of moral religion, with practical knowledge. They have studied or followed Religion to some degree … but they also went to school to study other practical things, like Math and History, Science and Social Studies, Business and so forth. And many of us have already, passed from one childhood illusion to something more adult, in some way.


So that many are already, mostly there. And ready to face the “day” – perhaps related to the Apocalypse, but not inevitably – when, as the Bible itself said, each of us is supposed to grow up. To see a more “mature” vision of God and good. The vision not of “children,” but of adults.


So that all this is about nothing more or less dangerous or painful, than simply, growing up. Though to be sure, we are not “growing up in our faith,” as they commonly mis-term it; we are growing up past the all-too-blind faith we were told us have as children; to a more “discerning,” eyes-open, questioning, actively testing, search for truth; and the “full”er “knowledge of God.” Or the science of God.


Today, nearly all preachers assure you, that they, or their church – your church? – are holy, sacred, and true; protected from serious error; that they are the voicepiece of God, and ultimate truth; perhaps they will even tell you they can introduce you to a more “mature” “faith.” Reliably enough for us to listen to them, and loyally, faithfully obey their picture of God. However in fact, the Bible itself warned about that. It warned that there will have been bad things even in our highest churches.* Which will have been following false prophets and apostles. While even the accepted, canonical apostles of the Bible – Matthew, Mark, Luke, John – will often have been bad, and failed us; even in their “inspired” writings and doctrines. Yet even as they seem to fail us, they left behind an outline of a “second” and better vision; of one that moreover, is validated not only by the 1) Bible itself, but also by 2) experience and science. Indeed, our Apostles left us … science and practical knowledge, itself; which is validated every day a million, a billion, a hundred billion times. As the vast bulk products of science and practical knowledge, work reliably, day after day.




Moving Beyond All-Too-“Blind” Faith …

To Contemporary



Religious Studies



So one day, our childhood heaven, the vision of heaven that we got as children, or innocent adults, in church, is supposed to dissolve. Perhaps related to this, we are supposed to “mature.” And painfully, put aside our childhood visions and delusions and images. But what, then, does that second – and more mature – vision of God and good, look like?


What is the “mature” vision of God? Until now, it has been hard for most people to find out. First, because our ancient holy books are very hard to read and understand. And so, most people don’t read their Bibles much themselves; but instead, the vast majority of people rely, almost totally, on sermons; religious lectures by holy men. While our holy men, our preachers, seem to have thought of the “spirituality” of the New Testament, if anything, as the highest, new form of religion.


Our Bibles are hard to read, and full of much ambiguity. And so most people don’t really read their own Bibles much. Instead, they just listen to sermons, to find our about God. If they read their own Bibles at all, they read them the way, that our priests and ministers tell us to read them in church. But the question arises: are our preachers and their sermons, entirely, absolutely, trustworthy? And is even their “spirituality” the last word in truth?


The fact is, it is time to initiate many churchgoers to a higher, better understanding of the Bible, and of our God. The fact is, the Bible is a two-tiered, or even three-tiered, document. But our preachers, eager to have everyone follow them obediently, faithfully, have only read to you one part, one voice in, the Bible: 1) the part that exaggerated the confidence – or “faith” – that we are supposed to have in preachers; the parts that seemed to tell us to follow our preachers blindly, faithfully. If we do that, we will get a) miracles. Or, b) if miracles don’t come, then we are supposed to be “spiritual.” But the fact is, the Bible is a two-tiered document. It has two levels in it: one for children; another for adults. And in it, preacherly “spirituality” is not the last word from God, at all.


The Bible is a two-layered document. With two major levels of meaning in it. 1) First, to simple people and “children,” it delivers a simple message: “faith”; telling them to simply trust and believe and follow and have faith in their religious leaders; and/or be “spiritual.” 2) However, it is time for everyone to know that for years, academics and scholars have seen something better. Beyond what they told you in the average church, all your life, there is another, better level of meaning in the Bible. Which has been more or less known intuitively, to our more educated religious scholars; and that the whole world needs to learn about, now.


In the past, the world, the bulk of believers too, have resisted contemporary theology and Religious Studies and so forth. Because they often seemed to even, attack their religion; their faith. But part of the purpose of this very book, has been to note to believers, who heavily trust and believe in their Bibles, that the Bible itself, at last, can be seen to authorize, legitimate, support, contemporary, critical theology and Biblical Studies. Even at their very most critical, and iconoclastic, and disillusioning. Because the Bible itself said: one “day,” if you trust and follow – and read – the Bible yourself, you are supposed to begin to notice that there are, actually, hundreds of warnings about bad things even in our holiest things; warnings about having too much faith, in effect. While the Bible itself – or God himself, to believers – told us that we should move on to, in effect, contemporary, science-based theology and religious studies.


Or, so far as daily church services? And sermons? They should constantly stress .. the Apocalyptic failure of a) promises of miracles, and b) “spirituality” too. And should therefore c) now instead stress, the second and better, scientific vision, of God. Which tells us that truth, God, is found actually, in a balance between a little mild spirituality … and much practical material sense and practical work.


While in contrast, all those preachers waiting for material things to appear out of thin air? Or who have given up on material things altogether, and are trying to “fill their belly with the East wind” so to speak? With spirits? We would have to say, they are merely, “an abomination.” And we must now look past all our preachers; to the second and better vision, coming, of God. The second appearance of God … which stresses not a) miracles, or b) spirituality. But stresses the one thing that has proven materially effective after all these years: science and practical material sense, knowledge, and work.


No doubt, this will be hard for a spiritual priest to accept or see. And yet however, this is what is required of us all, now.
















Why Did Judaism, Christianity, All But Give Up

On Material Results?



Why did Judaism, Christianity, all but give up on material results, here in this world? What happened? At look at what was happening in part in the historical era of Jesus, can explain a few things. At one time, our traditional priests – especially in the Old Testament – claimed to be able to produce real material results. And yet however, we will show, the way real material wealth is created, is by allowing your fellows to start materially productive businesses and governments. Then, producing, collected and re-distributing material things becomes possible. However, this became less and less possible, for Jews specifically … when the Roman state took over Jerusalem. When Rome began collecting taxes, tribute, and so forth. Leaving less for Jews. And leaving Judaism itself in fact, as a mere shadow or puppet government at best; as the dream or “hope” of worldly power, the mere “dream” of an earthly Jewish “kingdom.” With Romans in charge, there was often less money, prosperity from and for, Jewish people; Roman occupiers took much of it. Thus, the Jewish kingdom was no longer functioning; and no longer able to distribute goods and services – “prosperity” – to its own followers, as effectively. Indeed, the Jewish “kingdom” was only a pious “dream” or “hope”; not a materially functioning reality. In actuality, people could only flourish, by cooperating with, co-opting, Rome. It is in this climate, that Christianity appeared.


In the ancient Jewish state or kingdom (as in the very brief time of David and Solomon?), often, a Jewish king was in charge not merely of the churches, but also of the state and government and economy. So that he would have been in charge of many materially productive forces; from taxation/sacrifice, to distribution of military protection or salvation, and distribution of material alms, charity. Thus, the Jewish “lord” could in fact, collect material goods, “sacrifices,” taxes … and out of that, deliver a very material salvation: military victories, “prosperity,” and so forth. But when Rome or some other empire took over Israel – specifically, with Rome in change of government and taxation in Israel, from about 64 BC – any would-be Jewish Lord was deposed. There really was no wholly Jewish state; it was controlled by Rome. There were no real Jews any longer, in full control of the various materially-productive elements of the kingdom, and economy. Any “king” or “lord” of the Jews, was merely a figurehead, with less and less real powers – and therefore, less and less ability to tax, lend, grant, loot … and out of that, distribute material rewards – the “prosperity” promised by the “lord” – to his followers.


Indeed, with Rome in charge of Israel, the Jewish leaders could not really be full, real kings, in charge of full, really materially productive governments or a “kingdom.” Thus indeed, in the time of Jesus perhaps, any would-be Jewish kings, became merely perpetually deferred, lords in waiting; or at best, romantic would-be heads of a sort of shadow state; the mere remnant or pious, sentimental memory of full, productive Jewish kingdoms of the past; a mere shadowy “hope” of some better Jewish “kingdom” in the future. In this climate, in effect, the materially productive Jewish state degenerated into a mere … pious memory of past kingdom and lords; or the mere pious “hope” of such things in the future; or in other words, a mere church or Religion. A pious memory of bygone glory days, combined with “hope” of a future “kingdom”; but without any present, materially functional government, or control over the economy. Or any ability to deliver more than mental dreams and hopes; without as much power to fully deliver real material goods and power. Since indeed, under occupation, much wealth was increasingly diverted from Jews, to Roman overlords or occupiers. And to their puppets.


We have found here, that what really produces material goods, is practical work and knowledge; and these in turn we add are coordinated by the State. Which regulates the economy for its own good; and raises taxes, tribute, “sacrifices,” to help prosper citizens. But with the occupation of Israel by Rome, Jews – and Judaism – were somewhat separated from the real economic powers of statehood and government. With Roman occupation, any local would-be Jewish king of Israel, no longer had a real kingdom or state – or any real power. (As Jesus said: if he had been a real king, his followers would have militarily defended him; which they did not). Increasingly, the kind of any Jewish would-be or half- king, that the Romans would allow locally, could not collect – and redistribute – quite as many goods and services, as otherwise; because money was being diverted to Romans, by way of hated “tax collectors.” So that Judaism in effect, was cut off from the source of real material prosperity; which comes from control of a productive economy and government. In this climate, it lost its physical reality and sense, and was turned by preachers into only a pious memory of past grander states (like, in the time of David, the shepherd king for example.) Any collection by Jews, of revenue, taxes, “sacrifices – and out of them, distribution of benefits, alms – no doubt, became somewhat restricted; since Rome got the lions’ share, or a healthy percentage, of such things. In this era therefore, ancient Jewish promises of great benefits from a Jewish “king” or “lord,” and “kingdom,” became only a shadow, a dream, a “hope,” a pious memory: became …. a Religion, in short. (Cf. the memory of the confederacy and General Lee in the American South for example).


In the days of Roman occupation, when Judaism not longer had a real Jewish king, but only a puppet of the Roman state (Herod the Great, and his sons; and Pontius Pilate, etc.), the old practical power was eliminated; and Judaism became a mere shadow government, or the “spirit” of a government, a kingdom, only. Judaism in effect separated from the State … and became a mere church; not a real functioning – and materially effective – kingdom. At this point, Judaism became a mere “religion”; and was not able to levy taxes – and it was not able therefore to distribute material benefits – alms, charity, and so forth – as effectively. (See God as an Agricultural Land-“Lord”).


No doubt, it remembered the old promises of material benefits from following the “lord”; but it was not longer capable of collecting as many taxes, and then delivering such benefits. And increasingly, the whole mechanism by which material prosperity was delivered, was forgotten. It was thought that … merely praying to “The Lord,” was enough to get material benefits, appearing as it were, out of thin air. But what had happened, was that our pious servers of ancient memories, the clerks and scribes in control of the historiy books, knew it all only from “book”s; and had forgotten how it all actually worked in real life; had forgotten that it was not all delivered out of thin air, by magic; but by control of a materially productive economy.


When much Jewish money was being paid to the Roman overlord, “rending unto Caesar,” at this point, it was much harder for Jewish leaders to levy taxes of their own, on top of that. And out of that in turn, having less money on their own, it was hard to as effectively deliver real material services: the protection of an army; assistance for the poor believers; and so forth. Indeed, the Jewish state became a shadow – or mere spiritual dream – of a future kingdom. A mere church. Indeed, eventually all knowledge of how real material benefits are actually delivered, (by means of an effective state) was lost. And it was thought vaguely, by clerics, that one paid lip service to a “lord” … and then things appeared magically, out of thin air. If any material benefits were to be delivered, at all. Indeed, as fewer and fewer material benefits were delivered for obedience to an absent (invisible) Jewish Lord, it all degenerated into a mere pious hope or “dream.” Of perhaps future kingdom or rewards; a day when the Lord at last came and delivered. (Cf. Arthur Clark’s and other science-fiction scenarios, where people forget how things really work, and become mere cargo cults).


After centuries of non-performance, the non-delivery of material goods, some were to try to defend their failed record; to say that even it their religion delivered only “hope,” this “hope” was enough. And yet however, we will have found here, that 1) this merely spiritual outcome, is not what God originally promised. And 2) furthermore, if man cannot live on material things “alone,” man cannot live on spirit or hopes or dreams alone, either. Indeed, a religion that gives us only mental or spiritual sensations, leaves us literally starving to death. Trying to fill our belly on empty wind.


Therefore we will in the future, need a far more practical religion, after all, again. One prepared to … rediscover its ancient union with more practical measures; practical government and practical knowledge. And in this way, regain its material functionality and productivity. But to be sure, the way to achieve this, is not by religion simply taking over government; our religion has long since become far too idealistic and impractical to do this effectively; and would simply ruin any economy it tried to run. So, rather instead, we will need our religion to adapt; to learn to recover its original material sense, and science.


This it can do; if and when it puts aside blind faith in fallible traditions, clerics, and instead adopts the … science of God. Which restores it to the sense of material things – and thus in the end supplies the material side and material rewards – of God.


As foretold, in the Bible itself.



















































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